What Is Your Greatest Fear? | Church 6/11/23

Everyone’s greatest fear is to let feelings and false identities go. Let yourself fall. God will catch you. Christ healed the possessed.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 11, 2023 

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  1. 0:00:00 Pre-church small talk
  2. 0:02:33 Dead bury the dead? How the cow ate the cabbage
  3. 0:08:34 BQ: What is your greatest fear? 
  4. 0:09:08 (Everybody has this fear)
  5. 0:11:15 I can’t think my mother’s in Hell!
  6. 0:13:22 (All entertainers go to Heaven?)
  7. 0:21:50 (Do you want ice water in Hell?)
  8. 0:22:53 (What if we don’t come to you funeral?)
  9. 0:24:29 (Being an incredibly selfish person, like mother)
  10. 0:26:51 Mother: Fear going to Hell. Overcome while you live.
  11. 0:31:11 (Daughter speaks…) 
  12. 0:33:12 (How old are you, not gonna-be? — funny)
  13. 0:33:39 Spiders: Afraid of small things overwhelming you
  14. 0:36:31 Hake: Dealing with people
  15. 0:38:16 Nick (Anchor Baby): being exposed
  16. 0:39:23 Franky: I’m lacking love
  17. 0:44:02 I want to be remembered
  18. 0:48:20 JLP on BQ: Nick is right. 
  19. 0:52:37 (JLP: False identities)
  20. 0:53:58 Stop loving feelings (Let the fear happen, run toward it, not away.) 
  21. 0:56:40 Greatest fear: Dying from the false identities
  22. 0:57:21 (Fleeing fear: Taking a trip to Florida)
  23. 0:58:05 (False idea of friends… you’re possessed)
  24. 1:00:17 (Greatest fear: to let feelings go)
  25. 1:01:45 (“Attention”; Ladies, men don’t love you)
  26. 1:03:48 Letting go. Let yourself fall. God will catch you.
  27. 1:05:12 (Hungry/homeless feel they’re better than you)
  28. 1:06:37 (God knows we’re possessed)
  29. 1:06:57 Feedback: Overreacting
  30. 1:09:48 Women’s feelings: Worship me so I stay alive
  31. 1:11:19 Franky’s Bible verses: feed the ego, do nothing
  32. 1:15:15 Why not let knowledge go, for wisdom?
  33. 1:17:04 “Pride” convinced them that’s who they are: demons
  34. 1:18:25 Lady: Wake up, Devil gets very busy (It will get worse)
  35. 1:24:58 Man: Daughter on the way. Be of love, not of hate.
  36. 1:27:04 (Assignment: Don’t argue this week; you’ll feel better)
  37. 1:27:42 Man’s loose tooth story: panic! Stop overreacting.
  38. 1:29:50 Donyale grieved mom 3 years
  39. 1:32:51 Peterson feared speaking. Talk anyway! It’s not you!
  40. 1:34:42 JLP: We all are possessed. Christ healed, took ’em away
  41. 1:37:19 (No use drinking. Face it. Then you can drink with some sense)
  42. 1:37:30 Man: It will fall away. Let yourself fall. He will save you.
  43. 1:38:13 Young lady: Highs and lows are evil; not you. (Silent Prayer)
  44. 1:40:00 (Don’t call yourself anything. Have no identity)
  45. 1:41:20 Did this help? In what way? Don’t ask how long. Devil whining!
  46. 1:42:33 Raymond: Devil has you say horrible things about yourself
  47. 1:44:31 Work on yourself, eyes on self
  48. 1:45:53 (Dishonoring God when you worry)
  49. 1:46:58 Closing: Women’s Forum, no new BQ
  50. (After Church stream ended, Sean read John 8: 42-47)


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The greatest fear: Letting go of false identities (feelings)

WATCH CLIP (18-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP answers his Biblical Question: What is your greatest fear? (Everyone has the same fear.) 

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube). 

Church Notes

11:01 AM US PDT — We start a little late!

Opening questions/feedback: Dead bury the dead? How the cow ate the cabbage

11:04 A man joins us for the first time with his wife. 

11:06 Rochelle asks what it means: “Let the dead bury the dead.” Jesse explains: Let the unconscoious people who are dead bury the dead. All people who are asleep, anyone who has anger, is dead. You’re walking dead. 

How the cow ate the cabbage, being honest — it sounds scary when you put it “the raw, unfiltered truth.” 

11:08 A man Alejandro (sp) says he’s going to try to keep his mouth shut. 

11:09 A man says cows like melons. They’ll fight over it. He worked on Amy’s Farm (sp) for community service. 

Biblical Question: What is your greatest fear?

11:10 What was the Biblical Question? (A man doesn’t know, yet wants to answer it.) 

Donyale can’t think her mother’s in hell. Why not leave a blank space? (Jesse comments on a TV show with autopsies of entertainers who are in heaven, supposedly.) She admits she’s very Polyanna-ish. 

11:17 A young man, one of the first-timers, stands when he speaks. He doesn’t want the life his father had, going back to work out of retirement. 

11:17 The man’s wife Angelica (sp) answers the BQ. 

11:19 A man says he fears God. He’s afraid there’s something left out of the Bible. 

11:21 A man feared / fears death. “Don’t worry, we’ll lie at your funeral, and say you’re in Heaven.” 

11:24 Raymond answers. 

11:25 A wife and mother doesn’t want to share either of her couple of great fears — they’re personal. 

Becoming an incredibly selfish person, like my mother

11:26 A young lady fears being an incredibly selfish person. She’s becoming that, like her birth mother. It’s hard. 

11:27 Sean fears getting sick and dying. (He’s too tall to be afraid of bugs, Jesse says.) What does that feel like? Feels weak. 

I fear going to Hell. Why not overcome while you live?

11:28 Why do you fear going to hell when you’re already in hell? Because I think it’s worse. Can it get any worse? She doesn’t want to call herself a good person, as that’d be arrogant. She forgave her mother. She remembered her mother not letting her father be a father to her. She ran her husband off. Did you apologize for screwing up your kids? No! How screwed up do you want your son? Just being screwed up a little is too much. 

11:32 Her almost-27-year-old daughter speaks. She denied having anger, but it depends on the circumstances — such as drivers on the road. Life’s been very challenging, with different jobs, such as firefighting. 

Fear of Bugs: Afraid of small things overwhelming you

11:35 A man tells Sean that fear of bugs and spiders is fear of small things overwhelming you. 

11:37 After Franky doesn’t know, another man says spiders embody everything evil he sees in women. 

11:49 …. A man lost friends to drug overdoses. He said he doesn’t want anybody hanging onto him when he’s not here anymore. 

JLP: Dying from the false self

11:50 JLP answers: Nick is right. Everybody in the world doesn’t want to be found out. You protect a false identity. You smile to pretend you’re nice when you’re not. You put on a front and protect the front. 

A friend said they fear their reputation being destroyed. Another lady feared gossip. 

When JLP was dating, he’d have to have another waiting before he broke up with one. It was all about the false self, the false ego, feeling good. 

Every human being protects a false self, a false ego. 

(11:57) In order to live, you must die. Face the anger, fear, etc. 

When you say, “How long…?” It’s Satan saying, “I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna leave you.” 

(12:00) If you were in the risen state, you’d never hurt another human being. You’re not into feelings. 

It’s all vanity. You’re a vain person crying over a dead dog, begging for attention. People get mad if you don’t give them attention. 

(12:04) You’ll know when you find the real you. God’s light will destroy the darkness, the fake identities. One of the greatest fears is letting 


12:09 A man points: Whatever you overreacted to — it became your personalized fear… Example: Sean fearing the spiders. Like when you face mama, you shake in your boots. 

(12:20) A woman speak after JLP commented on Franky Bible thumping and “Pride.” She says she felt the Devil was in her room. 

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