Why Are You Afraid of Anyone on Earth? | Church 10/15/23

Work on yourself. Why are you afraid of anyone on earth? What’s your life like? The faith of a mustard seed… Let it happen.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 15, 2023 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:01:36) Did you think about the BQ? Work on yourself.
  • (0:07:56) Lady on BQ: “Being liked.” 
  • (0:13:21) Others on BQ: Why are you afraid of anyone on earth? 
  • (0:23:42) (JLP: Can’t face fear if you’re not honest about it!) 
  • (0:24:24) JLP story: confrontation with women while buying Sta-Sof-Fro
  • (0:34:01) How to go deep with biblical questions (BQ continued)
  • (0:45:21) Joel and JLP stories: Seeing adults fight. Doug fitting in…
  • (0:50:35) Spiritual issues. Believe God will help you? Give up? (Hake…)
  • (0:59:07) What is your life like? 
  • (1:00:42) Lady “grew up poor,” hated two-faced mother; Son hates me. 
  • (1:15:59) First-timer: Not forgiven mother. Just like her! Gives BF hell! (BHI)
  • (1:32:17) JLP on BQ: You think it’s you, rejecting God. Faith of a mustard seed
  • (1:46:49) Identities: Christians’ hearts are wicked. As hateful as BHI, like war
  • (1:49:45) The Purpose of life: To live. Don’t look for it. 
  • (1:51:05) The Fallen State interview: “Muhammad Ali”: Identity of religion
  • (1:54:10) How to trust God? Wanting marriage? Make a relationship work? 
  • (1:58:57) Did this help, poor lady? How? The anger is not you.
  • (2:01:53) Closing… Women’s Forum third Thur.


You’re never been afraid. You just lack faith.

JLP speaks on his Biblical Question: Why do you fear anyone on Earth? You’re rejecting God. Stop trusting ideas, plans, and identities — it’s not you. Have faith the size of a mustard seed.  WATCH CLIP (16-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute 

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of anyone on earth? 

New BQ (mentioned after Church stream): What is the boomerang in your life? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:01:36) Did you think about the Biblical Question? Why are you afraid of anyone on earth? Rachel: “I feel like I’d be believing the thoughts.” 
    • (0:03:56) Work on yourself, day and night. Only you can travel this road by yourself. 
    • (0:05:28) Are you afraid? I’m tired. Did you pick cotton this week? If you went to the field you’re tired. 
    • (0:07:05) Rene: Someone might stab me. 
  3. (0:07:56) Lady on BQ: Being liked. I like pleasantries, afraid of their perception of me. 
    • (0:09:17) Lady: Everyone in L.A. told me to be safe. Why? … Your crazy might not want to meet my crazy…  //  I want people to like me. Why? (0:11:07) Do you think there’s one person on earth who likes you? Who doesn’t like you? Why do you think that? … I’m doing that too — that’s what everyone is doing. 
  4. (0:13:21) More on BQ: “What’s her name?”: Keeping up… Often a misfit, isolated… (0:14:38) Francisco saw violent video, “scared me… saw myself.” (0:15:31) Nick… the hate I’m putting out: “Brutal.” Used to call it “little, weak,” but I get what I want, have an agenda. (0:17:18) Sean: People building armies… afraid of self-reflection: “Was it worth it to take that side?” 
    • (0:18:52) One gal: I see your fear now! Are you afraid to speak now? I can relate to that
    • (0:20:16) I did a Freudian slip: Why are you afraid of your enemies? (Lucas) I’ve never been afraid of anyone, but I kind of am. The Internet. They’re liars, deceivers, I’m too nice, very giving, very open. I still do it though, like an I-D-I-O-T. You call it cautious? 
    • (0:22:35) Back to that one gal: I’ve learned not to disagree. First-timer: My sis and her husband came. Great impact. 
  5. (0:23:42) JLP (BQ cont…) You gotta face your fear, but can’t face it if you’re not honest about it! 
    • (0:23:55) Raymond: No telling what they’ll do. 
    • (0:24:24) JLP story: You ever use Sta-Sof-Fro? I wasn’t bothering anyone… Asian people own the shop where black people buy hair? Old black woman, fat, swollen, Jamaican(?): God made us the beauty products: You men work hard so we buy our beauty stuff! I thought it was because women are insecure. God made us to lead men! No, He didn’t. … It got so loud, business stopped. They were ticked! It was a mess. She asked for it. Mexican lady: My husband and I are equal! You don’t have to look for it. (0:30:39) I showed no fear. 
  6. (0:30:56) Man on BQ: … Why not allow it to expose itself? You want to show them love. 
    • (0:32:20) Blind man: Short-term fear, long-term fear (always afraid, don’t leave home)
  7. (0:34:01) This Q didn’t seem that deep, yet it’s one of the deeper Q’s. How come I can’t go deep with it? Start looking at yourself. Keep an eye on you. 
    • (0:36:13) Rachel, disgusted, seeing demonic things living in me. “Gross,” nauseous. Did you know you were so wicked? Did you think you were good? 
  8. (0:39:26) Young lady in black with blonde hair: I do what I don’t want to do. Confused by my own thoughts. Is it difficult to stay present and look at yourself? 
    • (0:41:46) Do you mean practical fear or spiritual fear? In school, I’d fear other kids based on reputation. (0:44:00) How do you deal with evil spiritually? 
    • (0:44:16) Nanghiti: Don’t know what’s going to happen
  9. (0:45:21) Joel: My father was really angry… screaming with my stepmom. 
    • (0:46:52) JLP story: I enjoyed seeing fights growing up, didn’t see it much. A woman threw her husband across the coffee table… 
    • (0:47:54) Doug: As a mixed kid, I didn’t fit in… Don’t talk much. Compensated, learning sports. Still trying to fit in? Why now? I dunno that I am… 
    • (0:49:41) Sean (then Hake) … Parked down the street, saw 3 guys 3:45 AM… turned around. 
  10. (0:50:35) I’m always talking about spiritual issues… 
    • (0:51:09) Hake on fear: Do you trust God will help you? Do you feel like giving up? 
    • (0:53:27) Young man (0:54:09) Nanghiti relates to Hake (0:55:20) Donyale: Exhausted. 
  11. (0:59:07) What is your life like? (Did you just switch the question? laughter…) 
  12. (1:00:42) Lady “grew up poor” — no extra, bare minimum, mother sacrificed for private school… When she passed, dad tried to maintain what she wanted, a mess… Don’t like feeling of not having money… bothers me, feeling of not having anything left over. Mother battled lupus, did things for doctors, people who didn’t need her help. Food, nothing I liked. My friends had stuff I didn’t. “This kinda sucks…” I was always at somebody’s house. Always trying to get something from somebody. 
    • Mom came from another country, she was ridiculous, hard work, waking up at 4, out-of-touch, even her time and attention: She was sweet with others, not with them: Angry, short. Have you forgiven her? I thought I did. Why? (1:09:43) My son thinks I’m mean, gives me no credit. (1:11:06) (When you forgive, you will forget…) (1:12:30) Raymond… 
  13. (1:14:07) What is your life like? Lucas: You are your worst enemy. Working on not judging myself. 
  14. (1:15:59) That one gal: My life… (Sister) Have not forgiven my mother. How will you have peace? (1:18:16) You love your Hell? No. Yes, you do! Seems like a lot of work to forgive. (1:22:11) Gives boyfriend hell! WIll do same to children! He’s too beta to deal with you. “It is a challenge.” 
    • (1:24:45) How to forgive… Did bf’s mother do that to him, did that make him weak? (1:29:17) She was raised black Hebrew Israelite, but converting to Christian
  15. (1:32:17) JLP on BQ: In reality, you’re not afraid. But you think it’s you. It’s afraid you’ll realize it’s not you… You’re rejecting God. You try to fix it. Welcome the world’s attacks. The faith of a mustard seed. You trust ideas, plans. Old nature has to die. 
    • (1:38:57) You’d see Israel-Palestine, Russia-Ukraine, weak president, but satisfied with what you have. You’re not trusting God. Thinking things happening inside of you is you. 
    • (1:39:57) Your ideas about God are not God. The Devil telling you to throw up your hands. 
    • (1:41:30) Quietly be mad. It’s not you. Nobody can do it. BQ’s are homework I’m doing. Should be fun by now for some of you. Y’all ain’t havin’ no fun. … Put feet on solid ground, trust that God’s got it. … Watch. Do nothing else about it. We’re being taken care of. God loves us. But you don’t even trust with a mustard seed grain. Nothing exists but now. We’ve all done stupid stuff in the fallen state. God doesn’t hold it against us. 
    • (1:45:32) Why even think about what someone else thinks about you? … Then: No competition, taking sides, joining an army. Lay your weapon down and live your life. 
  16. (1:46:49) Just take it. It’s not you, but all identities, plans… Christians’ hearts are wicked. (1:47:18) Gal converting BHI-to-Christian: They treat one another with hate, not love. War about hate and money. You too. 
  17. (1:48:20) Nanghiti was touched by what the “poor” childhood lady said.
  18. (1:51:05) Donyale on The Fallen State interview with Muhammad Ali: Christians don’t know, so Islam growing. (1:53:30) Something about picking watermelons… 
  19. (1:54:10) How to trust God? Feel the pain of wanting it. But don’t go for it. Let it stay. 
    • (1:56:06) You’re not supposed to want to be married, have a bf, gf… Should never try to make a relationship work… (1:58:12) Trust God by feeling the pain, feel the loneliness. Be aware what you’re doing, and what’s going on inside. Trust God a little bit, he will change your nature from darkness to light. 
  20. (1:58:57) Did this help? The poor one who never had enough? How? (2:00:30) JLP: The anger is not you — it’s attached to your body and mind, but that’s not you. 
  21. (2:01:53) Closing: Forgive mothers and fathers. Do the Silent Prayer. Most love their hell, complaining… Women’s Forum… Let it be, watch what you feel about it…

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