05/29/22 Uvalde Shooting: Are You Living in an Unnatural State?

We discuss the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. Are you living in an unnatural or natural state? Biblical Q: Do you dance to your own music?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 29, 2022: We discuss at-length people’s reaction to the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. Satan feeds the imagination to get you emotional: “What if it were your kids?” People talk about the attacks on the Second Amendment as well as trauma from “bullying” and “abuse.” Jesse then asks: Are you living in a natural or unnatural state? Know yourself by knowing the not-you. Be in the world, but not of it, not moved by others. Don’t identify with your children. We close with the Biblical Question: Do you dance to your own music?


  • 0:00:00 Sun, May 29, 2022
  • 0:01:03 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:00 Uvalde: ‘What if it were your kids?’
  • 0:16:02 Uvalde: Broken homes, armed schools
  • 0:20:55 Gun control, Bullying
  • 0:34:03 Kids talk; Not losing our guns?
  • 0:42:47 1st and 2nd Amendments, Fathers
  • 0:49:14 Ammo restrictions
  • 0:52:57 Q: Living in an unnatural or natural state?
  • 0:58:53 (Back to gun grabbing question)
  • 1:02:57 More: What state are you living in?
  • 1:06:15 JLP: The Unnatural State
  • 1:15:50 Know thyself: the not-you
  • 1:27:09 Q’s: Be in the world, not of it
  • 1:30:06 JLP: Not moved by the world
  • 1:32:14 Identifying with children
  • 1:36:44 Bib Q + Pot-smoking husband
  • 1:44:09 Wife: Forgiving Eve?
  • 1:47:30 Man: Devil the accuser
  • 1:48:49 Back to Bib Q
  • 1:50:54 JLP: Dancing to your own music
  • 1:53:19 Last question! Own music ego?
  • 1:54:38 Closing / Announcements

Church Notes

11:00 AM PDT – We start streaming just before the top of the hour.

Uvalde, TX school shooting: ‘What if it were your kids?’

11:02 People discuss their feelings (or lack thereof) about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. (An 18-year-old male killed 19 children and two teachers.)

One mother stopped herself from pondering, “What if they were your children?” That’s from Satan.

The education alone will kill the kids at public school, Jesse says.

Broken homes, Armed schools

11:15 One man talks about it. What did you think of the shooter? He was from a broken home. Another man mentions the idea of armed guards at schools! When Jesse was growing up, this was unheard-of.

Gun Control, Bullying, Child Abuse, Isolation, Help

11:20 A 19-year-old young woman was shocked that right away celebrities were posting about “gun control” on social media, instead of solutions.

A man says the 18-year-old was a “kid” too. He bullied others, and was bullied; and it put him in a dark place. The man also talks about child abuse from his father; Jesse talks about tough love from his grandfather. Asked if he’s over the past abuse, he says he still feels isolated and excluded. But that’s a blessing not to be part of the crowd! Be glad to be alone. He wants to help people, but you can’t help anybody!

He says guns are not the problem; bullying is. In the old days, parents didn’t put up with mess; nowadays, female counselors are babying people. The young man also brings up car pollution, so more people means more pollution.

Kids talk; Man says we’re not losing our guns. (Do not fear.)

11:33 A 10-year-old kid talks. The young boy’s 13-year-old brother Jayden also speaks. Jesse says they want to take away your guns because they want to control you.

In talking with a man, Jesse warns that it can happen that “good” people are forced to give up their guns. The man warns against fear of the guns being taken: Don’t overreact to the fearmongering even of that.

Taking guns, speech, fathers; Giving up the country

11:41 In talking with Hassan, Jesse warns about how easily guns are taken from people. And look at how people are afraid to use their freedom of speech!

Doug speaks briefly. Alex speaks again, saying our country’s been lost piece-by-piece. People give up their country

Ammunition restrictions

11:48 One man also brings up ammunition restrictions, in addition to taking guns.

The 13-year-old also talks about the China Virus (“Covid”).

11:50 An 11-year-old girl speaks.

Q: What state are you living in?

11:52 Jesse says: The best thing you can do is to know yourself. Know thyself.

He then asks: What state are you living in: Are you living in an unnatural state or a natural state? Have you ever lived in an unnatural state? Different people answer, including the 13-year-old “knee baby” (sp).

(Back to the gun-grabbing question)

11:58 One man reiterates his point that people will give up their guns, but that they won’t take yours. Jesse and Franky talk about how different things were decades ago, in which kids carried and shot guns.

More: Are you living an unnatural or natural state?

12:02 Jesse gets back to his question. One woman says she’s moody at times. She prays, but not every day and night. But she has not forgiven her parents either. She feels she doesn’t know how to forgive her parents. She feels like she already has. Thinking about it, she’s afraid she’ll be very emotional and break down crying. Let it happen; don’t try to control it.

JLP: The Unnatural State

12:05 Jesse goes into a monologue: Anyone with anger, lives in imagination or emotions is in an unnatural state. Anyone who, instead of praying for others, listens to rumors or gossip, is in an unnatural state of being. The intellect is your enemy. Holding onto the truth: You can hear the truth, and if you hold onto it: Unnatural state! Keep your glass empty. Never hold onto wisdom or anything.

Anyone holding onto any ideas about God… Anyone pretending they’re tough… Anyone talking about “I….” You’re not the thoughts. If you overreact to others, it’s an unnatural state.

No one gets along, because everyone has their ideas about morality and things. You’re not your ego, and will not make it work. Anyone trying to make themselves overcome the fallen state, you’re not in control of anything. Thinking you’re wonderful…

Let go, and just be.

All thoughts are all lies, all the time. The light overcomes the darkness; you have nothing to do with it. We’re not in control of anything. We can have perfect peace here on earth, but we must forgive. We cannot fight the unnatural state. Stop following the crowd.

Every man might as well wear a dress; you’re supposed to be tough! Don’t let “bullying” be part of your vocabulary. Jesse mentions the “If” poem. Men are telling their vices and crying, acting like a woman.

Know thyself means knowing the not-you

12:15 Adriana says knowing yourself means knowing your ego. Jesse gives advice to her son and others on dealing with relationships, manipulation and control. You discover the not-you.

You’re not depressed. See that, so you can overcome it. You must be willing to be alone, and have that quiet downtime.

For the ego to die, it’s painful. You’re not feeling pain, but you think that it’s pain. The sooner you’re willing to go through it, the sooner you’ll get over it.

You’re not a homosexual, a lesbian, a drug addict, a sex dealer, an alcoholic. Knowing it’s not you, the real you will pull away from it. Don’t identify as rich or poor. If you have a degree, that’s not who you are. Stop naming and claiming these things as you. The world makes you identify with everything but God.

It’s not the trauma, but the overreaction to the trauma that makes you grow into the ego. If you don’t overreact to things, they won’t touch you. People try to be nice to you or mean to you. But if you’re not moved either way, you can’t be controlled.

It’s not even you judging yourself. It’s the not-you making the not-you judge the not-you.

More questions and feedback: Be in the world but not of it

12:26 Another young boy, age 8, asks what the ego is (I think).

The young man who talked about bullying (and air pollution) says the system still controls us.

JLP: Not moved by the world

12:29 Jesse talks about not being moved by the world. Stay on the narrow path, be still, and watch. Wish family members well who may not like you for it.

Feedback: Identifying with the kids

12:31 A man mentions not worrying, but you can’t make yourself not worry. The man says if parents lost their kids, they’d be devastated. But you don’t know how they’d react. Don’t even identify with the children. Detach from identifying with anything. Parents mess up their children by getting an identity from the children, calling them their babies. Children become attached by guilt to the parents who get their life from the kids, and not from God.

People are identifying with the event as though it happened to them.

Bib Q: Do you dance to your own music? (Pot-smoking man!)

12:35 Jesse then asks the Biblical Question: Do you dance to your own music? One man Herman says when he listens to the thoughts he’s doing that. He smokes pot! He’s trying to stop.

12:37 Jesse tells people: Stop calling things good or bad. Don’t put a title to it. Smoking pot is neither good nor bad.

One day Herman’s brother was watching YouTube, and Jesse caught his ear. His brother was pooh-poohing Jesse, but Herman was very interested. He’s been married 15 years, and it was like Jesse said about most marriages. He talks about his wife who’s here with the two young boys.

Q: Forgiving Eve…

12:43 The man’s wife asks: Can we forgive Eve? When you go and forgive your mother, you’re forgiving Eve. She retorts after hearing the woman is evil: “Well, so is man!” But she realizes there’s no point to that. And she acknowledges that her husband has changed a lot. Jesse urges her: Let yourself be mad so that you can overcome it. It’s not you, but the spirit passed down from Eve to you. Obey your husband! She starts to ask: What if he does wrong? But don’t play the “what if” — that’s from Satan.

12:46 The man Herman raises his voice at times, and friends and family accuse him of being “angry.” He sometimes feeds into it, but then catches himself. The Devil is the accuser, Jesse says. The Devil doesn’t want to hear the truth, so he accuses you: You’re mad! Don’t try to prove you’re not mad. If you see it, let it pass; seeing it will change it.

Back to the Biblical Question

12:48 Hassan says yes, he dances to his own music. He compares divorce to gun-grabbing. With God’s love, we correct the small things.

Another young lady dances to her own music when she tries to control everything, she says. When she’s at peace, she’s not dancing to her own music.

JLP: Story on dancing to one’s own music

12:50 Jesse recounts hearing an old man who played the music he wanted to play. Many of you won’t stick to the gift God has given to you. If the world doesn’t like it, forgive them.

12:52 Adriana asks if that was also his ego. No! Jesse also talks about running BOND. People wanted him to make a 5-year plan, or not tell the truth about and to the women.

12:53 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Men’s Forum this Thursday!


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