Who is dumber, men or women? | Church 6/16/24

Assignment: Leave it blank! BQ’s: Who’s dumber, men or women? What are you trying to win? New BQ: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 16, 2024 — Happy Father’s Day! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: No Women’s Forum this week! Normally third Thursday, but not this month! rebuildingtheman.com/events

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk; Welcome! 
  • (0:05:46) Man and wife: Her mother died in car accident 
  • (0:08:30) Children, their mother, her husband 
  • (0:17:40) Do the assignment? Why do you come? 
  • (0:23:29) Assignment: Leave it blank; don’t converse with the Devil 
  • (0:27:10) Biblical Questions: Trying to win? Who’s dumber? 
  • (0:36:22) (BQs) Women have to do the same as men. Is it men’s fault? 
  • (0:47:40) (BQs) Man and his wife… Obey? Don’t believe in God 
  • (0:51:58) (BQs) Triggered by Q. Why not remain in the present? (Love hell?) 
  • (1:03:52) (BQs) Woman going through divorce, on anger 
  • (1:14:02) (BQs) Little girl: Who makes better decisions? 
  • (1:19:27) Q: Is it men’s fault, how women are? Women need men? (Nick…) 
  • (1:23:38) JLP: Women can find God. JLP on BQ: I don’t know who’s dumber! 
  • (1:39:33) Feedback: Do you ever get angry? Be not deceived! Anger is evil. 
  • (1:44:07) New BQ, 15yo and his father on anger, irritation 
  • (1:51:06) BQ: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? (Closing)


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Church Notes 

Biblical Question: Who is dumber, men or women? 

Prior Biblical Question: What are you gryin

Bible passage — 1 John 3: 15 — Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you are well aware that no murderer has eternal life remaining in him. (Catholic Bible

New Biblical Question: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? 

Producer note: “Works of the flesh” bible passage: Galatians 5 (verses 16-26) in KJV, ESV, and Catholic Bible (translates “works of the flesh” as “self-indulgence,” and “flesh” as “self”!) 

ANNOUNCEMENT: No Women’s Forum this week! Normally third Thursday of the month — but not this month! https://rebuildingtheman.com/events/ 


(0:00:00) Start (0:03:08) Welcome to Church (0:03:37) Eye patch: Had surgery. (0:03:53) Welcome, first-timers! … 

Man, his wife, her mother died 

(0:05:47) Man’s mother’s mother was killed in a traffic accident — a person high on drugs was driving 90mph… (0:06:39) You want to bring her back? Hoping for jail time. (0:07:23) Man’s wife: He forgave you? 

*Children, wife/mother, husband 

(0:08:18) Little girl Olivia, 10. Do you get angry? (0:08:55) **Paige, 10 (0:09:36) Speak up but don’t be angry. 

(0:09:44) Wife: Do you obey your husband? Times I struggle… No. Why not? Final word is up to him. “Almost there.” (0:11:36) Did you promise to obey him? Drop the ego, let it all go… (0:12:18) (Scratches and siren) … Get angry about stuff, “a natural emotion” (0:14:41) You became like your mother, you like being like her? Tell her to back off? “We’re very close.” Oh, you don’t want that. 

(0:15:23) Husband speaks. JLP advises the wife to forgive her mother. (0:16:25) Didn’t ask my dad for help with my mother. **He couldn’t handle your mother, that’s why he stayed at work. (0:17:13) Husband used to be beta, now alpha. 

(0:17:30) I’m Popeye the Sailor Man, 

Assignment? Why do you come to the meetings? 

(0:17:44) Assignment this past week: Don’t answer the Devil — leave it blank. (Raymond mentions the Biblical Question, not the assignment. Donyale mentions the prior week’s assignment. Another mentions the prior Biblical Question: What are you trying to win?) … Why do you come to the meetings? 

(FYI: Hake’s notes last week: JLP: Leave that space there. Don’t answer to the Devil. Don’t let him give you another thought about anything. Leave it blank. Coming up with answers is not you.)

(0:21:20) Porschia first-timer. … others didn’t do it, but say why they come to the meetings. 

**Assignment: Leave a blank space 

(0:23:29) When you get a thought and feeling — don’t respond at all, leave a blank space there. God will come in… (Conversation with Donyale) Don’t have one conversation after another… 

(0:25:46) **Pay attention this week — when you get mad … God wants to save you from the Hell you’re in… He can’t save you if you’re going to communicate with the Devil. You’re free, just don’t know who you are 

*Biblical Qs: What are you trying to win? Who’s dumber, men or women? 

(0:27:00) Biblical Question from the other week: What are you trying to win? A lady responds: Trying to relinquish goals/control, and let things unfold, played God so long 

(0:28:08) This past week’s Biblical Q: Who’s dumber, men or women? The lady can’t say people are dumb or smart. They complement each other. 

(0:29:29) Man eventually says women, really low. Why? (0:30:36) (Scratch) Men, because they listen to women. Although he doesn’t seem sure, he says he’s sure. 

(0:31:20) Another man says men — we should know better, to lead. Do you lead? Do you have to be in a relationship to lead? (0:32:17) Last BQ: What are you trying to win? 

(0:32:48) Young woman thinks women are dumber, but can’t explain it — she’s Greek (Jesse tries to speak Spanish to her, or Spanglish)… 

(0:34:38) Rachel went to the dictionary to define dumb: Men, because they talk less, but women because they’re emotional. 

Women have to do the same as men, returning to the Father (BQ) 

(0:36:06) Black Greek guy eventually says women, after saying men are dumb for women’s “love.” He speaks about the spiritual wisdom and leadership. (0:40:25) JLP: Women have to do the same thing the man does. 

Is it the man’s fault women are dumber? (BQ cont…) 

(0:41:09) It’s the man’s fault the women are dumber. Woman doesn’t know. 

(0:43:55) Women procreate… Men are weaker. Men are dumber than women. Such a fun question! Men don’t have a strong will. 

(0:45:32) IQ has nothing to do with gender — been teaching 50 years. 

(0:46:30) Equally dumb … Why do you think that at times, especially at work? 

Man and wife (BQ) 

(0:47:35) Women are dumber than we are — they put up with us! They tolerate some of the stuff we do! (0:48:26) Incidentally this man knows Francisco, salsa dancing. 

(0:48:54) There’s different intelligences, social, etc. Men are more controlled by ego and power. Women have different ideas on social intelligence. Men’s ego is greater than a woman’s ego? Men strive for power and wealth. 

(0:50:35) **Do you obey your husband? “Umm… 80-percent… No…” Why not? **She doesn’t believe in God, or follow God — so the “partnership” vs “husband and wife” question is irrelevant to her. 

*Triggered by question (BQ); **Why not remain present? 

(0:51:50) Man says: Women, they let their emotions get to them. What are you trying to win in life? My fitness. 

(0:52:17) **The young lady next to him (Swedish or Norwegian gal) — triggered, emotionally scream, “Men! Or [something]…” Men are dumber, allowing themselves to be manipulated. It’s dumb for women to manipulate, though, too. 

(0:54:02) Trying to win: Let go of that ego. (0:55:04) JLP: The greatest sin is to forget … Why don’t you do it? She comes up with excuses. You’re not sick of being in your Hell? (0:59:30) **Funny how your mind could be somewhere else: The Devil has to keep you in time, thinking about the past and future which don’t exist. You’ll miss what’s in the room. (1:00:41) smoking and drinking, wow! … not making excuses … obeying/trust … Suffer and die. You could be free! Pot or cigarettes? 

(1:03:00) Person says: On a surface level, women are dumber — emotional, ego … Trying to win against my own ego. 

**Woman in divorce on anger 

(1:03:46) Portia (sp), first-timer… going through a divorce. Didn’t obey him. She was lost in herself, headstrong, thought she had the answers, wanted to lead, didn’t know where she was going … 

(1:05:31) What are you trying to win? Trying to get back on the right path in life. Do you have anger? Yes. Why not drop the anger? Controlled by emotions at times. Normal emotion, ok to be angry, but lashing out is unhealthy. No one controls it better. (1:07:30ish) God does not have anger — he lets you destroy yourself in your unrighteousness. “I’d like to pass the mic… feel a little uncomfortable.” Anger is evil, a trick of the Devil. 

(1:10:35) How to drop anger: Forgive your mother… the person who raised you. Where’d it come from? She forgave her father for not being there — he blamed everything on her mother. (1:13:18) Why would he leave you to suffer if he made you free? 

*Little girl: Who makes better decisions? 

(1:13:55) Girl on men or women, who’s dumber? Math vs making the right choices … Who makes better decisions between your father and mother? 

(1:15:28) Raymond: Men, they don’t want to be smart. Have to accept that they’re dumb in the first place! 

(1:16:06) Frederick: Men are! Men made religion that put women over kids. 

(1:17:20) Donyale: Happy Father’s Day! Men are dumber, lack good judgment — they’ve allowed women to convince them to serve their god, and turn away from the real God. 

(1:18:06) Women: Emotional, big egos. (1:18:20) Hassan: Accepting your dumb is key. 

*Back to: Men’s fault women are dumber? 

(1:19:16) Celeste (sp) sounds just like his father. Men are responsible for women. It’s men’s fault women are dumber. (1:20:46) Nick… interesting… That’s the Anchor Baby! 

**JLP: Women need men to find God? No! … idk who’s dumber! 

(1:23:25) JLP asks whether people believe women need men to find God. (1:24:17) JLP: You don’t need a man to find God, ladies. It’s a return to the Father! Ladies, like men, forgive mothers for turning you; forgive fathers for not protecting you. … Listening to the Devil, calling it God. All thoughts are all lies, all the time. 

(1:28:36) **I don’t know who’s dumber, between men and women! They all say and do the same thing — they all have the same problems! Marriages don’t work: They’re trying to get love from one another! … People try to stop you from going free. … Men and women put up with each other’s hell! They love the thrill of their hell! It feels good later! That’s a thrill, not love. 

(1:32:12) You are created to be free, not emotional, addicted, etc. Our sins have been forgiven. … (1:34:09) Mothers will turn you from your fathers. Forgive them. 

(1:34:29) Human nature is evil — anger is evil. That’s why we have wars! … 

(1:35:31) For married couples, wars wouldn’t happen if you were working on yourself. … Don’t let a psychologist tell you anger is normal. 

(1:36:17) You’re neither sinner nor saint, right nor wrong, good nor evil. One or the other is working through you as your god or God. 

(1:36:38) … Hake reads: Bible passage — 1 John 3: 15 — Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you are well aware that no murderer has eternal life remaining in him. (Catholic Bible) 

**Feedback: Do you ever get angry? 

(1:39:21) **Do you ever get angry? Never. Man’s first time here: he gets irritated a lot. He was 8 when his mother died. 

(1:42:45) Anybody disagree? **Do not be deceived: Anger is evil. 

New BQ: Why…works of the flesh? (first-timer, age 15, father) 

(1:43:56) New BQ: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? 

(1:44:56) First-timer Ruben (sp), 15, is irritated at times at his parents. Did you know any male who has anger is a woman? No. Now you know. Forgive your mother 

(1:48:16) His father speaks: He doesn’t tell me anything, but I’m pretty sure I know he gets irritated. … Mother and father both tell him not to listen to them. (1:49:56) How do you know who’s right and who’s wrong? Forgive them both, and by not resenting them they won’t deceive you. You’ll see it clearly. 

More new BQ feedback, closing 

(1:50:58) Young lady on new BQ: Because I’m weak sometimes! Hake: It’s also translated as “self-indulgence.” 

(1:51:58) JLP: Mama mia, hola question! NO WOMEN’S FORUM this week! Normally third Thursday, but not this month! 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • March 10-17, 2024 assignment: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 
  • May 19-26, 2024 assignment: If you feel anything, remember: It’s just a thought! No meaning. 
  • Jun 2-9, 2024 assignment/discussion: Watch the different demons inside you. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 

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