What Is Sanity? | Church 1/22/23

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||  See clips and links below (including Silent Prayer), as well as detailed church notes.

Do protests do any good? Do you fight with God? People struggle in unforgiveness, starting with mothers. What is sanity? 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 22, 2023: Singer-songwriter Lijie performs a live song “Take Me As I Am.”  //  Question: Have major protests ever resulted in good in America? One man thinks the $15 per hour minimum wage is good, but that’s union exploitation. Human nature is wicked.  //

One man says the rituals of the Catholic church help build faith, and says in his anger he boxes with God. A woman in recovery from alcoholism similarly struggles with passion. Do you feel pressure to be perfect? Do you believe you can be perfect? Never try to figure out the things of God. The mind is of darkness. Do you believe you can have perfect peace? Most people love their resentment and hell, as a warm blanket.  //

Forgive your mother: A lady became like her mother, yet she can’t stand her. Another man fears “hurting” his mother. One person’s father couldn’t deal with her: How can a child deal with a mother, if a grown man cannot? Two grown men still live with their mothers.  //

Biblical Question: What is sanity? Different people answer. JLP says: Sanity is a clear mind. In the TV series “The Chosen,” Jesus tells Mary Magdalene her vices are not her. It’s the same with all of us. Forgive mama, and stay with Silent Prayer to overcome thoughts to have the mind of God.  //  Bible verses on thoughts: 2 Corinthians 10: 5, Romans 12: 2, and Proverbs 4: 23  //

New Biblical Question: Why do you get involved with your own problems?  //  Closing: Work on being aware.  //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jan 22, 2023
  • 0:01:55 Welcome to Church
  • 0:03:18 Lijie – “Take Me As I Am”
  • 0:08:03 Have protests done good? (People can’t see.)
  • 0:17:48 $15/hr minimum wage, unions
  • 0:23:15 Human nature is wicked
  • 0:24:41 Catholic rituals: Boxing with God?
  • 0:33:01 Passionate alcoholic argues with God too
  • 0:39:31 Unconscious talk, rituals
  • 0:43:02 Pressure to be perfect
  • 0:48:01 Never try to figure out the things of God
  • 0:50:56 A little bit of anger is the same as a lot
  • 1:05:55 Most love their hell. Do you want to overcome it?
  • 1:09:23 I’ve become like my mother who bugs me most
  • 1:12:53 I don’t want to hurt my mother
  • 1:16:51 My father couldn’t deal with my mother
  • 1:18:28 Grown men living with mama
  • 1:23:10 Biblical Q: What is sanity?
  • 1:30:43 JLP: Sanity is a clear mind
  • 1:37:00 Mary Magdalene: Vices are not you.
  • 1:45:38 Forgive mama (expensive funerals, alcoholic identity)
  • 1:53:46 What is silent prayer?
  • 1:57:27 Bible verses on thoughts
  • 1:59:06 New BQ: Why you get involved with your problems?
  • 2:01:13 Closing: Work on being aware


Present with God: Church Clip 1/22/23

Silent Prayer vs Vain Prayer from Dark Thoughts

WATCH CLIP (9-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP explains the vanity of selfish “praying,” when we don’t know what to pray for. The world of thoughts is darkness (2 Cor 10: 5, Rom 12: 2, Prov 4: 23).

Sanity Is a Clear Mind

WATCH CLIP (18-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP offers his little two cents on the Biblical Question of the week.

Have Protests Ever Resulted in Good?

WATCH CLIP (14-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  All people are evil. Have any major protests, whether for “good” or evil causes, ever brought about good? JLP can’t think of any, even among those he’s participated in since starting BOND.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (YouTube playlists).


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Church Notes

11:00 AM US PST We start streaming just before the top of the hour, and get started after a couple of minutes.

11:03 LIVE MUSIC by Lijie (pronounced LEE-jay, I think — Lijie the Music Maker on Spotify and elsewhere online)

Have major protests ever done good in America?

11:08 A woman talks about JLP’s callers who disagree with him but confirm his points. She thanks Jesse, and encourage people to do the Silent Prayer.

Jesse talks about big protests not doing good. Abortion is happening more than ever.

11:12 Raymond mentions the Memphis bus boycott in 1955. When you protest for evil, evil happens — open borders, drag queen shows, abortion, “Civil Rights”…

Various others make attempts to answer, including one from a foreign country. Has any major protest happened in which something good came from it? Another talks about the Vietnam War.

Minimum wage: $15 per hour is great! Union scams…

11:17 Alex asserts that some protests help, such as raising the minimum wage.

Jesse explains that the unions appeal to the lazy people and the hard-working people for the unions’ own gain.

JLP: Human nature is wicked

11:22 Jesse explains that human nature is wicked. He tells of a caller who didn’t tell his mother know he was married for 6 years. You must be born again. Your heart must change from hate to love.

Catholic rituals / Boxing with God?

11:23 Jesse asks a man about liking the Catholic church because of the rituals. He also likes the confessions, and says faith, unity, and harmony are being created and strengthened by the rituals. The symbolism makes it stay in your mind, he explains. Sometimes you have to argue with God, he says, when asked about God saying the symbols are not necessary anymore. Sometimes you are angry at unfair situations, and God can take it when you lash out better than other people, the young man says. He says to God, “What the hell, man!”

At 30 now, he says he had brain surgery in the past, not knowing if he’d wake up.

11:31 A second young man confesses his issues to God.

Passionate ‘alcoholic’ argues with God too!

11:32 (Minor technical confusion: Our mic monitor is not very loud in the studio.) Jesse asks a first-time visitor lady about arguing with God. She’s a passionate person. Has that made you happy? Sometimes, but it’s a burden at times. She’s tried to fight it, but feels it’s how she was made. Her sister watches JLP and often brings up things he says.

Unconscious talk; Rituals like a rap concert

11:39 JLP points out a young man is unconscious while speaking. His knee was shaking (bouncing), a nervous habit he says he’s done all his life. The man points out the rituals are all ego, similar to those at a hip hop concert, making you feel like you’re part of something.

Pressure to be perfect: Do you believe you can be perfect?

11:42 The first man talks more, saying it’s processing information. He thinks God hits him with problems. Why do you think God hit you with problems when he saved you from them? What is the feeling to [want to] be perfect? He calls it a pressure. Where does that pressure come from? “Myself.” It has never worked, right? He can’t say that, because then he’d be saying his whole life has been a waste.

11:45 The second man wants to be the best he can be, but doubts anyone can be perfect. Have you ever been the best you can be? At 24, it’s never worked, but he won’t give up.

Never try to figure out the things of God

11:47 The passionate “alcoholic” young woman mentions the idea of being perfect coming from Greeks and their statues. God tells you to be perfect as He is perfect. Your mind cannot conceive the things of God, Jesse tells her. The darkness cannot understand the light. It’s already done. The mind cannot conceive anything of God.

A little bit of anger is the same as a lot

11:50 Alex talks about boxing or fighting with God coming from anger. Have you overcome your anger? Maybe, not completely. A little bit of anger is as much as a big bit of anger. No, there’s not “certain levels of anger.” He’s learned this intellectually, but has not been born again of God. He’s not doing the Silent Prayer.

More on boxing with God:

11:53 Jesse goes to a young father who also was raised Catholic. He understands how it feels like you become closer to God. This man points out that when you’re young you blamed your father, then as an adult you blame the president, and finally you blame God.

11:57 Raymond talks about playing God and being angry.

11:57 Hassan speaks as well.

11:58 Franky says he has no anger.

11:59 The first lady who spoke says boxing with God is a losing battle; the best way to overcome it is to be still in the Silent Prayer. Don’t ask for or expect anything.

Do you believe you can have peace?

12:03 Jesse asks the first two guys if they believe they can have peace. To the second, he asks why he thinks he can make himself have peace.

Most love their hell. Do you want to overcome it?

12:05 Do you believe you can have perfect peace right here on earth? The first lady says that resentments are a warm blanket for her. Most human beings love their hell, their insane world. Though you love your hell, do you want to overcome it?

12:07 One young wife and mother advises her that sitting still is how to overcome your hell. She recently fell back into her hell. You feel like you’re going through hell just sitting still. But it’s the only way out.

I’ve become like my mother who bugs me the most

12:08 You must forgive. The woman’s sister told her she has to forgive mama. She’s forgiven her mother, but doesn’t like her mother; she’s irritated around her. Admittedly, she’s become like the person who bugs her the most. You’re like her because you resent her. You can’t help yourself but be irritated with her. Now her daughter too doesn’t like her, similar to her relationship with her mother.

I don’t want to hurt my mother

12:12 Jesse asks the 24-year-old man: Have you forgiven your mother? “I love my mother.” He’s not sure what to forgive her for: Imposing her will on him, making him shy and not able to speak up… “I should… not sure why I haven’t…. I don’t want to see her hurt…” But she’s hurt you. “I just have to speak up.” How will that hurt her? “I’m not sure how she’d take it.”

Have you forgiven your father for not protecting you from her? “I love her cooking… I love being around her. … I don’t love things she’d done in the past.”

My father couldn’t deal with my mother

12:16 To the passionate woman: Have you forgiven your father for not protecting you from your mother? When you’d ask him to help you deal with her, what would he say? “I’m already out the door. … He couldn’t deal with her either.” How did he expect a child to deal with her when a grown man couldn’t deal with her? It’s a miracle they didn’t kill each other, she says.

Grown men living with mama

12:18 Jesse asks the 24-year-old man living with his mother how it feels telling his girlfriend he lives with mama.

12:18 The first man hasn’t moved out of his mother’s house, and he’s 30! He just had brain surgery and can’t work right now; he’s getting a “disability” check until April. You can’t figure it out. It doesn’t work. It never gets figured out.

Biblical Question: What is sanity?

12:22 (Jesse jokes with a young lady about meeting a boyfriend’s mother.)

James answers after the young lady (and also talks about boxing with God), followed by the man whose leg no longer shakes.

12:26 Doug answers, followed by Franky.

12:29 Rochelle says sanity is peace, stillness, and other things. Hassan

JLP: Sanity is a clear mind

12:29 Sanity is a clear mind, Jesse says. You no longer go shopping, call people up, or chase after other extra things, but do what’s in front of you. Once the heart changes, you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Bring all thoughts into captivity. The imagination is wicked. In thoughts there is no truth. Let go and let it happen. You can’t fight with the darkness. Go through the darkness. Relax in it. Quietly take it. The darkness is the nature of the Devil.

You’ll still fight with thoughts after you forgive. You will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but vices won’t. All vices are of the Devil; they have never been yours. They’ve never been you.

The true you is perfect, created in the image of God. You’re just under a cloud, and you can’t see beyond the cloud. So you think the thoughts and feelings and titles are you. The world told you you’re an HDD (or have ADHD), but you’re not. It will die, and consciousness will rise and come alive.

All thoughts, all the time, about anything, are evil.

JLP: Mary Magdalene was a slut. The vices are not you.

12:36 Mary Magdalene was a slut; she and the guys played one another. Jesse recounts watching the TV series about Jesus called “The Chosen.” Mary Magdalene believed a demon who told her a lie about herself, and she went off to become a slut again. You’ve believed lies, just like her, and everyone else on earth.

It’s awful that Alcoholics Anonymous or other groups tell you you’re a drug addict. That’s not you, but the Devil in you. Anyone who’s shy, has fear, worries, has suicidal thoughts, is depressed, grins when they don’t want to, or helps the homeless (both are wicked) — it’s the same.

Stay with it, and you will give up. The Devil doesn’t want any soul to get away. Never argue with the Devil.

All these stupid protests are Devils arguing with Devils. The pro-abortion and anti-abortion people are judging one another.

You’re living in a lower state of consciousness, the Devil’s mindset of anyone who gets angry. God’s mindset is pure love, and you can’t feel it but live by it.

The fat radical lesbians behind Black Lives Matter can’t see. It’s stupid to fight about racism, because it doesn’t exist. Become your own man or woman, and let the world go to hell. Live at peace on earth amongst the hell. Forgive your parents first, especially mama. Any man with anger is a woman.

Forgive mama. Expensive funerals are for women

12:44 Jesse advises the young man to forgive mama, and if she falls down and dies, take the insurance and have a cheap funeral. (Jesse goes into how they sell women expensive upgrades for nice, fancy funerals.)

Alcoholism and forgiveness

12:47 To the passionate woman, Jesse says no one told her to forgive mama. The fake you is suffering, but not the real you. Stay with the Silent Prayer. You’re one with God apart from thoughts. Forgive mama, and you won’t be moved by her anymore. From this day forward, never call yourself an alcoholic again.

You don’t want to be just sober; you want to be free. She says some people may be helped by identifying with it.

What is the Silent Prayer?

12:52 A man asks: What is the Silent Prayer? You’ve been living one with the mind, which is of the Devil, and not you. You’re consulting with the Devil about problems you have; he only gives you more problems, and not solutions. Satan is of time, and God is not of time.

12:55 The other man says Catholics believe in asking for things.

Bible verses on thoughts

12:56 Sanity is a clear mind. Jesse has Nick read verses from perhaps Bible Thumper Thursday. 2 Corinthians 10: 5 says to cast down imagination, and bring every thought into captivity. Romans 12: 2 says be not conformed to the world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind. Proverbs 4: 23 says be cautious about what you think. Don’t say things that are not true.

New BQ: Why get involved with your problems?

12:58 New Biblical Question: Why do you get involved with your own problems?

Closing: Work on being aware

1:00 Jesse closes: Become your own man or woman. Work on being aware. Stay present. Slow down, and start working on you.

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