What Is Your Life All About? | Church 5/14/23

What is life not about? If you weren’t named at birth, who’d you be? Die daily from layers of illusion, false identity. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 14, 2023 — Happy Mother’s Day! 

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-church small talk
  • 0:01:12 Welcome to Church! Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • 0:03:36 Biblical Q: What is your life all about? 
  • 0:08:45 BQ’s meant get you to think for yourself)
  • 0:12:55 Apologized to her ex; he’s moved past her.
  • 0:17:44 Q: If you were not named at birth, who’d you be?
  • 0:20:38 Sean identified with his name (…Bible passage, Hake)
  • 0:26:08 Come to share. Look within: Know for yourself. (…Doug)
  • 0:28:51 Q’s: Life NOT about? Disrespect? Hurt feelings? Helped?
  • 0:36:39 JLP: Everybody thinks alike, same problems (Doug: Me)
  • 0:39:45 Franky gets disrespected on the road
  • 0:44:14 JLP: Overcome layers of imagination; Dying each day
  • 0:50:45 JLP: No such thing as success (an illusion)
  • 0:53:01 No one’s learned from failure. Use words consciously. 
  • 0:57:24 JLP: Christians unhelped. Nature change: Die from illusion
  • 1:05:51 JLP: Don’t have to put up with hell; Let go, die each day
  • 1:08:35 Overcoming, letting go; Identifying with a name
  • 1:12:53 JLP: Taught to feel about death; No one at your funeral?
  • 1:14:03 Missing someone? Enjoy people? (When my father died)
  • 1:21:51 Feedback from ladies (…Hake: Israelites, calling friends)
  • 1:26:18 Don’t call when Devil says to (Deal in consciousness)
  • 1:30:46 “Animal love” (gross dog story: “number two” — sorry)
  • 1:35:30 JLP: Only identify with what is right. Feel the ego.


Overcome Layers of Imagination: Die Daily from Illusions

WATCH CLIP (9 min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  We live so deeply in the imagination — in layers and layers of deception. (JLP didn’t know he identified with the name “Jesse.”) 

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube, etc.). 


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Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming right around the top of the hour. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

11:02 Did anybody have a life? One woman (Danielle [sp]) has been reconciled in old friendships. 

Biblical Q: What is your life all about?

11:04 Jesse asks her the Biblical Question, along with others: What is your life all about? 

11:07 Franky answers after a couple of other guys. He’ll see what the day / moment brings (every day a different task). 

11:08 Jesse asks these questions to try to get you to see (for) yourself. 

Another man is trying to be like Christ, let God’s will be done, not sin, and not listen to thoughts. 

11:10 A lady wants to connect to her spiritual self and stay present. How? She tries to stay conscious and aware, and take it moment by moment. 

11:12 One lady says it’s all about observing, and she chuckles. She’s watching her thoughts and ego. 

(Did you apologize to your ex?)

11:13 Another lady (black lady) talks about being present and treating people the way she’d like to be treated. She left a voicemail apology for her ex. But she called back later to speak with him directly. She felt like she no longer existed — he was like a whole different person. She felt like he was treating him like a stranger. How’d you feel about that? Wow! He’s over me already? The time we spent together meant nothing! I have to be okay with it. Are you? No. 

11:17 Jesse advises: When Satan tries to make you think of it, move on. You wanted to be remembered, to feel special. 

If you were not given a name at birth, who would you be?

Wendy is her first name. Jesse asks her: If you were not given a name at birth, who would you be? Who are you? Your name? Your title? What good does it do you? 

Sean: Letting go; Did you know you identified with your name/title?

11:21 Sean answers the Biblical Question: He had a recurring thought that sometime in his future everything would make sense. He’s about letting go of things like that now. He also answers the “no name” question. 

Jesse asks Sean: Had you identified with your name and title? Yes. Did you know that before I asked the question? 

What is life NOT about?

11:29 What is life NOT about? Is it possible to disrespect someone? How do you know what God’s will is? Have you ever been helped by anything you’ve been taught about God? 

11:32 Other ladies answer: What is life not about? Can someone hurt your feelings? Disrespect you?

11:36 JLP says everyone thinks the same (he’s observed in counseling), and they have the same problems. 

Doug chimes in, saying life is about me, me, me. But life should NOT be about me. If I lived that way, I’d never feel disrespected. It’s not happening to me. 

Franky also speaks about getting aggressive in reaction to disrespectful drivers. Everybody’s so angry. 

Ryan talks about what life is not about for him. 

JLP: Overcome layers of brainwashing/imagination; Dying each day

11:44 Jesse comments on not having realized he was attached to his name. There are layers and layers and layers of the imagination (deception) — life is not about these things! 

People are suffering from thinking these things are important! We live so deeply in the imagination! 

We are in thick layers of illusions. You don’t know it until the walls start tumbling down. Get over the next wall, and the next. Stop protecting yourself from the world. Let it go at you: See what idea you have about yourself. You’d just be, without any thoughts or ideas at all. 

The word “success” — if we never held onto it, we’d never try to be successful or consider ourselves successful, or chase it. There’s no thought of failure nor feelings. Success is an illusion: No such thing as success. 

JLP: Nature change; Die daily from illusion; Have a made-up mind

11:57 Jesse says our nature needs to change. Christians haven’t been helped by the “christian” things they do. We must die from the (false) nature, the illusion of the Devil that makes us think that’s what we are. 

You have to have a made-up mind — everybody won’t do it. Christ understood this. 

JLP: Don’t have to put up with hell in you or others; let go, die each day

12:06 Practice keeping eyes on you. It’s not you feeling that way; it’s Satan’s spirit in your flesh and mind. No one can make you feel anything that’s not there. If you don’t put up with it (meaning don’t try to hold onto it), you don’t have to put up with the hell in you or others — you’re not moved by their hell or that in you. 

12:08 Sean asks about overcoming and letting go. JLP talks about identifying with his name. 

12:12 We’ve been taught to think about death, but if we weren’t, we never would. JLP’s son asked him how he’d feel if no one went to his funeral. 

12:13 A lady asks about missing people and enjoying people. Jesse talks about his experience with his grandmother dying, versus his father dying (after he forgave). 

12:21 A lady reacts. She’s getting it. Hake makes a point about Israelites wanting a king, which God did not advise, but did oblige. Similarly, Hake’s tempted at times to get in touch with old friends, and sometimes refrains. When not in contact with someone he’s tempted to contact, it forces him to look at himself… whereas it hooks him into the ego when he is in contact. 

Assignment: Don’t call 

12:26 When the Devil tells you to call someone, don’t do it. For one week

12:29 Practice being present. You can say: Jesus help me with this, when the pain gets so great. Bear that cross; if it gets so heavy, Christ will help you. 

Animal love

12:30 Franky talks about love for dogs. There’s a right way to love an animal. Jesse tells a shocking story about a dog eating the “number two” / “dump” of another dog, and then licking the owner kissing it. Animal love! (Sorry, everyone!)


Only identify with what is right. Don’t protect the ego. Feel it. Do the Silent Prayer. 

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