What’s the Purpose of Having Faith in God? | Archive 9/21/14

Building a solid foundation: The purpose for faith in God, that He fights for you. The average Christian has no faith. Keep eyes on yourself, and let go.

Archive Sunday Service, September 21, 2014 

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  • (00:00) Pre-Service intro
  • (00:33) Solid foundation: Purpose for faith in God?
  • (02:35) Woman: Man lets you down, not God.
  • (04:17) Are you over your anger? Upset like Jesus
  • (08:14) Faith to remove anger: A long time, not surrendered
  • (13:12) Hope for salvation: Gave up pot. Flickers in darkness
  • (21:25) Easy questions, hard to answer; Relationship with God
  • (25:32) No faith after all. Do you keep His commandments?
  • (28:24) (JLP story: Lady hung up on radio show)
  • (31:04) Keeps me from suffering. How? Brainwashing
  • (35:32) Psalm 91: 9-11 Defeat our enemies, temptation, challenges
  • (40:24) Faith without works is dead: Average Christian lacks faith
  • (42:40) It’s good to read the Bible sometimes; Purpose of faith
  • (44:43) “Get yourself out of the way of God.” Learned Christianity
  • (46:37) Surrender, do nothing: So weird, so real
  • (47:02) Mark 9: 23 All things are possible to him who believes
  • (48:31) Dictionary definitions don’t work for the Spirit
  • (51:50) Ego does not want to be exposed: Know you don’t know
  • (54:37) Keep eyes on self: God fights for you. Let go of knowledge
  • (59:38) Closing: Wake up to truth. The lie is winning

MUSIC: “Changes” (unreleased track) by Jon Parfitt / Bright Lights


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