01/23/22 How Do You See Jesus? (Church)

How do you see Jesus? Women’s Forum assignment: Erase all images of Christ. All ideas of Christ are enemies of Christ. Forgive. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 23, 2022: After welcoming first-time visitors and talking about forgiveness and prayer, Jesse asks the question: How do you see Jesus? Many give their answers: Perfection, our Brother, some think “unattainable.” This past Thursday’s Women’s Forum, Jesse gave the ladies an assignment: Erase all images that you have of Christ. One man is trying to change, but can’t. All ideas and images of Christ are the enemies of Christ, because all thoughts are lies from Satan. Forgive your mothers: When you’re born of love, you cannot hate. 


  • 0:00:00 Welcome to Church
  • 0:13:17 How do you see Jesus?
  • 0:39:06 Erase all images of Jesus
  • 0:57:51 More feedback: Man trying to change
  • 1:10:51 JLP: All images of Christ are enemies of Christ
  • 1:22:37 Questions: Forgiveness
  • 1:34:51 Closing

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PST We start streaming right on the hour, and welcome first-time visitors. 

One man says he’s “building up the courage” to face his mother. 

11:03 Another man Troy forgave his mother way before hearing Jesse. His friend Sarah came to the Women’s Forum this past Thursday. Her mother Debbie joins us as well. 

11:08 Fernando found Jesse on YouTube. Asking about the Silent Prayer, he brings up Eastern ideas like “chi” and the “third eye.” Jesse recommends not getting into that, but just be still and know. When Jesse prayed, he realized he needed to forgive his mother. He does not do the Silent Prayer. 

How do you see Jesus? 

11:13 Jesse asks: Any Christians here? He asks several people: How do you see Jesus? One man grew up Catholic, which is heavy on iconography. But he sees him more as a connection in spirit. Others talk about God’s gift of forgiveness to the world. 

(One man grew up Hari Krishna, but comes to Christian church. He used to dress in the colored sheets near the hospital in Culver City where Jesse used to work.) 

Another man sees Jesus as perfect, loving his neighbor, forgiving his enemies. Daniel says he sees the Father’s spirit in himself and in others, as perfection and bliss. Bigg Bump aka Derrick sees Jesus as a big brother whom he looks up to, to be like. What is Christlike? Perfect, right. 

James and another guy see Jesus as “unattainable,” like a lingering doubt about becoming like him. Why even bother then? The man’s brother Joel (not Joel Friday) does see Jesus as attainable, in the spirit, through practice, but not the flesh. 

Isaiah sees Jesus as a perfect warrior, an alpha male, an attorney interceding to the Father for us, against Satan’s accusations. We’re able to be like him because his spirit’s in us. 

(Jesse jokes that Jesus looked like Hassan.) 

11:31 Raymond’s mother expired recently, at 91. He sees Jesus as his personal savior, there for him even when he falls short. 

Yet another man’s still working on forgiving his mother who has a lot of mental issues. She’ll cuss him out when he approaches her, and he still cares about that — unsure why. His father’s dating a Christian girl now. 

Hassan also answers. 

Women’s Forum assignment: Erase all images of Jesus

11:39 Jesse then asks the ladies who were here for Women’s Forum, where Jesse gave them an assignment: Erase all images that you have of Jesus. One lady felt empty. 

Marlene said others’ ideas about Jesus never impacted her, such as from her parents. She says she repented and got her own faith. She thought it was silly, because she thought Jesse assumed she had an image from her upbringing. 

Another young woman grew up atheist. Many other ladies from the Women’s Forum talk. 

More men respond: Man is trying to change

11:57 Jesse says we have a weak, pathetic society today. A 17-year-old young man sees Jesse as “perfection.” He has not seen his mother. His father’s here with him, and he has not forgiven him, but may not harbor any resentment for him. 

Doug shares his image of Christ. He’s never really felt him as his brother, although he knows he is. Francisco grew up Catholic; he now has no image of him. 

The 17-year-old’s father says he feels Christ, but does not have an image of him. He’s listened to Jesse for the past four years. He says he’s ashamed of how he lives his life. He knows better and still does it. Sounds like Paul. Why judge yourself? God’s not judging you. Are you better than God? Are you a god? Some kill themselves, trying to change. 

JLP: All images of Christ are enemies of Christ

12:10 We’ve all been taught about Jesus and God. When you can’t live up to what you’ve learned about him, you feel like a loser, a failure. You don’t know him until you’ve come into the spirit of him. 

All ideas and images of Christ are enemies of Christ. Because all thoughts are all lies, all the time. 

You cannot trust a person with anger. They’ll turn on you, because Satan is their daddy. 

Let all thoughts go, of all things. Bible thumpers have no love, they’re on an ego trip, and take things personally. Watch out for emotional, nice people — the world doesn’t love one another. 

In the spirit of Christ, there is no conflict, no thoughts, and you never have to make a decision. 

You are not the ego. Stop identifying with the ego! (I’m not yelling at you.) 

Everything you learned about Christ is wrong. You want to be born of the spirit of Christ. He said the work he does, you shall do, too. 

Most people love misery; they get high off of misery. God doesn’t give you anxiety. He does not judge you; that’s Satan making you judge yourself. 

Forgiveness: When you’re born of love, you cannot hate

12:22 A man asks about Peter asking Jesus how many times he should forgive. 

You’re not in control; Satan is in control. When you’re born of love, you cannot hate. 

All human beings resent their mothers. People identify with evil. Evil makes you think about the past or future. You’re murdering yourself to hold bitterness. Again, stop identifying with the ego. 

12:28 A young lady asks: What does it mean to be a woman of God? If you have anger, Satan’s your daddy. She says she has anger, and doesn’t know why she hasn’t forgiven. Jesse urges her to forgive her mother. 


12:34 All ideas are from Satan. I’ve never seen so many [weak] men! Do the Silent Prayer. God will reveal. We have the Holy Spirit. Go and forgive. Stay on the Straight and Narrow. 

We have counseling. Catch Anchor Baby’s New Show — he was on for three hours this past Friday evening! 


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