Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God? (Church Feb 4)

First Jesse told a little about BOND — February marks 28 years of BOND. Jesse started his nonprofit after realizing anger held him back in life. He sat quietly to pray, recognized the anger within, and apologized to his mother for hating her. He realized she turned him away from his father, but couldn’t help herself. It was not “racism” that held him or any other black person back. Jesse started a radio show in Los Angeles to tell this good news to black people, but they did not accept it. One thing led to another.

Afterward, we discussed the recent Biblical Question: Is the Bible the inspired Word of God, or were the men who wrote it inspired? 2 Timothy 3:16 calls “all scripture” inspired by God, and Peter says that God-inspired men wrote it. Jesse points out the limits of merely reading words written by men inspired by God. You must be born again.

If you are not ready for the truth, you are better off not knowing — God requires much of those he gives knowledge. If you do the silent prayer (instructions found on the Church page), commit to it.

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