What Is Real Reality? | Church 10/1/23

Who is God? What is real reality? (Do you create your own perception?) Spirit, not words… Go through hell to get to heaven. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 1, 2023 

REMINDER: Men’s Forum first Thurs, Oct 5, 2023, 7 PM at BOND https://rebuildingtheman.com/events 

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  • (0:00:00) Late start!
  • (0:01:40) Anybody have a life? Young man and his mother
  • (0:11:03) Q: Who is God? How do you know?
  • (0:25:39) Do you have perfect peace? Who is God? 
  • (0:30:50) Fellowship: What do you think about what you heard? (Sean, Hake)
  • (0:34:55) Biblical Q: What is real reality?
  • (0:37:42) Your questions are amazing… “I don’t like going within…”
  • (0:44:50) (A rock is smarter than a human being)
  • (0:52:49) Do you believe you create your own perspective / perception? 
  • (0:55:55) Nick the Anchor Baby: What is, despite what one thinks about it. 
  • (0:57:51) To answer who is God, I have to use my mind, English, tongue
  • (1:05:50) What is real reality? Hake and others answer
  • (1:13:50) Feels cold, no emotions. Why have a mind? Cave neanderthal!
  • (1:26:13) Woman goes to “the source” (the Bible) “I’m black and slow”
  • (1:34:51) JLP: Who is God? A Spirit, not a word. Reality, what we’re not. 
  • (1:40:04) JLP: Who will I be? Marriage? Give up thinking, identity
  • (1:45:43) JLP: Don’t start your day in darkness. Trifling, “successful”…
  • (1:47:13) JLP: Into race, waste of time. Overcoming the world is everything…
  • (1:48:14) JLP: You can have paradise; don’t impose it on anyone
  • (1:49:31) I don’t know God. Don’t have fake ideas about Him. 
  • (1:52:30) JLP: Go through the valley of the shadow of death (fear)
  • (1:55:58) New BQ: When you don’t know what to do, why distort it by doing something?


JLP: Who is God? What is real reality?

“God” is just a word; the real God is a Spirit. The mind cannot understand. We’ve been taught wrong. Real reality is everything you’re not. Spend time alone — don’t think a marriage or children will fulfill you. Go dumb. Every smart person is dumb.  WATCH CLIP (10-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute 

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: What is real reality? 

Possible New BQ: When you don’t know what to do, why do you distort it by doing something? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) FALSE Start
    • (0:03:10) STREAM START
    • (0:04:19) Intro
  2. (0:04:50) Anybody have a life? They’re dead!
    • (0:05:02) Young man
  3. (0:07:59) Young man’s mother disagrees: Her mother protected her from her father — she was his favorite. 
    • (0:10:36) (Your mother was difficult to deal with…) My father beat his own mother! 
    • (0:11:48) (Not supposed to beat with a bicycle chain — they didn’t have trees! I hope you’re messing with me. I am. Oh, thank God.) I had to unleash hell to come here. 
  4. (0:14:03) JLP Q: Who is God? 4 people to respond …. How do you know? 
    • (0:14:39) Created everything
      • (0:19:19) Creator, no other explanation: How do you know? Science always correcting themselves. God is eternal… Evolution. 
    • (0:15:00) Nanghiti: Good, energy when you don’t think
      • (0:21:56) How do you know? When I’m still, I feel it. What does it feel like? Peace. 
    • (0:15:50) Life-giver and question answerer; also: I have no idea. 
      • (0:22:56) The Bible said it. What good has it done you? Nothing. He sometimes answers. 
    • (0:16:46) I don’t know; Creator, Love… What is He not? I need God to be what I believe Him to be, someone I can image off of, so all of this makes sense. 
      • (0:24:09) … Logic, Bible… (0:25:02) (I’ve never asked that question. Why not? I don’t know!…) It’s kind of scary. 
    • (0:17:40) Joel: Spirit, Light, Love, a reflection of how you’re supposed to live. 
      • (0:26:00) Joel talks about being “in alignment,” or connected to God. 
    • (0:18:13) JLP: I can read your minds… Raymond: My heavenly Father
      • (0:27:11) Raymond: I can see that’s the truth. Never doubt that…faith of a child. 
    • (0:18:47) Biblical answers from lady (1st-timer Diana)
      • (0:27:43) Diana: It’s from the Bible, the workbook for our lives… like Brother Raymond said. (0:28:44) Do you have perfect peace? When I lean into the Lord… 
    • (0:19:19) How do you know? 
  5. (0:28:44) Do you have perfect peace? … talking with Diana: Do you have it at all times? No. Do you go in and out of Hell? I tarry not too long — I see it and snap back. 
    • (0:30:29) Francisco: Who is God? 
    • (0:32:02) Young man talks about music can bring you up or down, similarly our moral actions can bring us closer to God. 
    • (0:32:53) Young man who first spoke: God must be a lot like my dad
  6. (0:33:54) Fellowship: What do you think about what you heard? Sounds like no one’s sure. 
    • (0:34:47) Sean liked the “father” answer. 
    • (0:35:57) Hake…
  7. (0:37:55) Biblical Q: What is real reality?… Donyale among first answers… 
    • (0:40:45) (a) Your questions are amazing… Is there a fake reality? Having fun? I don’t like going within… It’s not you afraid to look within. It doesn’t want any human being to look within… Are those emotions real? You feel them, but they’re not real. They’re not you. 
    • (0:44:35) (There are so many demons inside of us, it’s not even funny) You say stick with it… Never, ever, ever assume you’ve reached a place. Let that pass — it’s a lie from the Devil. You live without thinking. 
      • (0:46:03) Doing the Silent Prayer every morning and night? Yes, now that I’ve been tricked. 
    • (0:46:37) Real reality is things that’d last the test of time: Beethoven, Shakespeare — their work. Is there fake reality, perception. No one makes their own reality. We’re not capable of understanding anything. … 
      • (0:48:00) (b) (A rock is smarter than a human being, because it stays there until you move it.) 
    • (0:48:50) Young man
    • (0:49:47) Rachel: A spiritual battle… She talks about a person… 
    • (0:54:37) Young man’s mind blown
  8. (0:55:53) Do you believe you create your own perspective / perception? A few people respond… 
    • (0:58:02) Young man: Thinking you’re different from everyone else. Putting in a box what you think are your own ideas… 
      • (0:58:40) (Everybody has the same problem…)
    • (0:58:57) Nick: What is, despite what one thinks about it. 
  9. (1:00:53) (Again, this is fellowship) A man says yes, we create our own perception: Person in a coma, when we dream, people in video games… Where did we get the word coma from? … When dreaming, do you create that? The mind creates it… Not you, right? To answer who is God, I have to use my mind, use the English language, use my tongue… That’s deep. 
    • (1:04:04) Work on yourself… Doug doesn’t understand; He answers the BQ: Who is God? Biblical stuff I learned as a kid growing up. 
    • (1:07:21) Raymond: Real reality is the moment that we’re aware of… 
      • (1:07:56) (b) Where’s Eleanor Roosevelt now? … the gift, the present. Like everything 
    • (1:08:27) What do you think about what you’ve heard? People have ideas
  10. (1:08:52) Hake answers: What is real reality? … Jesse and Sean quote the Pope’s exorcist… 
    • (1:12:03) Rochelle… (1:14:56) Donyale… (1:15:35) Doug: God and Adam had a relationship without thought. Reality is void of thought. (1:16:14) Alexis
  11. (1:16:52) (11) Woman asks: Could it be like a computer, 0 and 1s, events, good or evil… It feels very cold, I don’t get to take my emotions and feelings, which I like to take with me everywhere I go… 
    • (1:18:36) Why does it feel cold? Why give a mind to be empty? He didn’t give you a mind… 
    • (1:20:00) Feels very neanderthal, caveman. They’re in a cave… Satan wants your soul. 
  12. (1:29:11) Diana reads from Paul talking about taking all thoughts captive… 
    • (1:32:30) (b) (I’m black and slow — funny, tense moment)
  13. (1:35:34) Doug: Adam and God communicated without words; I don’t have to come up with anything. 
    • (1:36:14) Joel
    • (1:37:25) Francisco (“the white one”) — did you understand
  14. (1:37:55) (14) JLP: Who is God? Don’t believe me… The word “God” is just a word. The true God is a Spirit. The mind cannot understand. We’ve been taught wrong. … Real reality is everything we’re not. … 
    • (1:43:09) JLP: Spend time alone… Who will I be, who am I… A marriage can’t work if it’s fighting, not happening naturally. 
    • (1:47:10) Go dumb. That’s heavy. Every smart person is dumb. 
    • (1:47:56) Donyale wanted to jump out of her skin on Saturday, though she planned to do nothing. 
    • (1:48:45) (14c) (When you get up in the morning… don’t start your day in darkness. God doesn’t want you rushing around, Satan does. Don’t be trifling. You gotta be successful, yet you feel like a failure. ) 
    • (1:50:18) (14d) (Everybody came from Africa: Unimportant. Builds the ego of the black people, but doesn’t make them free. Every race wants to feel important. Waste of time. No meaning. Overcoming the world is everything…)
    • (1:51:15) In closing: I’m black and slow. You can have paradise; those who don’t want it, don’t impose it on them. Jesus and God won’t force it on you. 
  15. (1:52:36) Short question? I don’t know God, yet I’m seeking God. Beautiful. You don’t have fake ideas about Him. 
  16. (1:55:29) JLP: even in your darkest, scariest moment, tremble in fear, go through hell. Let it happen. Don’t do anything to stop the fear. Face it and go through it. 
    • (1:58:00) Do the Silent Prayer and watch… 
  17. (1:59:01) New Biblical Question: When you don’t know what to do, why do you distort it by doing something? 

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