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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson offers a friendly place for people to help each other through open and honest dialogue. We deal with tough issues in an eye-opening, light-hearted way. This is real church: Share, ask questions, or just listen. Jesse has led BOND Sunday services since 1990 — for individuals, couples and families of all races.

Jesse recommends people pray each day: Listen to Jesse’s silent prayer instructions on SoundCloud.

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April 23, 2017
The Spirit Behind the Lynching of Bill O’Reilly (Church April 23)

Jesse started by asking men and women in the audience, “What does a woman feel like?” One woman said she felt special in her relationship with God. Jesse also asked what men feel — one guy said he feels like he can take charge and protect others. But in reality there is no feeling to a man.

Jesse saw a TV episode of the show “Iyanla, Fix My Life,” in which this woman Iyanla sat on the ground and had a grown man cry in her lap, supposedly helping the man and his wife in their “marriage.” Although there is a time for everything, in general a man should not cry, especially not in front of a woman — because she will judge him.

Finally, Jesse talked about the spirit behind the lynching of Bill O’Reilly, the longtime Fox News host. O’Reilly is a bold man who speaks his mind and is a major force for good. Women accused him of “sexual harassment” in order to take him down, because evil hates good. Men had better wake up, or it’s over for the country.

April 16, 2017
Do You Give Love and Light to Others? (EASTER Church April 16)

(Watch 7-minute excerpt: ‘Parents Don’t Love Their Kids But USE Them for FAKE LOVE’) Jesse invited a young man who turned 21 today. He’s a hard-working, thoughtful guy who’s been coming to BOND a while now. Jesse also talked about his 15-year-old godson who’s started his own business making YouTube videos of himself fixing things. He gets positive and negative feedback, but only pays attention to the people who want help. God puts this ability to work inside us, and it’s best when it comes out naturally.

Jesse asked people: Do you give love and light to others? Some said yes, others said no. One man said he sees everyone as his family, even his enemies, and he watches love and truth come out of him toward them. Another said he gives it by pointing out what’s wrong with others, but not without their coming to him. Some said they had no love or light to give. One woman said you just “be” it, from God.

We should think on these things, not on ego worries. When you seek first the kingdom of God, and are committed to it, then it happens naturally. The truth is, we do not have love, light, or knowledge to give. We can only reflect it from God. Read the scriptures, but not to remember them, because we begin to judge from the “knowledge of good and evil” as though we are god.

Jesse showed off a couple of items from The Fallen State, Jesse’s TV talk show, which we begin selling Monday — a mug (the mug says “Did you have fun?” on the back), and T-shirts (we’ll have red, white and black tees).

April 9, 2017
Does God Love You or Adam More? (Church April 9)

(Watch 5-minute excerpt: ‘God Is Our Father’) Jesse allowed people to share their opinions on the conflict in Syria. President Trump ordered an American attack on a Syrian airbase after a reported chemical attack. We cannot trust the media or politicians who lie and portray suffering of children to sway our emotions, yet support abortion.

We took a moment to practice silent prayer.

Jesse asked people if they believe God loves them more or Adam, the first man. People assumed God loves us and Adam equally. But some said God loves us more than Adam, because Adam knew death, and we shall never know death.

People tried to answer how to return to the father. Jesse said the simplest way to return to the father is to know that you need to. Then you can realize you have this hatred in your heart, forgive, and repent. You must know that you are an idiot, or you will remain in darkness.

Jesse had us read Romans 5:1-17, where it says that through one man Adam, sin entered the world, but through one man Jesus, righteousness.