Why Christianity Is Hated (Church, May 5, 2019)

At Church on Sunday May 5, 2019, we discussed these issues: Don’t go on an ego trip looking for trouble. Did Jesus want organized religion? Why is Christianity hated? Forgive your parents to gain back courage. Are babies born sinners?

We started out with Scottish guitar music played by a young man Eric who’s been visiting Los Angeles and coming to BOND meetings. Thank you!


Jesse warned people not to get themselves killed by looking for trouble, blurting out “the truth” anytime, and wearing MAGA hats in hostile places. One person said something like “nobody’s special” at a panelist at the recent Walk Away Town Hall where Jesse spoke. It was not the right time. Another person was chasing the person holding the mic during the Q&A session. That’s ego to want to talk that badly. Save your life. Another young person wore MAGA clothing at Fox Hills Mall, where many blacks and Hispanics hang out — not wise! Don’t go looking for a confrontation!

Jesse also addressed people questioning him for working with Brandon Straka of #WalkAway who’s homosexual. But it wasn’t about that. It was about leaving liberalism.


Jesse asks the Biblical Question: Did Jesus want organized religion? Many said yes, while others said no, and some were not sure. Jesse later himself said he does not know. We are meant to come together to edify and correct one another. Just be. Live life. Don’t hold onto any words. Guys will tell girls, “I love you,” when in reality they don’t love them. They just want something from them — they have a hidden motive. The less effort you put in life the better off you are.


Jesse spoke of hearing a rabbi say we need to stop “Islamophobia” and “anti-Semitism.” But he never said not to hate Christians. Why not? Jesse answers this later in the service after some other discussions.


One man spoke up, admitting that he doesn’t have courage yet. With the question of Christianity under attack, he changes his answer about “organized religion” — saying we need to organize to fight for good. (When Jesse asked if he lived with a woman, he said he has a female roommate but she just pays rent. She keeps things cleaner, and doesn’t party like previous male roommates.) When asked if he has anger, he admits that he still gets angry. Asked about his parents, he says he has an interesting relationship with his Asian parents — sort of distant, but less hostile than his brother. So he and Jesse talk about mothers of all races — because all have their issues of anger and emotions that they pass down to children. 


A young lady in attendance with her husband is pregnant with a baby due at the end of July. She says she got over her anger and forgave her mother, which didn’t go great, as she didn’t accept it. She had a rough relationship, ups and downs with her husband before they married, because they had sex before marriage. Her husband disagreed with Jesse about the Bible. They talk a little about the Spirit versus “hooping and hollering” prayer.

Jesse also spoke with others who forgave their parents.


Another man says children are born with sin inherited from their parents. But Jesse points out that Christ came and restored it. The man insists that kids are born sinful.


Jesse went back to why Christianity is under attack: Some point out that Christians have become weak, and weakness is hated. Others say it’s because it’s supposed to represent truth, and truth is hated.

Jesse points out that Christianity is the most powerful religion because it’s the only one he knows that calls you to repent. People don’t like being told that they’re wrong. They hate it. The other reason that Christianity is hated is that it’s seen as the “white man’s” religion. And whites are hated.

The greatest power on earth is inside Christians. “Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world.” Christians who operate from perfect love cannot be beaten or stopped. They try to make an example of you like ISIS does with people when they execute people in gruesome ways on video spread by social media.

Jesse talks about Pastor Steven Anderson who went nuts on his show. But Jesse knew it wasn’t personal. The true Word of God is in your heart. And men, you have a responsibility to lead. You are the sons of God. Abortion went out-of-control because men got out of fighting it.


Jesse answered some questions online via YouTube’s Live Chat and Super Chat donations. A 12-year-old child was upset because his mother had cancer and possibly may die soon. A person asks how to find a wife without lusting? That’s what the fallen state is for — for men and women to come together, get married, have sex, and make babies. Then they can start to overcome that and return to God. Should a single man and woman avoid being alone in the same room together? No, that’s crazy! Be wise, and don’t do wrong, but don’t be crazy.


Most parents are in the fallen state. When you come out of that fallen state, you have perfect peace. Nothing’s missing. So you don’t have a desire for “love” or sex from another person.

The world sets you up to judge all things as right or wrong. But that’s not the way to be.

Don’t get too into sex. Watch yourself, and don’t judge yourself. And eventually you can overcome it.

We talk more about inherited sin after a man says that inheritance comes after birth.

We also talk more about the attacks and dismissiveness toward Christians — Obama and Hillary referred to victims as “Easter worshippers.”

Satan gives you excuses not to be men and women of God. It’s a major trick to believe that you can go on sinning. Angry people are not themselves. They are often their mothers whom they resent. What’s the purpose of being born again if you’re still the same?

Our friend G. asks: How do you resist temptation?

Don’t judge yourself!

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