02/13/22 How Many Identities Do You Have? (Church)

Overcome the world by letting the ego die. As the ego collapses in the light of God, many false identities fall away. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 13, 2022: After welcoming first-timers, Jesse asks: Anybody have a life? One man worries about the future. Jesse talks about white male talk show hosts who’ve apologized after offending the world, but the world still seeks to destroy them. They get what they deserve. Overcome the world by letting the ego die. Women sometimes cry and play “pitiful” to control men. But sons of God are not controlled by the sons and daughters of Satan! 

One woman gets angry at gossip, hearing of coworkers talking behind her back. She’s too close with her mother in Thailand. Her younger boyfriend speaks as well. 

We answer the Biblical Question: How many identities do you have? Is God different at times, depending on the environment? There are many identities in us because of the ego; as the Light of God shines, let the ego and false identities die, like a building collapsing. Stop overreacting to the world. God will take care of it. You cannot kill the ego, nor raise a child to be a Christian. Let the ego collapse. Doubt every thought, and stay with prayer. 

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  • 0:00:00 Sun, Feb 13, 2022
  • 0:01:42 Welcome, first-timers!
  • 0:04:25 Where is the future? 
  • 0:11:11 White men apologizing; overcome the world
  • 0:19:07 Play pitiful? Sons of God aren’t controlled
  • 0:27:22 Angry at gossip, controlled by mother
  • 0:42:38 Her younger boyfriend speaks
  • 0:51:51 Anger runs deep; Christian ‘men’ of the world
  • 1:01:26 Biblical Q: How many identities do you have?
  • 1:24:11 BQ continued: Is God the same always?
  • 1:27:11 JLP on BQ: many identities of the ego
  • 1:33:29 Follow-up questions
  • 1:41:11 Stop overreacting; God will take care of it
  • 1:43:43 Kill the ego? Raising a child Christian?
  • 1:48:37 Closing / Announcements

Church Notes

11:01 AM US PST We start just after the top of the hour, and Jesse welcomes first-time visitors. 

Anybody have a life? Where is the future? 

11:05 Did anybody have a life this week? Did you discover anything about yourself that you had not realized? One man realized he was afraid of things in the future: What will I do a week or month from now? He wants things to be locked in, whether work or relationships. So Jesse asks: Where is the future? He’s worrying about something that doesn’t even exist — and he’s afraid of it! Amazing! 

Did you know that if you’re worrying, you’re worshiping the Devil? Most people worship darkness, even if they know the Scripture! People who worry are really praying to their father Satan. Don’t identify with it. It’s not you worrying. God does not live in Time. He lives here, now. He has uneasiness, butterflies in the stomach, nausea-like feeling from the worry. 

White men apologizing; overcome the world

11:12 Jesse recounts seeing a golf star and conservative Sirius XM radio host who said the WNBA, women’s basketball, was awful to watch. He was suspended. He apologized. But he was fired anyway. Joe Rogan also apologized, and they’re still going after him. These men get what they deserve, because they’re worshiping the world. 

If you can’t handle the world, you’re not going to make it in the world. If you overcome the ego, you’ll be fine in the world, and the world will go nuts over you. 

Jesse notices most of these attacks are against white people, whether Joe Rogan or the man laughing at women’s basketball. Overcome the world. The first thing they go after is the ego — but the ego is not you. 

There is no attachment to the world at all. You could be married, and the wife could try to turn your child transgender, and threaten to leave you if you don’t agree. You can let her go, but still fight for your child. 

The radio host who apologized is attached to the job, losing weight over the incident in a matter of days. He’s also attached to the attacks. 

It’s abnormal to feel attached to these things, or be pitiful. 

Playing pitiful; Sons of God are not controlled by sons/daughters of Satan

11:20 What made you pitiful? A man says it almost takes the responsibility away from you. 

When a woman cries, she’s not hurting. She just wants to control you by making you feel sorry for her. 

Jesse tells one young lady she needs her boyfriend to be honest with her. 

Another man brings up Kevin Hart who refused to apologize after the Oscars were taken away from him, which he was supposed to host. 

We’re not supposed to be controlled by fear of losing something. If you have anger or fear, Satan is your daddy. They want you to get angry. 

They’re going after white people and men. Both are on the run. Weak men! 

Your own children should not be your identity. You have to pay your kids to like you, and they still turn on you! Let them pay their own way! 

You can live a perfect life here on earth. Overcome fear by overcoming anger. 

Why do you get angry at gossip? Woman on her mother

11:28 Do you have anger? One young woman says yes, sometimes. What causes you to become angry? When she hears of someone talking about her behind her back. They should speak to your face, but does it make sense to get mad when you hear about gossip? She says she can’t help it, and tries not to get mad. 

Her boyfriend speaks as well. He used to get angry, but overcame it by living in the moment. When she gets angry, he asks her why she gets upset at coworkers who aren’t her friends? 

Jesse advises her to forgive her mother; she’s not herself, but her mother. FaceTime with your mother overseas. She says she loves her parents, but she’s really close with her mother. That’s the problem, Jesse says. She’s not close with her father, and doesn’t know why. She talks with her mother pretty much every day. If you want peace here on earth, overcome your mother. Break away by forgiving her. 

Nobody’s special! It’s the same spirit around the world, in China and Thailand and here! If you don’t love your earthly father, you don’t love God. Ask him why you weren’t close with him. 

She feels like she’s in jail when she goes to Thailand; her mother keeps her home and cooks 4-5 times per day for her, she says. Since her mother worries and controls her, she rarely talks about her life with her. That’s why she’s here in America. She’s 35. 

Her younger boyfriend

11:43 Her boyfriend had an idea. He told his mother to stop coddling her. He leaned on her too much. He went out on a limb and broke away from his family. He’s 29, and she’s 35. He started to cook sometimes too, as apparently they live together. 

He calls his mother once a week. He was raised Southern Baptist. His grandfather started a church and passed it on to his cousin. 

Are you able to lead an older woman? She listens to him a good 50-percent of the time. She always had an older man; she’s not sure she likes it. He’s on the phone all the time. The old man drinks all the time, and doesn’t listen. 

She quit TikTok, but had over a million followers! 

Anger runs deep; Christian ‘men’ of the world

11:53 One man Steve makes a comment. He’s started to experience the amazement Jesse always expresses. Jesse says you’ll see you’re not in control of anything. The depths of anger run deep. You can smile at someone out of insecurity or to hide, and be fake, not meaning it. 

This man Steve attended a men’s event at his old church with 600 guys. It was the most feminine men’s event he’d seen, a big production, but talk of being transparent and vulnerable. 

Jesse explains the fallen state of the world; you will not freak out despite others around you doing so. 

A man got into cryptocurrency; he’s able to stay here in California as a result, with the money he’s making. But whatever happens, you won’t be shaken. 

Men are being deceived when they t

12:00 A man returned from Russia. He says some nonsense — he was just playing. A lot of people there live on pensions, 25,000 Rubles a month, which isn’t much. 

Biblical Question: How many identities do you have?

12:02 Jesse asks the Biblical Question: How many identities do you have? A couple of young women and a man answer. The man says none. Another man says many, many, many. A third young lady says her identity is in Christ, but many identities are put on her; she feels it’s a trick question. 

Ermias says he has two. He sees people take on the appearance of whatever they’re into. Doug says he took on the personality of someone who trains people, as stern and stoic, even though he’s really one to joke around. 

One lady says she’s just life, just a human being. The titles and roles are not who she is. A man says he has zero identities, because he changes all the time. 

Another says three: his personality around one group of friends, versus himself alone, and with others. He thinks it’s okay to switch, but when pressed, supposes it’s best not to have to switch. A man says he has two; it’s tiring, he says, to switch. He realized he doesn’t have to make the world like him. 

More answers

Raymond says he only has one identity in reality, to the best of his knowledge. Chris says he has one, bestowed on him by God. 

Yet another man has more than he can count; he feels different based on the music he’s listening to. 

Delaney says he had several at one point, trying to manage people’s perceptions of him. He realized he needed to be his identity in Christ. His corporate world job ended; his wife left. 

Nick looks at identities he overcame since the past; perhaps there’s more he’s not aware of. Hake’s not sure how many. 

The couple from earlier answer. 

Connor (sp) tries to have as few as possible; his girlfriend has “just a few.” 

One young lady thinks we have one identity and many false identities. 

Do you think God is the same or changes?

12:25 Do you think God is the same with everything, or changes according to the environment? 

A few others answer. Worried about the future that doesn’t exist: Is that an identity? 

JLP: Biblical Question answered

12:28 Anyone who’s shy, makes a phone call on a whim, gives a fake smile, and much, much more — all those are identities. 

Jesse likes to see the ego as a building collapsing. As it’s collapsing, you’ll see the things you identify with. You have more than what you realize. If you worry what people think about you, or worry about putting out a false impression, those are identities. 

As the wall collapses, the light gets brighter. In Him, there is no identity. You walk and live by the Light, but you’re not identifying with any of it. You’re just able to see. 

In Him, there are no feelings or loss. You’ve got to let the ego die, the not-you. God will guide you in the Light. The ego is attached to more than you think it is. Let despair happen — ”despair,” the word Jesse talked about last week. 

If you’re afraid to be honest with someone without resenting them, and worried about how they’ll take it. That’s a false identity. You have so many that you don’t realize it. 

Let despair happen, and stop going to the doctor and get medication (or reaching out to something or someone). You’ll have a fake love otherwise. Most don’t believe you can be free in this world. The people of the world are not paying attention to themselves, not overcoming, not forgiving. They don’t want to change. So they have no choice but to make things worse. You protect the identities because Satan is your god. 

Follow-up questions: Identities

12:34 A man asks: Could you act differently without it becoming an identity? His mother would lie to avoid conflict, when she would decline an invitation, for example. 

Another asks a question; Jesse gives advice for actors. 

One young man, the Russian, talks about the moon and going toward the light in death; he asks if darkness is also light. No; keep it simple. 

Stop overreacting; God will take care of it. 

12:42 Jesse asks one young lady if she likes her boyfriend, the Russian young man. Jesse encourages her: Doubt every thought about your mother. 

Stop overreacting to anything; be still and know God. 

Kill the ego? Raising a Christian?

12:44 A man talks about killing the ego. How do you kill the ego? Jesse asks. But you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You can’t do it until you are of the Light. You don’t want anyone to look up to you. You can’t raise a child to be a Christian, Jesse explains. 

Closing and announcements

12:49 Jesse urges: Stay with the prayer; let the ego collapse. Doubt every thought. You will become an individual again. 

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