What Is the Boomerang in Your Life? | Church 10/22/23

Mamas stunt sons! Kids don’t fear parents! “Your thoughts create your wrong world.” Biblical Question: boomerang, identity

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 22, 2023 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:01:38) JLP singing “Hey, Soul Sister”
  • (0:02:19) JLP: Used to be normal to move out at 18
  • (0:09:30) JLP: Mamas keep sons down. Life’s not just money.
  • (0:22:20) Feedback: Kids don’t fear parents, how fear the law? 
  • (0:31:38) Disagree? Love, authority. Would you spank your kids?
  • (0:35:29) Discipline comes from mother, not father, nowadays. 
  • (0:37:01) Fellowship: Your wrong thoughts create your wrong world.
  • (0:47:12) Dating: Listening to my thoughts, I become fake. 
  • (0:55:36) 21yo: Thoughts given to me, gave me pain, forgave mother
  • (1:00:09) Biblical Question: What is the boomerang in your life? 
  • (1:05:34) Boomerangs: Anger, forgave mother… another 21yo, black
  • (1:07:39) My identity, to be different: Mad at 21yo: “It was given to me.”
  • (1:23:55) JLP to lady: I’m seeing it’s not me. Nothing to fight. 
  • (1:32:54) 21yo on BQ: Shouldn’t try to throw it away. 
  • (1:35:20) All thoughts are wrong. Feeling good is a lie, the ego. 
  • (1:42:51) I’m acting crazy, finger-pointing! Just like your mama!
  • (1:47:41) JLP on BQ: The boomerang is everything, you won’t let die
  • (1:51:34) Q: Advice to your 21yo self?
  • (1:54:26) Closing: Amazing Women’s Forum
  • (1:57:07) New BQ: To whom or what are you loyal, and why? 
  • (2:01:08) (Never know what’s going on in war! Stop taking sides.)


Boomerangs in your life: Things you won’t relax and let die

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: What is the boomerang in your life? 

New BQ: To whom or what are you loyal, and why? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:01:38) (1s) JLP singing “Hey, Soul Sister”
  3. (0:02:19) (2) JLP: Used to be normal to move out at 18. Hitchhiking. (Law class.) Many stages. Welfare (20s, smoking weed, owned a home, food in fridge, party every weekend). Sold house, bought a 280Z (Nissan Datsun 280Z, red). 
    • (0:09:30) (2a) Mamas keeping sons down today, keeping them at home. “Save money.” 
    • (0:11:52) (2b) Men in their 60s live with mama, hate them, can’t get away, guilt. Drunk. 
    • (0:13:00) (2c?) Pathetic… “Pay me under the table.” 
    • (0:14:12) (2d) Ladies, set your sons free! 
    • (0:15:10) (2e) Men, don’t put your stuff on the Internet. Do not share your stuff with a woman, don’t share it with a weak man. It’s not that important. The human heart is wicked, they’ll use it against you. … Your mama don’t love you. Be tough! 
    • (0:17:29) (2f!!) Life is not hard! It’s only hard if you think it is. … Stop telling your stuff! … Let your sons go! Love them enough to set them free. My grandma never checked on me! My grandfather would’ve beat me, my grandma… It’s okay to be a man, and tough in life. 
    • (0:21:19) (2g!!) Don’t try to make a relationship or life work. Life happens naturally. It will happen on its own, amazin’, greater than you can imagine. You don’t know what you want
  4. (0:22:20) Feedback: So it’s ok to beat your kids, right? No, that was a joke! Ok to spank? If you’re not angry. Kids don’t fear parents, so they won’t fear the law: Agree/Disagree? … (0:28:58) Raymond: A child is born with an ego. How does a parent show the limit of what you can/cannot do? (0:30:19) Man: Establish authority. 
    • (0:31:38) Disagree? Nick: Fear isn’t love. (0:35:29) (3a) Comes from the mother, not father.
  5. (0:37:01) JLP fellowship: Your wrong thoughts create your wrong world. Thoughts? Maribel (sp) 
    • (0:39:24) Ask her a question about what she said. (0:40:37) Isn’t this fun? No? How do you dissect your pain without using emotion? 
    • (0:41:34) Another person: Your thoughts create your wrong world. (1st-timer gal) (0:42:59) (JLP still making fun of Joel from two weeks ago: What’s her name?) I do allow my thoughts to take control of me. (0:44:39) Why do you think people invest in their thoughts? 
    • (0:47:12) (3a) Do you believe your thoughts create your own wrong world? How? Dutch gal speaks on dating; she tried to control the outcome: I become fake. 
    • (0:55:36) (3b) Young man agrees about thoughts creating his wrong world: Cause me pain. Age 21. (0:56:51) Donyale: What about thoughts that brought you joy? Happy, excited, also given to me. What do you mean given to you? “We can go home now.” I forgave my mother for giving me that spirit. 1st-timer Adrian. 
  6. (1:00:09) Biblical Question: What is the boomerang in your life? Foreign-sounding man: “I am the boomerang.” (1:02:32) My health journey, very slow. Wanna do a 21-day water fast, in Costa Rica. (1:03:25) Young man in back: Thoughts in general. (1:03:53) Donyale: Engaging with strangers: Laughing, deep convos, spiritual talk: Talking with a toddler. 
    • (1:05:34) Was anger, wanted to make my mother proud to get what I wanted. Forgave mother. 21yo, black! 
  7. (1:07:39) (4) Maribel on BQ: (sp) my identity, to be different. Wanted to shake him, can’t be out floating in the world with no attachment. When he said, “Something that was given to me…” I’m arguing with him. Why so emotional? This kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about! It’s a war. (1:15:02) JLP to Maribel (sp): You’re convinced it’s you. What if I’m the worst case? How many think it’s you? Every human being has that; most accept it, don’t wanna overcome. (1:16:44) You’re not crazy; the thing in you is crazy. 
    • (1:18:34) She thanks the 21yo. The truth is trying to save you. “He’s just listening to Jesse!” (1:20:26) Welcome the truth. The real you is created in the image of God, not the thing carrying on in your mind and emotions. You are a spirit. God is a Spirit, and so are you. (1:23:17) …  
  8. (1:23:55) (4 cont) JLP to Maribel (sp): “Time won’t give me time.” … You expressed what all people go though out loud. I’m watching me. When I’m attacked, I don’t run from it or react to it. I’m seeing it’s not me. 
    • (1:27:51) Anthony(?) on pain: Everybody’s hell is personalized, customized for you. JLP: But overcoming is the same. You may have fallen into a well, and Baby Jessica’s daddy has to come save you. (Old news story reference) You’re being saved from the evil spirit inside you, the ego, dying to the identities. You won’t say “I” anymore. (1:31:48) Amazing how life will work when you […are about truth]. 
  9. (1:32:54) (5) The 21yo on the Biblical Question: I smoked on it. At first, myself, my identity, watched emotions, wanting to control everything. Even calling it myself isn’t right: it’s the darkness, not me. It’s me trying to throw it away. Doing the Silent Prayer, I shouldn’t try to through it away, but let it go. (1:34:38) JLP: Question what’s going on with you. Above all things, get an understanding. 
  10. (1:35:20) (6) JLP to another gal: All thoughts are wrong. Feeling good is a lie, the ego. All feelings are evil. You are your own world. Everything you think and feel is in you. 
    • (1:38:35) Like the war going on: Israel-Palestine, Ukraine-Russia: That’s their world. They blame others for it, and attack. If they had peace, they wouldn’t be moved. 
    • (1:40:28) (Nick got the mic in his pocket…) Gal responds … Let it happen, even as it screams inside. Do the Silent Prayer. 
  11. (1:42:51) (7) The Devil’s saying, “Who will I be?” Maribel, vile anger when driving. I’m the one acting crazy, while I’m pointing the finger. It’s impossible to cast stones when you see what’s going on with you. (1:44:53) You’re just like your mama
  12. (1:47:41) (7 or 8) JLP: The boomerang is everything, the loneliness, anger, escaping, blaming others, thinking it’s you, thinking it’s gone and it comes back — because you won’t relax in it and let it die. 
    • (1:49:03) (7b or 8b) (Spend time not doing anything, see what happens. Sit for a minute with nothing, no ideas — 10 minutes. Watch what the Devil does to you. The Devil hates quiet time. Stop letting time steal your now, the present where God is. … The only death is the Death of the ego. 
  13. (1:51:34) Q: Advice to your 21yo self? Watch the thoughts, don’t blame when you get mad or feel good, or become afraid. At work people insult me. I would be angry. Now I don’t respond, but let it die. Feel it, be glad they did it. Don’t respond. Your real nature, there are no feelings. There’s no one there to insult. Stay with the Silent Prayer. 
  14. (1:54:26) Closing: Amazing Women’s Forum, I dug my mama up, smacked her, and put her back in the grave. (9a) Advice for the Ladies: Be with your husband and not need him. Not need them emotionally, spiritually. Don’t want that from anyone. No such thing as verbal abuse, that’s Devil abuse! If your parents try to make you be someone. The more you try, you become nothing. Let life happen: It will happen! 
    • (1:57:07) Next week’s biblical question… Amazing word… 

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