03/13/22 You Must Die in Order to Live (Church)

Anyone with anger has fear. Are you all-in? Lose your “crappy life” to save it. What do men and women want from each other?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 13, 2022: Long service! After talking with first-timers, we briefly talk about the Ukraine hype, and then get into Church. Anyone with anger has fear. But some who tell others to take off their mask are no different from those who tell others to put one on. 

Are you all-in? What does it mean to be all-in? Do you trust the Spirit of God all the way? Many people listen to the thoughts; the imagination is evil. Let things happen; don’t protect the ego. Jesus said: Let go of this crappy life. You must die — the not-you, the ego. Stay with prayer. 

Biblical Question: What do men and women want from each other? Ladies give answers on what they want from men. Jesse says women are looking for a father’s love. At the end, he says men are looking for obedience. Chris reads the “If” poem by Rudyard Kipling, which Jesse says describes the New Testament. (Happy birthday, Chris!) 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum this Thursday, third Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. https://rebuildingtheman.com/events 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Mar 13, 2022
  • 0:01:26 Welcome to Church
  • 0:17:56 Ukraine
  • 0:21:52 Anyone with anger has fear
  • 0:25:29 Telling people to take mask off
  • 0:34:42 Dealing with anger
  • 0:37:45 Why aren’t you all-in?
  • 0:54:00 What does it mean to be all-in?
  • 1:13:21 JLP: You must die in order to live
  • 1:23:05 Feedback: Let it happen
  • 1:31:05 Getting a raise?
  • 1:34:09 Be still: Let this ‘life’ die
  • 1:41:22 Biblical Q: What do women want from men?
  • 1:56:37 JLP answer 
  • 2:00:38 The ‘If’ Poem: The NT
  • 2:03:38 Chris B-day, Closing: What men want

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT – It’s Daylight Savings Time in California, and most of the U.S.! We start streaming right around the top of the hour. 

Welcoming first-timers

We welcome first-timers including a man who says he forgave his dead mother, and another young man and his wife who feels shy. Her mother died just recently. She feels damaged and traumatized by her upbringing. At first she says she tries to do the Silent Prayer, but then says she doesn’t do it. Asked about women being evil, she sees Jesse and her husband are right. She resented her husband in the past, and says she has a lot of anger issues; she used to smoke pot, years ago! 

11:12 Jesse welcomes another first-timer named Jesse, who found Jesse on YouTube four years ago at age 30. He forgave his mother, as well as his father in Texas. This man Jesse’s girlfriend, Olga, has never heard JLP (Jesse Lee Peterson) before. She was looking for the choir, having never seen our Church service. She too is shy, listening to the lies. 

Ukraine: Don’t trust the children of the lie

11:17 Jesse invites people to share questions and comments on the war. One man talks about the world hating Putin, Hitler, Trump, and others. We don’t know what’s going on. The crowd of people for Ukraine are not for us. Our country’s falling apart with the invasion at the border, gas prices, and other traumas. We should take care of home first. 

Anyone with anger has fear

11:22 Jesse asks if anybody had a life this week. A man sees people still wearing masks in their car or outside in the heat. They don’t see reality. Jesse makes the point that anyone who has anger has fear. We’re not supposed to have spiritual fear, but you can’t overcome it until you overcome anger. Fear is not a good life to live. 

Telling people to take their mask off

11:25 Another man says he doesn’t get angry anymore after a couple of times asking — but he has doubt: uncertainty on how to proceed. He speaks up if he sees someone wearing a mask in a sauna. Jesse questions this, suggesting he’s listening to his ego; pay attention to your thoughts. His girlfriend sometimes wonders why he involves himself with what others are doing. There’s no reason to do it; Satan tells you to say things. 

11:33 Yet another man says the same spirit that compels people to take it off is the one that tells people to put it on. It’s trying to control. 

Dealing with anger

11:35 One man raised his hand, saying that he gets angry, but lets it pass. He was confused last week, wondering whether he overreacted with a homeless crazy guy who jumped on him as he was gardening. Once God takes the spirit of anger out of you, you can deal with situations without anger. He does not do the Silent Prayer. 

Why aren’t you all-in?

11:38 How many of you are all-in? Jesse says you have to be all-in or nothing at all. What does it mean to be all-in? One man does not know; he’s hard on himself, he says. He was feeling awful last night, then great this morning — a roller coaster. 

A young lady says she wants to move at God’s speed, but faster. She doesn’t want to be still, but notices herself not being still. Jesse tells her there is no past. It’s an illusion to think someone loves you; nobody loves you! They don’t have love; it’s fake love — our parents hated us and couldn’t help it. She does the Silent Prayer, morning and night, only for a minute or two. Anyone who listens to the Devil is evil, listening to the thoughts. 

People don’t know they’re the Devil

Anger is evil; anyone telling you it’s normal is lying to you — they’re of the Devil. This young lady talks about Jesse’s question last week: Does the Devil know he’s the Devil? 

When you’re the Devil, do you know you’re the Devil? The young lady justifies it, just like what her daddy the Devil does. People who are the Devil think they’re right. 

People who are cruel to one another don’t know they’re the Devil! 

11:53 The young lady’s father doesn’t believe she’s the Devil, not always! But Jesse says: Once the Devil, always the Devil, until you overcome. She forgave her father, and he didn’t know what he did! 

What does it mean to be all-in? 

11:54 Jesse asks another young woman if she’s all-in. She got sick last month, and lost weight. She says not doing anything about life, friends (or lack thereof), family, is being all-in. 

One man says that at some point he submitted to God, although some days are difficult. He used to be willful; for example, sometimes he wrestles in his mind about asking for a raise. So he gets into his thoughts, listening to them. Jesse says: You don’t yet believe that all thoughts are all lies, all the time? No such thing as a true thought. He says he does. 

A young woman says keeping her eyes on herself is what it means to be all-in. 

Jesse asks: Do you trust the Spirit of God all the way? (That’s what he means by “all-in.”) A man talks about going to a hearing for a redlight camera ticket — a $600 fine. But it was dismissed at the end, despite him not getting to all of his points that his thoughts fed him. He had this plan, but God took care of it, he says. 

Another young lady does not pray at night. God said to pray without ceasing. Then you would sleep well. 

Alex says he’s not all-in, but more in than he was at the beginning. He feels like he let go of anger, his short fuse; but he does get annoyed, frustrated, and disappointed, judging people. 

TJ says he has no doubt about anything. 

JLP: You must die in order to live

12:13 Jesse paraphrases Jesus, who said unless you lose your crappy life, you’ll always have your crappy life, and then you die. You must die — the not-you, the ego, must die. Stop identifying with it. The people poking at you are poking at the ego, not you. Satan is of fear, and you have his nature. If you have no fear, you are not moved by the world’s craziness. Let it happen. 

Joel was telling Jesse that he gets quiet time at work now. When you have that quiet time, the light shines on the darkness. When you believe in imagination, you don’t believe in God. You’re believing in Satan. 

Be glad when people are mean, when they try to embarrass you. You are not afraid to speak to an audience, because you have nothing to hide; you’re not protecting the ego. You can’t identify with anything or anyone. It becomes your god, otherwise; you get a false identity from it, and you’ll “protect” it. God, the Spirit of God, hates identity. And your daddy Satan hates the Spirit of God; you think you have ideas about things. 

If you have any idea, you’ll block hell inside you; but if you let it go through you, it’ll be gone. Pray and watch. Watch thoughts, and don’t do anything about them. 

Feedback: Let it happen

12:23 One man asks about speaking up, but don’t resent. Speak up about the government or practical things; but don’t speak up when people do things to you. One man talks about HR and “woke” stuff at work: It’s starting to be discrimination against white people. Don’t plan on how to respond! Let it happen, but stay present with God. 

Never speak up from the imagination. The imagination is wicked. The sin is of the mind, the thought; it’s not the act itself. 

12:31 Jesse gets back to the guy who wanted a raise. The young man mentions a saying: “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” But Jesse reminds him: Take no thought about what you’re going to eat, wear, or about money. You’re in the future, which is an illusion; and you’ll try to make something happen, and make a mess. 

The imagination is evil! Bring every thought into captivity! Don’t hold onto anything. Keep your glass empty and he will guide you. 

Be still: Let this ‘life’ die

12:34 Franky talks about playing two radios, the TV, and the computer, as a habit from childhood. But he tried going without all that, and being quiet, “all-in.” 

Jesse adds: When you wake up in the morning, do not reach for the cell phone. Maybe wash your face. But be still. The more you do that, the more present you become. 

Let this life die, the ego death is a painful death. It feels like you are dying. Don’t defend yourself at all; let it happen. Nobody on this earth can judge anyone anyway. The same hell going on in you is happening in them. They need the hell in you to come out to stay alive in their hell. 

A woman reporter cried about what’s going on in Ukraine as they cried; but they don’t cry about what’s happening in America — abortions, and everything! 

Biblical Q: What do men and women want from one another?

12:41 Jesse asks: What do men and women want from one another? One lady says: Faithfulness, love, and support. She got this from a prior boyfriend for a time, but when he was not faithful, she loved herself more than him. 

Jesse then talks to her current boyfriend who was holding her as she spoke. He says he wanted to express that he’s happy she’s here. If he ever doesn’t do this, she’ll be gone — he’s catering to her ego. He says he knew Jesse would “pinpoint” that he has his arm around her, and he’s holding her hand. This goes on for a few minutes! 

Another man says he doesn’t know what he wants from a woman. 

Another young woman talks about wanting honesty, love, protection, and to feel secure; she never got it as a little girl. She talks about needing to forgive the man with her whom she doesn’t call her boyfriend right now. There’s nothing he can do, Jesse tells her, to regain her trust. Let it go, or each go your own way. They came from Bakersfield, two hours away. 

JLP: Answer

12:56 Jesse says: Women are looking for a father’s love. It’s not the three-letter word. Women don’t get it, because men are so pathetically weak today. It’s disappointing to a woman when a man is weak. A woman must obey her husband, and he should not settle for less. If you ever compromise with a woman, you’re dead. The “educated,” career-minded women won’t obey. 

Men, women don’t want you grabbing them and carrying on. They prefer you to be strong, so that you can bring them into a world of peace. Women inwardly want men to be strong. But you’ll go into their world and make excuses. 

The ‘If’ Poem / B-day / Closing / Women’s Forum / What men want

1:00 Jesse has Chris read the “If” poem, by Rudyard Kipling. Jesse explains: That’s the New Testament. 

1:03 Happy birthday, Chris! (It was this week!) 

Keep your eyes on yourself. Stay present with God. Let the thoughts go. He will renew your mind. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum this Thursday! 

Jesse also explains: What men want from women is cooking, cleaning, having babies, and obedience. The “love” that comes from women is hell, it’s from the Devil.


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