Who or What Are You Trying to Hold Onto? | Church 11/26/23

People holding onto identity, image… Fathers who fight for their children, all for the thrill of it! Time isn’t real. Assignment: Watch the thrills.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 26, 2023 

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  • (0:00:00) Small talk; Welcome; Happy Thanksgiving!
  • (0:03:59) Anyone had a life? Sitting 4 mins alone
  • (0:15:59) Death of the ego? More on sitting 4 minutes
  • (0:22:58) Biblical Q: Who / what, trying to hold together? (Date mess, identity)
  • (0:36:17) Holding onto self-Image / ego (BQ cont…) 
  • (0:40:38) Hake: Myself (What self?) Joel: Being a good person (BQ)
  • (0:51:09) Connoisseur of selves, forgetting God (BQ / Women’s Forum)
  • (0:56:29) Trying to hold onto husband (BQ… she breaks down) 
  • (0:59:56) Q: Should a man fight to keep his children? Cut the baby in half? 
  • (1:10:13) Q: Why do fathers fight for their children? (Man: Nearly destroyed me)
  • (1:16:52) JLP stories: Man got fat; Underground breakfast (public problems, judgment)
  • (1:22:24) JLP: It’s all for the thrill of it. It’s all about self. (Incl. fathers) 
  • (1:30:04) Feedback: Then how do you love others? (TBA)
  • (1:32:55) Career? Time doesn’t exist. Reality is in the present. 
  • (1:46:16) In prayer, in the present, in heaven. “I love you” means trouble
  • (1:49:24) JLP: No one has love to give. God’s love, no thrill, no judgment. 
  • (1:53:10) JLP: Thoughts, feelings. You don’t even exist. Overcome the world. 
  • (2:00:29) People want their hell. Stop taking sides. Gates of Hell, woman
  • (2:05:00) Assignment: Watch thrills. Pay attention to the not-you. (Closing)


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Church Notes

Biblical Question: Whom or what are you trying to hold together? 

New Biblical Question: What distinguishes you from other people?

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:01:31) Welcome. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. (0:03:59) Anyone had a life? Sitting 4-mins. (Nick: “All hell broke loose”) (0:05:42) Another man worries about things that don’t really matter. (0:06:31) Donyale: Similar to Silent Prayer, thoughts. The enemy’s been on my heels. Lijie texted me, sick; I got sick 3-hours later, sick all week! “What a beta!” I’m a beta? (0:09:59) Why didn’t you do the 4-mins again? Didn’t feel the need… 
    • (0:10:58) Anthony: Practical thoughts vs listening to the imagination… 
    • (0:13:58) More on sitting 4-mins. (0:15:37) JLP: It’s ok to do 4-mins sometimes. 
    • (0:15:59) Rachel: Took a trip, a lot happened. What does the “death of the ego” look like? Don’t know what to do now. So much I don’t care about anymore. (0:19:09) (1a) JLP sings just because I’m lonely doesn’t mean I’m alone. (0:19:35) Tomar or Tovar on the 4-minutes
    • (0:21:08) Joel did not do the 4-mins alone. He didn’t think about it. (0:21:46) Doug: Not without being told. (0:21:58) Francisco did it. (0:22:30) (1b) JLP: Don’t use a clock, to understand how thoughts work. 
  4. (0:22:58) Biblical Question: Who or what are you trying to hold together? The Dutch gal softened up on a coworker who’d been asking her on a date; he said he’s in love with her. She can see it’s not him, and not her. (0:27:03) JLP: The Devil will get you into a mess… I’ll give you advice in a minute… 
    • (0:27:40) Anthony: Nothing, that I can see at the moment. (0:28:55) Donyale: Myself. Pretty easy, effortless life, until now. Anxiety: I can’t relate to anyone… (0:34:10) JLP: You go hours talking about nothing, now it’s boring. Donyale: My social calendar’s so empty! (0:34:54) JLP: You’re afraid of dying alone. Was someone going to die with you? 
    • (0:36:17) Another black man: The image/ego that people have put on me by reputation. (0:38:27) Rachel: Trying to hold onto why I live in Los Angeles and work in the industry. 
    • (0:40:38) Whom vs who or what (Hake) … (0:45:44) Franky: Laid off at work… (0:46:42) Joel: Trying to be a good person… 
    • (0:51:09) Connoisseur of selves… I don’t put God in a lot of anything. I put me in it. I want to say that I did this. Collector of selves, anything not to give God the credit. (Women’s Forum) … So I can be god…. 
    • (0:55:28) Wife and mother on BQ: Catch myself… (0:56:29) Are you trying to hold onto your children? Your husband? Overcoming that. She breaks down crying. Leaving England, she gave up a lot to be here… (0:58:14) JLP Q: What would happen if you didn’t try to hold anything together? Your husband wants you to let go…? Christianity has screwed people up. I feel like I’m unlearning everything, she says. 
  5. (0:59:56) (3) JLP on men whose children’s mothers (visitation rights, a bad word…) the woman tries to control it… Should a man fight to have his children? (1:02:45) Other people will influence them. Fighting a woman, it changes you as a man. It’s not advisable. (1:03:57) Dutch lady: Every other weekend with my father… I had the idea he didn’t want to be with us. (1:05:01) Wishy-washy, I see both sides. (1:05:42) I’ve been through it. ….
    • (1:10:13) Why do fathers fight for their children? (1:10:56) Doug: I loved my daughter, thought she should be with me. Taught to me. (1:11:59) Nick: They wanna be with their kid. (1:13:18) They see them as a possession. (1:13:47) My father tried, but my mother was hell. There shouldn’t be a fight. (1:14:19) Sean: Case-by-case, depends on kids’ desires. There are times to cut the baby in half. 
    • (1:15:34) My youngest daughter… It nearly destroyed me, anger, rage… That’s MY daughter, she’s me, belongs to me, I need to have an influence, don’t want to be labeled a “deadbeat.” 
  6. (1:16:52) JLP stories: Ran into someone who’d gotten fat, he brought it up — because I was fighting for my child! I get drunk, I eat, don’t work out… Another story: Private breakfast group… People put their business out there, men and women, professionals, judged everywhere. They thought by putting it out there they’d get over it. They didn’t know they had to be born again. They’re in hiding, afraid to have a conversation. 
    • (1:22:24) (3a) Man fighting for his son: It was all for the thrill of it. They love telling their problems
    • (1:25:04) Assignment (coming)… Like woman admitted she thought: I’m god, it’s all about me… We need a brand new nature. (1:26:07) (3b) Assignment: See how selfish you are. You’re saying or doing something, because you want something from it. When you deal with people… angry people are not for anyone. 
    • (1:27:53) (3c) In reality, you’re gonna die by yourself anyway. Trying to hold onto your husband, it’s all about you. Get to know yourself, you’re a MESS! 
    • (1:29:35) (3d) There’s not one human being who cares about another, not even the dog! 
  7. (1:30:04) Feedback: I’m a walking victim of life. How do you love others? (1:32:25) How do you be married, and have real love? (1:32:55) Donyale: IDK what I want, career-wise. (1:33:26) (4a) Don’t worry about career, just work your job. It’s just a job. Donyale follows up… JLP: The only purpose for a job is to make money. … Donyale: In reality, time exists. No. Come into the present. 
    • (1:37:34) Back to first lady… (1:38:45) Yet more on time… (1:40:23) JLP sings “Time won’t give me time…” 
    • (1:46:16) (4b)  Man: In prayer, in the present, in heaven
  8. (1:49:24) JLP: No one on earth has love to give. … God’s love: no thrill, no judgment. In reality, we’re all free of all sin. Only sin is unwillingness to stop playing God, to forgive. The nature of God is not about thrills. 
    • (1:53:10) JLP: Sometimes I have to yell at my employees… you are not your thoughts, feelings, you’re nothing; you don’t even exist. … Overcome the world… Phony friends (amid feedback from “Mae mae”). You’re nothing. You’re just an illusion. You are an illusion. Never ask: How long will this last? It will last a lifetime. You’ll love working on yourself! When you’re tired of working. Work some more. It’s working. 
    • (1:57:47) JLP’s been telling stories from the field, and form working out… Do that last pushup. You’re nothing, you’re living an illusion. I’m black and slow! 
    • (1:59:42) Mae-Mae: Don’t even try to be anything! (2:00:29) Donyale: Hearing with fresh ears. People in the world just don’t know! You will get away from wanting other people to know. If they didn’t want their hell, they’d seek for something else! Don’t feel sorry for people being in their hell! 
    • (2:00:29) People want their hell. Stop taking sides. Gates of Hell, woman
    • (2:05:00) Assignment: Watch thrills. Pay attention to the not-you. (Closing) Next week: Spotting a liar / lie. New BQ: What distinguishes you from other people? Thanks for the support! 
    • (2:08:24) Nick on-stage… Watch thrills…

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