What connects you with the physical world? | Church 4/7/24

Men’s Forum assignments. Biblical Questions: What do you value in life? “Family?” What connects you with the physical world? Thoughts!

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 7, 2024 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:02:01) Men’s Forum Assignments: Lunatic. “Prepare.” 
  • (0:10:17) Past BQ: What do you value in life? “Family” 
  • (0:19:06) Disagree: “Reciprocate.” Do you love your neighbor? 
  • (0:25:49) Why doesn’t God answer your prayers? Praying to the Devil 
  • (0:30:23) Know God? Love vs Anger. Forgive your mother.
  • (0:40:41) Knowing God? Anger, Sin; Prayer, Forgiveness 
  • (0:46:38) BQ: What connects you to the physical world? 
  • (1:02:35) More on BQ: Sean, Hake, values, pleasure, feelings 
  • (1:11:07) JLP on BQ: Overcome thoughts, overcome the world. 
  • (1:19:00) JLP: Defining the Devil, his nature (Examples) 
  • (1:29:33) Feedback: Love, marriage, God’s thoughts/plans 
  • (1:39:27) The Devil has fear. Ego death story. (Feedback: Bible?) 
  • (1:47:18) Don’t get a thrill. Can’t think about God! 
  • (1:55:39) Work by being aware. Forgive. Pray. Watch thoughts.


Can you love God, but not your neighbor? (11-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble 

Overcome thoughts, overcome the world. (8-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Men’s Forum assignments… for a couple of guys (or all of them). Did you do it? One found a raging lunatic in his head. Another didn’t. He feels like he has to prepare for conversations, because he’s not witty. 

Last week’s Biblical Question: What do you value in life? “Family…” “Reciprocated love”… 

This week’s Biblical Question: What connects you with the physical world? … Thoughts. 

Defining the Devil: Examples… 

NOT MENTIONED: Challenge last week: Sit alone, quiet in your room for 30 minutes and do nothing. 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
    • (0:01:23) Welcome to Church
    • (0:01:56) Assignments from Men’s Forum. (0:02:16) 1st man. Yes. Raging lunatic in my head. (0:03:12) 2nd man. Not really (0:04:25) Why do you want to be prepared?  (0:06:21) His assignment: Have nothing prepared. (0:08:34) 3rd man. Take it. 
  2. (0:09:57) (2 long?) Other week’s BQ: What do you value in life? Donyale answers. (0:12:32) She values her family and thinks they’re friends… (0:14:48) If you didn’t get that from them, would you value them? (0:17:01) How do you know what value is? 
    • (0:18:49) (2 shorter?) Man: I disagree with you. Reciprocated… “love on” others, they love on you… God loves. JLP: No one has love. (0:21:58) (2a) Do you love your neighbor? “… Bag of worms.” Drama transpiring… (0:22:42) (2a cont?) What makes you think you love God, but not your neighbor? 
    • (0:25:32) (2b?) Why do you think God doesn’t answer your prayers at times? You’re praying to the Devil, calling him God. (0:27:01) (2c?) If you stop praying to God, he’ll answer your prayers. (0:28:29) (2d)  Praying without ceasing means always be aware. Living in past or future… (0:29:44) We don’t know what we want, you ask amiss. 
    • (0:30:04) Young lady asks the man (and Donyale): Why are you so sure you know God and know what you want…? (something like that.) People are easy to throw God’s name out there. (0:32:59) Love your family? Is anger love? Don’t let the sun go down on your anger: Lying down and getting up with anger. 
    • (0:35:53) (snap) Did you go and forgive your mother? Not sure. If things change, he can, but they don’t. Do you want to be free of your Hell? Go and forgive your mother. Face her. She doesn’t have to change. (0:39:12) God’s love is dispassionate. Satan’s is emotional. 
    • (0:40:22) Donyale, answer young lady: Why so easy for people to believe we know God? Buzzwords made me think they were better Christians then I! 
    • (0:42:05) Joel: Be angry and sin not… Forgive your folks. 
    • (0:42:57) Nick, Romans 8: 26, we know not what we ought to pray for, but the spirit intercedes with wordless groans. 
    • (0:44:17) Another man: I wanted my family to love me. I forgave my mom, and I changed. I stopped judging them. (0:45:34) (to Donyale) JLP: No such thing as valuing your family. When you stop valuing them, you will value them. 
    • (0:45:52) Joke: How do you make God laugh? Tell them your plans. 
  3. (0:46:18) Biblical Question: What connects you to the physical world? Nothing. I did astral projection. (0:47:23) Man again: My physical body. … (0:50:55) Young lady: Identifying with my body. Joel Friday: Acceptance…(?) (0:53:22) Franky got smacked, just kidding … Nick… One of the first men with the assignment… (0:58:48) A man … lived my life trying to be connected, but not working. (1:00:42) Alex 
    • (1:01:15) (3 long?) Donyale things I enjoy: Travel, home items, clothes 
    • (1:02:16) Sean agrees Nick: Values, fall/autumn, coffee, billiards, golf (1:03:15) Hake… Nostalgia, fun/pleasure seeking (1:05:51) Rochelle: Nothing (1:06:57) Enjoyment, pleasure, fun is ok, says man… (1:07:51) Pleasure? Donyale… (1:09:20) Joel: Feeling attached to things, hard to let go. Ego dying. 
    • (1:10:46) (3 shorter?) JLP on BQ: Thoughts. Overcome the thoughts, overcome the world. (1:13:01) Bill: All our old resentments, and our solutions. JLP: Thoughts, nature of the Devil. (1:16:29) Sean: We believed thoughts (1:17:28) Nick: No thoughts … (1:17:45) (3b) JLP: Young man committed a crime, locked away. Let the thought about it pass. It was paradise. 
    • (1:18:50) (3c?)  Define the Devil for you … his nature. Getting married, trying to get love from the other person. Thinks you need to protect yourself — there’s no self to protect! Anyone who cries, feels like the victim. Lose your children? Fine! All these identities. (1:25:01) (3d?) Let people disrespect you. Get the feeling and die from it. (3e?) Senator woman whom Jesse debated — he used her first name. … 
    • (1:26:30) (3f?) Anyone who thinks, of your father the Devil. Stop thinking, God gives proper thinking. Joel example. When thoughts come, look at them. Next time, mild. 
    • (1:28:14) (3g?) JLP saw a man at the gym, dressed like a woman (transgender), tall, Adam’s apple… lack of love, understanding. They’re possessed too! Stop identifying with thoughts. 
    • (1:29:18) Feedback: Man again: Husbands, love wives; wives, respect husbands. God’s thoughts, plans … Escaped into imagination and thoughts as a kid when mother made you angry… Come out of it as an adult. (1:32:16) Read the New Testament. Overcome thoughts. Wars started by our govt in their head. Let go of the illusion: Work on yourself; watch the illusion. (1:33:29) Sean: Respect, loneliness. Draw no lines; let go and live. (1:34:36) Don’t fuss or yell at your mother. 
    • (1:35:49) (3h?) The nature of the Devil is all ego, all about self. (1:36:30) (3i?) Joel Friday: Satan imitated everything of God, to make it seem like it’s God. JLP: Thinking you know what it means: “Be angry and sin not.” Intellectual preacher ticked like the pope! … Christ destroyed death. There’s no death, but the ego death (something like that). 
  4. (1:39:09)  JLP story: Man became afraid, tripped out, went back to smoking pot. Praying, felt like he jumped out of an airplane without a parachute. The Devil is fear. If you have fear, you are the Devil. (1:42:02) Man wants biblical reference on fear making you the Devil. Word for word. First-timer Elvin (sp) … Do the Silent Prayer (1:46:25) Sean: Beware of unearned wisdom.  
  5. (1:47:08) Donyale: Attachment to the physical world … Don’t try to get a thrill from it. An identity from it. JLP mocks people thinking they see God’s glory. 
    • (1:50:12) JLP: It’s just a thought! Thinking you know God is the Devil. You can’t even think about God. You’re thinking about the Devil, calling him God. You can’t think about God. Don’t even say to yourself 
    • (1:51:22) Man been watching 3 years, making progress coming here … (1:51:57) JLP: Depression, PTSD, of the Devil! Man: Emotions of the Devil … standing outside of myself… 
    • (1:54:11) Another man relates to the story JLP told of the man in ego death, having fear … 
  6. (1:55:24) JLP: Don’t put any work in this. You work by being aware. 
    • (1:56:00) Jesse asks a third man on defining the Devil, catching thoughts, life happens… JLP remarks: Live a life with no thinking. Want for nothing. Bring every thought into captivity. (1:57:32) Last word with Rochelle: Devil fighting for your soul… 
  7. (1:59:00) Go and forgive your mother. I’ll try. God gave us human emotions! (2:00:34) Joel: the thought first: Feeling, attachment. Alexis, what she got: Make a pact with the Devil… JLP: being divided, thinking about losing or winning. 
    • (2:03:19) JLP: Watch the thoughts, stay with them… Some of them shock you. The Devil reminding you, let them pass. Salvation is of the heart, not the vices. Transgenders, PDFs, Stop identifying … (2:04:36) Jesse met a sweet lady: Inside that home, she’s the Devil. Devil’s nice. Do the Silent Prayer, watch those thoughts. (Supers tmrw) … You don’t owe anyone an explanation. 

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