Why Are You Afraid of Negotiating | Church 1/21/24

Hearts are wicked: Race brainwashing. Trust truth. Afraid of negotiating? Want for nothing. Pay attention to self.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 21, 2024 

The human heart is wicked. “Race 2 Dinner” — racial brainwashing! If you have anger, you have fear. Afraid of losing something? Trust the truth. 

Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? Want for nothing; be willing to let it go, and you can negotiate. No such thing as spiritual negotiation, because there is no you. 

Last week’s assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 

New Biblical Question: What ties you to your parents?

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:04:09) JLP: The human heart is evil. “Race 2 Dinner” (Sean)
  • (0:13:49) Feedback: Men too. Brainwashing the races. 
  • (0:21:37) Anger is your enemy. (Feedback) 
  • (0:24:32) Anyone who has anger has fear. Return to the father. (Feedback) 
  • (0:28:12) Trust the truth. Afraid of losing something. (Feedback) 
  • (0:36:15) Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? (Responses) 
  • (0:51:52) Biblical Q continued: Afraid of negotiating (Doug, others)
  • (0:57:25) BQ cont… (Jesse wanted to see death) 
  • (1:04:53) JLP on BQ: Want for nothing. Thoughts/Devil work you. 
  • (1:10:40) BQ feedback: Spiritual negotiation? Hosea’s adulterous wife Gomer? 
  • (1:19:14) JLP: No spiritual negotiation. There’s no you. 
  • (1:19:39) Assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself; it’s all about you. 
  • (1:25:52) What have you learned about yourself? Not a good person. 
  • (1:35:09) Watch yourself, the not-you. (Mae Mae)
  • (1:39:02) New BQ: What ties you to your parents? (Closing) 


Watch the thoughts, want for nothing: No fear of negotiating 

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? 

Last week’s Assignment: Notice your mind repeats itself, and it’s all about self. 

New Biblical Question: What ties you to your parents? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:03:28) Welcome to Church
  3. (0:03:56) (1)  JLP: Human beings’ hearts are wicked
    • (0:06:01) JLP intro: radio show segment
    • (0:07:15) Sean and JLP: Race2Dinner, white women pay to host a dinner with … Silence is violence … 
    • (0:12:00) White women, go to God on your own. Don’t resent your husband for being weak. 
    • (0:13:34) Alex, thoughts? Beyond crazy. Whites wouldn’t do it. 
    • (0:15:00) Young man of color. Sad people are easily manipulated. 
    • (0:15:31) Brainwashing… (0:19:09) Just say no … 
    • (0:21:23) Sean says whites say we should be angry about this. (1b) JLP: Anger is your enemy…  (0:22:08) Rochelle … (0:23:08) Randy: Blacks would complain. Whites didn’t. There’s been 
    • (0:24:18) (1c)  I used to think white people were brave. They used to What happened to that bravery? (More feedback… Rachel, Rochelle… ) (0:27:46) (1c cont?) White people’d meet up and have a bonfire … (Rochelle) (0:28:38) They’re afraid they’ll lose something. They don’t trust the truth anymore. You cannot have fear if you trust the truth. 
    • (0:29:28) (1d beginning?) Doug: white people put these meetings on, but they don’t give up their job. They do it so they don’t have to give up their job. 
    • (0:30:57) (1d?) JLP: It’s a spiritual battle. Satan wants to hold onto your soul. 
  4. (0:33:02) Biblical Q: Why are you afraid of negotiating? (Daniel) 
    • (0:36:00) Biblical Q: Randy’s wife “just lied!” Then Randy: Father was weak, mother “strong woman” … Randy’s son… Alexis… 
    • (0:41:43) Lijie on BQ  (0:42:18) (Interruption: Somebody playin’ rap music) Nerves? (0:43:28) Franky… a young lady… 
    • (0:47:48) Anchor Baby… (0:48:39) Joel … (0:50:48) (2a?) Jesse tells Franky there’s no negotiation with women asking for a date. 
  5. (0:51:38) Doug on BQ… great points…  then Lijie (0:55:40) Rochelle asking for a raise … 
    • (0:57:11) Sean likes what Francisco said … Wanting it … What does it feel like, feeling about to die? (1:00:25) Hake reads Tweet … (1:00:54) Francisco on a woman, working free, degrading himself, wanting something. (1:01:52) Joel: You want something … (1:02:48) Donyale: It’s possible I’ve had fear. Never had to. Men did it for me. 
  6. (1:04:38) (3)  JLP on BQ: Major negotiation, they seemed confident, on it. Started to walk away. Got everything he wanted. … It’s the Devil talking to you! Don’t have to have it! Want for nothing. If 
    • (1:07:50) Want for nothing. If the husband or wife wants to leave, bye! Most won’t let go and see what happens. 
    • (1:09:03) Hassan on Trump’s book The Art of the Deal (person kept calling him Donny) (1:09:57) (3b) JLP: Pay attention to the Deceiver. 
    • (1:10:27) Daniel: Practical and spiritual negotiation? … Sean … (1:12:49) Lijie: Hosea’s adulterous wife Gomer…? 
    • (1:17:08) Doug: … Mess! (1:18:02) Franky, why no such thing as spiritual negotiating? 
    • (1:19:00) JLP: No spiritual negotiation. There’s no you. 
  7. (1:19:27) Assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself; it’s all about you. (Mae Mae, others) 
  8. (1:25:42) (4?)  What have you realized about yourself? Not a good person (Lijie) (1:28:30) (4a) You’re no good. If you think you’re good, that’s between you and the Devil. If you know you’re no good, that’s between you and God. 
    • (1:30:03) Alex, stronger than I thought. Nursing home drama… JLP: So you haven’t learned anything about yourself. … Another 
    • (1:35:28) another person… (1:37:00) (Mae Mae) Watching the not-you
  9. (1:38:49) New BQ: What ties you to your parents? (Closing)

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