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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson offers a friendly place for people to help each other through open and honest dialogue. We deal with tough issues in an eye-opening, light-hearted way. This is real church: Share, ask questions, or just listen. Jesse has led BOND Sunday services since 1990 — for individuals, couples and families of all races.

Jesse recommends people pray each day: Listen to Jesse’s silent prayer instructions on SoundCloud.

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Arrive 10:30am for fellowship. Service begins at 11am and ends at 12pm.

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February 26, 2017
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, February 26

Jesse talked about his speaking engagement to high schoolers at the Junior State of America. The group has a strong liberal, anti-God bias, so it was wild. Jesse was kicked out early, but some of the students loved Jesse. He had fun with those who hated him.

Jesse also asked the people if they believe in the Bible. Most people do believe in the Bible in some form, and think it helps them, although they continue to have anger and suffer in life. Jesse warns the people to be careful what they believe in, because Satan can feed you interpretations of the Bible. Only believe in God.

Some strongly disagreed with Jesse and attempted to cast him as nonsensical and hypocritical. Jesse allowed them to state their peace, and urged all people to consider things carefully and see for themselves.

February 19, 2017
WHAT DOES IT MEAN? “No Man Comes to the Father Except Through Me” (Church Feb 19, ’17)

(Watch 2 1/2-minute excerpt: ‘What You’re Missing in Life: Your FATHER’) Several of us talked about how human beings treat one another. Jesse looked back in amazement at things he’s done that were wrong. It seems like he should have known they were wrong enough not to do them.

We also discussed John 14:6, where Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” How do you go “through” Christ? Some talked about repentance, forgiveness, believing in Jesus Christ. Others talked about being “in the moment,” prayer and meditation.

A Barna Group study says that 59% of millennials raised in the church have dropped out at some point. We must return to fathers, who represent Christ, and love the fathers. Jesse read from John 8:43-45, saying that until you return to the Father, you are of your father the devil. And no one with anger is of God.

February 12, 2017
If You Don’t Get Past ANGER, You Won’t Know GOD (Church, Feb 12, ’17)

(Watch 4 1/2 minute excerpt: ‘Why Living Life Without a Plan Is Better Than Planning’) We talked about this past week’s biblical question: What did Jesus mean when he said, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” One man realized he didn’t know the answer but ideas about it kept coming to mind.

Jesse said that God is your teacher. Revelation is different from thinking and learning knowledge.

Jesse told a story of how he forgot he was holding his wallet, and Satan fed his mind ideas of how he lost it. One person related to that story, and told how she put her glasses on her head and thought she lost them.

Jesse told of how he started BOND 27 years ago, without any plan. He realized that anger held black people back, and not “racism.” Things unfolded from a single meeting turning into two, three. He formed the organization BOND. He spoke at schools, started a radio show and the BOND home. He was hated and banned by worldly people who support lies such as homosexuality and “racism,” but he kept with the truth.

Jesse explained to one person that anger is easy to overcome: Do not overreact to the thoughts and feelings that come when they rise.