What Does It Mean to Hunger and Thirst for Wisdom? | 5/25/14

Most children are ungrateful, and most adults angry — including Christians! What does it mean to hunger and thirst for wisdom?

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Archive Sunday Service, May 25, 2014 — Memorial Day weekend: Jesse Lee Peterson thanks people for birthday wishes. He doesn’t want to be put away like old people nowadays.  //  

Jesse teaches an Ethics Class for the BOND Leadership Academy for Boys and Girls, reading Booker T. Washington’s books, “Up from Slavery,” and “Character Building.” He had them write about gratefulness — and one student in particular gave good input about simple things in life, from a non-spoiled perspective. In Oakland, students fight with teachers, witness violence, and some say suffer “PTSD” (“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”). Cities are worse than the country, generally. It’s simple to marry and raise children. Men naturally know how to lead, but they’re being undermined, weakened, and taken out of leadership — so evil rules.  //  

We read Ecclesiasticus 24: 31 (from the Jewish and Catholic scripture), “They who eat me will hunger for more, they who drink me will thirst for more.” Jesse’s biblical question: What does this mean? We deal with people’s hatred for liberals, judgment of fellow conservatives, and anger between husband and wife. You won’t know the truth without dropping anger, repenting, and stripping away false identities and attachment to the world.  //  


  • 00:00 Pre-church intro
  • 00:28 Happy Memorial Day 
  • 00:53 JLP’s bday…Old people locked away!
  • 04:46 Booker T’s Character Building: Grateful kids
  • 10:01 Oakland students PTSD
  • 13:53 Married, raising children
  • 16:21 Inner cities vs country schools, men’s leadership
  • 23:20 Kid babied in the swimming pool
  • 25:02 Orange County old guy: Attack on men
  • 17:18 Anybody have a life this week?
  • 27:37 Ecclesiasticus 24: 21 Hunger, thirst for more (BQ)
  • 30:14 Did you stop hating liberals? Judging the Tea Party?
  • 37:01 Gradual process of unfolding? Why not drop anger?
  • 40:03 Anger in marriage. Husband won’t do what I want
  • 47:10 The Devil’s deceiving you, sounds like you
  • 50:15 The best way to overcome anger
  • 52:12 JLP on BQ: No identity with the world. Repent.

MUSIC: “Changes” (unreleased track) by Jon Parfitt / Bright Lights


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