What demons do you see inside? | Church 6/9/24

English is gone! Assignment feedback: Seeing different demons inside: Demons’ thoughts! Not God’s, not yours! Don’t argue with the Devil!

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 9, 2024 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:02:21) Proper English used to be important. (“Ask”; Seeing I’m crazy) 
  • (0:06:54) Why don’t relationships work? 
  • (0:11:39) How to make boys first? 
  • (0:12:51) Assignment: Seeing different demons inside (…shopping carts!) 
  • (0:24:30) Not talking to mother, she’s just like father 
  • (0:32:19) Demons (competition, fear, anxiety) 
  • (0:45:18) Raymond, others on Demons (Wives obey husbands?) 
  • (0:52:21) Young newlywed wife: Forgive Father; Cold, indifferent JLP 
  • (0:59:59) Overwhelmed at work. Become as children? 
  • (1:06:01) Anger, rage… Resist the thoughts. Stop saying “me”! 
  • (1:15:48) Backseat drivers, Recognizing demons (…Hake)
  • (1:32:38) Is this helpful? (…”Female demons”) 
  • (1:48:24) Don’t answer the Devil; New BQ: Who’s dumber…? (Closing)


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Church Notes 

Assignment: Watch the demons inside you. 

Biblical Question: What are you trying to win? 

New Biblical Question: Who is dumber, men or women? 


(0:00:00) Small talk… white people don’t wash their feet? (0:01:34) Welcome to Church 

Remember when English was important? (“Ask”) 

(0:02:21) It used to be important to speak English properly. (0:04:15) 

(0:04:52) **A white lady taught me how to say “ask.” 

Any questions? Seeing I’m “Crazy” 

(0:05:37) A young lady asks about seeing she’s crazy. JLP: Seeing is it. 

Why don’t relationships work? Don’t pursue a relationship. 

(0:06:49) Why don’t relationships work? JLP: Both are trying to control. Do not pursue or seek a relationship. Nor should a career be before the truth. Put God first. 

(0:10:22) Do you trust the truth? Man says yes. 

How to make boys first? 

(0:11:36) Can you tell me how to make boys first? (0:12:28) JLP: So many calls! 

Assignment: Seeing different demons inside (…shopping carts!) 

(0:12:50) Assignment: Seeing the demons inside. Young lady saw anger, fear, jealousy/lacking. (0:15:31) When you used to date: treat others nice, but no patience with bf? Two different demons! (0:16:44) Ever wondered why the demon treats a stranger better than a boyfriend? (0:17:02) What’s it like knowing in reality, what’s driving you are demons? 

(0:17:28) Donyale: Driving and surrounding politics. Driving erratic: Angry. (0:19:30) **JLP on demons driving with Nick and Bill… Donyale on politics: Angry at blind people, on social media; she refrained from commenting. 

(0:21:43) Donyale aggravated at shopping cart conversation (from radio show this past week): It’s personal. Her car got dinged. 

(0:23:29) Nice to some, mean to others? No. Why so involved with the political issue: Ever since I was small. Too attached. 

**Not talking to mother, just like father 

(0:24:27) First-timer lady, Christina (sp) from San Diego, orig San Jose. Road rage demon, Anger, Lust… How do you feel about it seeing them? Listening since beginning of Feb: Silent Prayer, catch thoughts. (0:26:08) [click] Shocking seeing demons. 

Forgave mother. (0:27:14) Not speaking to her right now. (Good.) She’s in Vegas. Her father blames himself for not being there — divorced when she was one. She’s exactly like her father; mother hated him. (0:29:13) **Any child close to father, mother’s gonna hate it! Always closer to him, even when didn’t see him. (0:30:28) Married 20, divorced 23. Apologized to children. Greatly improved. Son 27, daughter going on 25. Can’t change them. Go through their Hell: cry out to truth. 

More on Demons (competition, trying to win freedom, fear, anxiety) 

(0:32:15) Young lady again: Truckload of demons, she did the math equation for hundreds of thousands. Trying to be accepted, being a teacher’s pet, competition, trying to be cool. Competing with her husband, not loving him. She breaks down a little bit. (0:36:07) Al Green had grits thrown on him. Don’t get ideas. … Stay with it. 

(0:37:43) Man is encouraged now that he sees the demons and understands the cause. He mentions Biblical Question: What are you trying to win? Freedom. Bruno, first-timer. 

(0:39:44) Randy says way too many demons to count. You’ll be surprised how many you have, JLP says. Biggest one he noticed is fear: Fear of speaking up… (0:41:59) **JLP: When you see the demons inside you, stop responding to it. The thought about what you gotta do is another demon! Anxiety, Worry, what could happen. (0:44:24) **JLP: Children of God don’t live by thoughts. Ever jealousy? Envy? 

**Raymond, others on Demons (Wives obey husbands?) 

(0:45:16) **Raymond seeing how pathetic I am. (0:45:52) Don’t deserve to live. That’s another demon! That’s not God telling you that! Neither good nor evil! What am I, neutral? (Laughter) What does that mean? They lied. You’re blind. JLP gives him great advice…. (0:49:18) Do y’all understand? Go into the darkness. He’ll save you. You can’t. Don’t argue — (0:50:16) **JLP: If your wife says you don’t love me! Say that’s right! 

(0:51:07) Young lady: A demon called the narrator, fear, judgment. You treat everybody the same? Obey your husband? Yeah! (2x) 

*Young newlywed wife: Forgive Father; Cold, indifferent JLP

(0:52:19) Man’s wife sleeps a lot, and doesn’t watch JLP with her husband. … hostile, protective. They married last Saturday. You obey him? He doesn’t ask impossible things. JLP: Oh, he’s a beta? Forgiven mother? She died when I was 17. Father knows I love him. Demons trying to talk you out of it. (0:57:15) **Any disagreement? Reasons to live? Cold indifference bothered her. Is God cold letting them die? Did you turn God’s radio off? (1:00:08) That was fun, huh? 

*Overwhelmed at work; Become as children? 

(0:59:54) Man was overwhelmed at how out-of-control he is, getting caught up even when he doesn’t want to. (1:01:59) Q: Not having thoughts? Jesus said: Become as little children to enter the Kingdom. When you stop responding to thoughts, you’ll become as a child and trust the Father. (1:03:45) Embarrassment a demon? His friends said: This is not your week. Murphy’s law. Others’ demons having a party with my demons. “Amazin’.” Stop communicating with thoughts. 

*Anger, rage… Resist the thoughts. Stop saying “me”! 

(1:05:59) Young lady: One, anger. Going into a rage happens so quick. “I shouldn’t have went that far. But I did.” Awareness… 

(1:07:33) Randy again, Q: Why is the Devil so powerful? He’s not. But he consumes my mind, seeming almighty. Deceived you. Resist thoughts, resist the Devil. 

(1:08:57) Randy’s wife (she think she’s white, he thought he was gonna get citizenship) — anger attacked her. Resentment. How’d you deal with them? Rage — hard to catch it in the moment. Easy to follow the demons. (1:11:32) How many understand? Nice. See it’s there, don’t come up with a thought what to do. Say anger without saying “I.” (1:13:45) **JLP: If you stop saying “I,” you can be free! Stop saying me! 

Backseat drivers, Recognizing demons (…Hake)

(1:15:46) **Donyale tells her husband how to drive — but this week she sat and stayed quiet. (1:17:43) JLP: Hake is like that! 

(1:18:29) Man asks about owning up to demons inside… 

(1:20:48) Mimi (Mae-Mae) wanting acceptance, needing something from someone, feeling of owing to others … So many! (1:22:31) … It’s not me. Voice in my head sounds like me. I don’t want to be jealous or be controlled by obligation… (1:23:26) JLP re-tells the parking attendant story: All nice (“Si, senor!”), then nasty, ticked when something goes wrong! Nice demon, mean demon! If it takes a lifetime, stay with it. 

(1:25:06) The black guy here last week from Memphis. Ego, fear, lust (“Sit over here,” Jesse jokes with the other lady). Silent Prayer, fire, throat tighter, can’t breathe (“Hands up,” Jesse jokes). Saw God’s power at work, he says. **JLP: Leave it alone. (1:26:59) We gotta work on ourselves. Stay with it. 

(1:27:21) Rochelle calls them thoughts, not identifying them as demons. What did you see? Would’ve-could’ve-should’ve… (1:28:12) JLP: Those thoughts are thoughts of the demons. God’s voice is a voiceless voice. They are demons… Sass-mouthing! (1:29:35) Demons love for you to tell people off! 

(1:30:38) Hake: backseat driver, shopping/buying stuff before time, scheming/trying to make stuff work 

Is this helpful? (…Female demons) 

(1:32:34) Is this helpful? Man gives feedback, bringing up suicidal people, thrills, empathy. (1:35:26) Stop communicating with the Devil, it won’t get worse, but better… (1:36:13) In Australia, they’re breaking into houses, and people can’t defend themselves. 

(1:36:49) Philadelphia man … (1:37:57) It could be being nice, wanting love, trying to teach, jealousy, angry at disagreement, trying to be like someone else. Watch the little things that we think aren’t a big deal. 

**(1:39:01) Young lady (1:39:24) [Scratch sound] **Do the demons go away? When you’re aware of them, they have to depart. … They’re begging you to act, to communicate with them. Don’t communicate with them at all. They’re in the mind, not in you. **Insisting on being heard (Joel got that one bad. (1:43:01) Women got that one bad! You’re not listening to me! Not liking to be told! Female demons! Feeling blamed, wanting to defend yourself. Do not! Stop defending yourself. Stop arguing with the Devil in the mind and in others. Ugandan. 

(1:45:30) East African gal had surgery, her mind was clear… Doing the Silent Prayer. (1:47:44) [Scratch sound] Forgave mother? 

Don’t answer the Devil; New BQ: Who’s dumber…? 

(1:48:21) Oh, the Biblical Q… JLP: Leave that space there. Don’t answer to the Devil. Don’t let him give you another thought about anything. Leave it blank. Coming up with answers is not you. (1:49:50) Did you do the Silent Prayer? Not since we did it together. Boyfriend hasn’t shown her! Where’s the love? … Stop it, stop it, stop it. Live your life. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you — resist the thoughts and feelings. 

(1:51:19) New Biblical Question: Who is dumber, men or women? People answer… 

(1:55:49) Closing: Work on yourself. Stay with you. Don’t try to bring someone along. Don’t preach at ‘em. God is with you. Let go of the false self. You must die of the ego. 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • March 10-17, 2024 assignment: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 
  • May 19-26, 2024 assignment: If you feel anything, remember: It’s just a thought! No meaning. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 

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