01/09/22 Do You Feel the World Is Against You? (Church)

There is no love in the world today. How many thoughts do you get per day? Do you feel the world is against you?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 9, 2022: Jesse’s producer Nick gets feedback on his “Anchor Baby’s New Show“! After welcoming newcomers, Jesse says: There is no love in the world today. A daughter committed suicide after friends’ betrayal. The mother found her in her room, and is overreacting, faltering in her will to live. Do not be shocked, but be aware. Biblical Question: How many thoughts do you get per day? Do you feel the world is against you? They’re not against you; it’s Satan in them, and in you, against you. Keep your eyes on yourself. 

NEW BIBLICAL QUESTION: What do you call your bad decision-making? 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jan 9, 2022
  • 0:01:04 Nick’s new show / newcomers
  • 0:07:52 JLP: No love in the world
  • 0:14:50 How many thoughts do you get per day?
  • 0:22:32 Do you feel like the world is against you?
  • 0:40:50 A challenging wife… more feedback
  • 0:53:40 JLP: The world is not against you
  • 1:05:10 Follow-up: Fake people, vices, salvation
  • 1:21:55 Closing / Biblical Q / announcements

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PST We started just about on the hour, and open briefly talking about Jesse’s producer Nick — “Anchor Baby’s New Show.” 

11:05 We then welcome newcomers including KT from Maryland (and his wife, Nicole, and his children) after all these years! 

JLP: No love in the world: Don’t be shocked (A daughter’s suicide)

11:08 Jesse then asks: Have you noticed that there is no love in the world today? You see relationships and family-ships — that’s not real love. Real love always has compassion for everyone including enemies. 

Jesse’s working with a family; the parents walked into their daughter’s bedroom and found her dead. The daughter was shocked when her friends betrayed her at school. You’re not supposed to be shocked by situations. Be aware instead; otherwise Satan will feed you thoughts. Now the mother, who herself was shocked, now feels her life isn’t worth living! She’s overreacting. 

Rise above the lower level of consciousness, and stay in the light of God. Both good and bad times are imposters, and not real. 

Jesse saw a woman in her cellphone walking her dog. Among marriages, friendships, coworkers — there’s no real love. Ego is not real love, and it runs deep. 

Biblical Q: How many thoughts do you get per day?

11:15 Biblical Question: How many thoughts do you get per day? One lady ponders the question. Hassan says it was a good exercise; it stopped him from thinking. Linda responds, talking about forgetting that she was thinking, then catching herself, and returning to the present. Derrick says there are a lot of thoughts, and he has no control over them. 

Do you feel the world is against you?

11:22 Jesse then asks: How many feel the world is against you? Delaney knows it’s against him, because he’s of God and the world is not. Advertisements try to take you from God. He’s dealing with the school trying to poison the mind of his 7th-grade son. Statewide, they’re pushing “sex education” on California children. 

Another man Dathan believes the world is against him, because he’s woken up and not of the world. So he thinks it’s against his spirit, and what he’s about — he’s about God, following His will. 

Marlene says the world is attacking her as a follower of Christ. 

Hassan does not feel the world is against him. He says you only feel the world is attacking you if you want to be of the world. 

Steve talks about how Satan works through people, but doesn’t care what they (such as the government) try to do to him. 

Another man quotes Jesus saying the world will hate you as it hates him. The world attacks him by tempting him to be carnally minded. 

Yet another man says the world is against God, but not against him personally. 

A challenging wife… more feedback

KT believes it’s in the woman’s nature to challenge his authority — his wife’s. They haven’t had an argument in years, but he’ll correct her. 

11:43 KT’s wife admits she challenges her husband when she’s not aware. 

Others respond as well, including Ermias and Linda. Marcy talks about being a Trump supporter and wanting law and order. 

A man from Detroit does not believe the world is against him — he’s in the world as a son of God, and the things in the world do not affect him. He explains his morals come from God to be righteous and to just be. 

JLP: The world is not against you; Satan is!

11:54 Jesse explains that the world is not against you. Satan is against you. The people in the world believe you are against them, because you think they are against you. The exact same spirit driving you is the one driving them. He mentions how KT deals with his wife. 

Practice be aware; that’s the purpose of the Biblical Question: How many thoughts do you get per day? Be present with your body, when you speak, and everything. 

The evil in others, as with that inside you, needs someone to fight with. The ego makes you feel like you’re better than the person. 

Don’t identify with false things including false versions of Christianity. See that you’re a living being. Let all images of the world go. God is renewing your mind, and taking away the false images that you have of yourself. The world will forget about you after you’re gone — they won’t miss you. They’ll move on to try to destroy someone else. There is no love in this world. It’s all fake. 

You have a false image of yourself, even with your morals and values that you try to hold onto. Don’t try to hold onto them. God will take care of it. The hell in others and in you — don’t fight with it! It needs life from you, so it can stay alive. Relax. 

Practice being aware. Don’t be so distracted. 

Follow-up: Human beings are so fake; Vices and anger

12:05 Dathan talks about noticing that other people give a fake “I love you” or with compliments. Human beings are so fake. Linda talks about the “five love languages.” 

Adriana asks about vices and anger. Don’t identify with the vices. Ego and false teachers want you to believe it’s you. It feels like she can say no. But that’s all ego talking. You think you’re in control — but it’s not you thinking that. The ego thinks it has power, but it doesn’t. You need the power of the Father. What are you being saved from when born again? You’re saved from playing God, thinking you’re important, thinking you can do something — saved from the ego of Satan, playing God. Your heart is being changed from hate to love. 

Adriana asks: Can you separate the message from the man? If you don’t put a human being on a pedestal… Christ would say: It’s not me, but the Father in me. If the truth said registers in the spirit, you’ll see it has nothing to do with the person. It’s God that causes it to make sense to you. 

Satan has put the person above you in your mind, and you may not be aware of it. You have to build an army to go against the person once you turn on them. She’s heard a lot of talk. Don’t listen to it. Be careful what you hear. 

12:17 A woman asks if we’re supposed to eat pork. It’s about the spirit. 

12:19 Ermias asks if the vices and heart change go hand-in-hand. 

Closing / New Biblical Q

12:22 Jesse urges people to keep their eyes on themselves. 

New Biblical Question: What do you call your bad decision-making? 

Stay with the Silent Prayer. God said: Pray without ceasing. Ask God to let you see yourself. Wish everyone else well. Forgive. 

We had an amazing Men’s Forum Thursday night. (The third Thursday night is for ladies only.) 

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