02/07/10 Letting Life Happen (Sunday Service)

(BOND YouTube Premiere, Weds. 10/21/20, 4 PM PT) BOND Sunday Service, February 7, 2010: Jesse thanks the people on the 20th anniversary of BOND. Jesse tells his story of how he came to know God and start his life’s work. Afterward the people talk about life, anger, and judgment. 

Jesse tells about Mark Sanford (Sunday Service 2/7/10)

Clip: An Adulterous Governor and a Life Without Judgment (13 1/2 mins)

Jesse Lee Peterson tells a story of former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, whose wife caught him cheating with an Argentine woman. Sanford damaged his marriage, family, and career because of his hatred of women. Jesse then talks about living a life without judgment.


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