Why Are Women Drawn to Weak Men? (Church, May 20)

Jesse asked his new Biblical Question of the Week: Why are women drawn to weak men? He also answered last week’s Biblical Question: How do you see women? He used to see women the way men generally see them — as sex objects, and he’d pretend to be interested in their minds as guys do in order to get with them.

A newcomer who found Jesse via YouTube spoke about the relationship between men and women, with many biblical references. Jesse asked him some direct questions, some yes or no questions, to which Jesse wanted simple answers. Instead, the man first provided many caveats and background explanations before really answering directly. He said that women open up men to things they don’t normally focus on, such as to talking about relationships. He never married — after Jesse asked why, he eventually said that he had a good mother, but that his sisters were a bit wild or crazy.

We also had a discussion on God, Satan, and lying thoughts.

Watch our 12-minute excerpt: Women “Open Up the Inner World of Men…Better Than Men Can.” — as well as the full Church service (also viewable above).

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