Weak Men: How to Overcome in Life (Men’s Forum)

Weak men come from weak parents.

Jesse Lee Peterson led BOND monthly Men’s Forum from 7pm-8:30 the first Thursday of the month, August 3rd. Many guys showed up — including one young man who took two buses and a train from Pomona to Los Angeles. All of us shared about our lives and related on the issues we face. One thing was clear: There is a majority of weak men in the world.

How do you see yourself?

Jesse went around and asked each of the men, “How do you see yourself?” Some saw themselves as weak or insecure. Some did not know what to think of themselves. Others talked about growing spiritually. One man said he finds identity in his race, although he feels tension and lack of closeness toward his immediate family, his father and mother. The guys talked about their talents and flaws, marriage problems, relationships with parents, joblessness, and getting past severe depression.

During the conversation, Jesse observed that men today are in sad shape. Men today struggle with their weaknesses throughout their lives. Men are rarely really strong or whole anymore. Unfortunately, weak parents pass their problems down to their children. We saw this even in the discussion around the room. All of the guys want what’s right, but desire does not suffice.

What’s wrong with how you see yourself?

We then each answered the question, “What’s wrong with the way you see yourself?” Some admitted a lack of clarity, saying, “I don’t really see myself.” Some talked about judging themselves — they get angry and can’t shake things about themselves that they want to overcome. They feel like weak men. After everyone tried to answer, Jesse pointed out that we should not have an idea about ourselves, because we are not God. Of ourselves we know nothing, and of ourselves we can do nothing.

It’s not our role to hold any thought about what we are — weak men or not. In fact, Jesse said that he doesn’t have an idea about himself, except as a living being, a child of God. In order to overcome weakness, Jesse said that we must simply see that we are wrong. Further, we should not think of ourselves as “depressed” or trapped in any issue. This is because our issues in life are spiritual.

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  • Bill Rumple
    Posted at 19:32h, 27 September

    Call me asap !!! Want to donate ..Jesus baby!! Love the preacher on savage show!! Have him call me [phone number withheld by admin] ..will donate after call

    • James Hake
      Posted at 10:43h, 30 September

      Bill, thanks for your comments. I will pass along your message. -James with BOND.

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