03/20/22 How Do You Overcome Human Nature? (Church)

All relationships are messed up; people have an agenda. Is there anything good in human nature? How do you overcome it?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 20, 2022: A couple of men talk about drama in their lives, one guilt-ridden after his brother’s funeral. After welcoming first-timers, Jesse shares a lesson from the emotional Christian movie “God’s Not Dead”: In relationships, you see what you want to see. You have an agenda. You’ve never had a problem; all is well, but you live in the darkness of your imagination. Satan makes excuses for you not to pray. Do you have fear? Live in the present. Christ never asked another man for spiritual help. 

Biblical Question: Is there any good in human nature? No! Men should not look for love from women. How do you overcome the old nature? Be born again; stop protecting the ego. 

New Biblical Question: Do you have a showcase personality? 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Mar 20, 2022
  • 0:01:38 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:26 Coach suspended
  • 0:07:04 Guilty brother’s funeral
  • 0:27:54 First-timers
  • 0:33:00 God’s Not Dead: You see what you want
  • 0:39:53 You’ve never had a problem
  • 0:46:54 Satan’s excuses not to pray
  • 0:50:13 Do you have fear? 
  • 0:56:03 Living in the present
  • 1:00:04 Good ideas? Credit God, not imagination
  • 1:05:48 Christ never asked another man
  • 1:11:51 BQ: Any good in human nature?
  • 1:19:12 Practical thoughts? Looking for love?
  • 1:31:30 How to overcome the old nature
  • 1:38:28 New BQ / Closing

Church Notes

11:00 AM U.S. PDT We start just before the top of the hour. Jesse asks if anybody had a life this week. 

Coaching suspension

11:02 A man whose ex-wife is trying to turn his son away from him talks about being kicked off his AYSO soccer coaching position. He’s a strict coach, but somehow he was under investigation for a “Covid”-related issue. However, after further investigation, they reversed the suspension. 

Brother’s funeral 

11:07 Another man returned from his brother’s funeral. He tells a long story about a traumatic brain injury, but he didn’t know about it, because the family all hates each other. According to him, his brother cheated him in his 30s, and now he’s in his 60s; but he never forgave or even talked with him. At the funeral, they didn’t even know he had brothers; they thought he had none! This man, Alex, only went to his late brother’s funeral because he felt guilty! He says he’ll never live the guilt down. God said to forgive right away. 

Jesse urges him: Let it go. He says it’s hard to forgive himself, for holding a grudge longer than 5 years. Yet he says he forgave his brother, but just not himself. What a hypocrite! He’s dead now; but he’s in their heads, where the Devil is. By listening to the Devil, you’re worshiping the Devil. Come out of your head. 

First timers

11:27 Jesse then welcomes first-timers. One man asks if God can get surprised. He forgave his mother, and she gave an entertaining “show” in response. His father took it very well. 

11:29 Eddie heard of JLP three years ago from the Slut Walk videos. He forgave his parents, but he falls asleep when he goes to do the Silent Prayer. 

11:30 Steve’s watched JLP on YouTube for a few years. He forgave; his mother’s “one of those nice moms,” which can be the worst, in that they’re sneaky. Is it wrong to listen to music and watch movies, he asks? Not if you’re not using it to save you from conflict or escape. 

His son is with him. 

God’s Not Dead: ‘You saw what you wanted to’

11:32 Jesse asks if people saw the movie “God’s Not Dead.” A man who’s the husband of a young woman here describes the premise of the movie, how the intellect clouds your mind. It was a very emotional movie, because Christians are no different from the world in that way. 

Jesse came across it yesterday, and describes a scene with a lawyer dating a woman. The lawyer had great news that he got accepted at a law firm. The woman also had news — that she had cancer. He responded: Couldn’t this have waited until tomorrow? She was devastated, lamenting: Why didn’t I see you were like this before? The man responded: You saw what you wanted to see. This is deep, Jesse says. 

We’re not supposed to have an agenda in wanting something from one another. 

Another first-timer

11:38 Jesse interrupts his talk to welcome another first-timer whom he forgot to get to. His mother is also “the nice mom.” He does the Silent Prayer, but falls asleep sometimes after working long hours. 

I’ve never had a problem

11:39 Jesse gets back to his talk: I’ve never had a problem. All is well. But because I lived in an illusion, in anger, I escaped into the darkness of my imagination. Hell was being built: No chance for peace at all! Reading the Bible, praying, being nice, is not doing it. 

You believe in the Devil, but don’t know you’re in the darkness of your imagination — where there’s nothing but evil. 

Until he realized he’d be all-in, and let life happen, he didn’t realize that he wouldn’t fall, that God would take care of him. There’s no love in the imagination; there’s nothing but hate — no way to live a full life there. It always comes up with something else when you follow it. The imagination is of time; in God, there is no time. 

There’s not one thing or one person that God wants you to make important to you. When it doesn’t go the way you think or hope, you become a mess. 

You must be born again, come into the light — or you’ll suffer and die unnecessarily. Let the ego go. When someone offends you, be glad about it. If you’re affected by it, they’re doing you a favor, by allowing you to see the things in yourself to overcome. “You hurt my feelings.” And? You shouldn’t have feelings. Feelings are not of God. Don’t fight with the ego. 

It will be painful, but the ego is dying, and you’re coming alive. 

Satan gives you excuses not to pray

11:46 Jesse asks one guy: How many are still protecting the ego? How many are not all-in with God? The man stopped praying, because Satan convinced him to stop. Satan wants you busy, on your phones, drunk, high, to keep you away from God. It’s not you making excuses; you’re listening to the voice in your head. He noticed he couldn’t stop thinking. 

Do you have fear? 

11:49 Jesse asks people: How many have fear? One man fears being attacked in the streets, with crime rising. You should be aware, with practical fear to protect yourself. But he has inward fear about going to jail for defending himself. 

A young lady responds to this man’s fear, and Jesse too that explains he’s living in an illusion of the future, listening to the Devil. The man continues thinking about “what if.” Let the moment happen, and you’ll be able to see and do the right thing. When you live in the present, you’ll be ready. 

Living in the present

11:55 Jesse says It’s so amazing to live in the presence of God, outside of the darkness. Live in the light. A man talks about this as well. You cannot make yourself live in the present; God causes it to happen when you’re truly seeking Him. Get on that path and stay there, no matter what. 

A man talks about outcomes happening nothing like how he planned or imagined in his head. People have plans, and do the wrong thing — either overboard, or otherwise not right. There’s not one right idea in the imagination. 

You’ve never made a decision. All of your decisions came from darkness. Walk in the light; all ideas come from God. Practical ideas are fine (like if you want to plan meatloaf for dinner); but there’s no reason to come up with plans for scenarios. 

Disagree ideas are lies? Credit to God, not your imagination. 

11:59 A man disagrees that all thoughts are all lies, all the time. Whether making a meatloaf or inventing the wheel, those are practical things from God. 

12:01 People who create things, because they think it’s coming from their imagination, they take credit for it. But if you were not in your imagination, and you invented the wheel, you’d know it was from God, and would not take credit. 

12:04 Another man says your mind tells you how to do something you don’t know how to do, and it’s wrong. 

Christ never asked another man; he was guided by the Father

If you walk in the Spirit of Christ, you’ll never have to ask another person about spirituality. Christ never asked another human being about spirituality. Walk in the Spirit of Christ, in the present with Him. 

Let no man be your teacher, the Bible says. People will blame the preacher if they get disappointed in the preacher, who himself has to overcome issues. All excuse-makers blame someone else, because they’re weak. 

12:08 One man asks about credit for inventions. 

12:09 A man says you have to be insecure to think someone else knows you better than you know yourself. 

You’re free right now, but you’re believing the lie. None of us has a problem, but Satan is lying to you, and making us create problems. 

Biblical Question: Any good in human nature?

12:11 Jesse and Nick ask his Biblical Question: Is there any good in human nature? A number of people answer: No. Of ourselves we know nothing, and of ourselves we can do nothing. We are as dumb as a doorknob. We are not smart. 

In this darkness, we live unnecessary, crazy, messed-up lives! 

Did you think there was goodness in your nature before? 

Jesse tells a story of his ex-girlfriend of thirty years remembering he cheated on her — first thing she said to him after so long! 

Silent Prayer? Practical vs. evil thoughts? Looking for love? 

12:19 A man asks about the Silent Prayer. He asks if it’s like a meditation. Jesse says it’s observation. 

He also asks about practical thoughts, and the line with obsession. He brings up dating a woman and wondering if she loves him. Do you look for love from women? Real love doesn’t need to be loved back. Now Jesse doesn’t care about love from anyone, because he has love. 

12:26 Doug adds to the idea about practical thoughts. 

12:28 What is love? Not hating. A man answers the Biblical Question about human nature. 

Women don’t have love. Men try to look for it in women. Women receive love; they don’t have love. 

12:29 Another man points out men provide the love from God; women respect and obey men. It’s clear in the Bible, and makes sense in reality. Women used to understand this. 

How do you overcome the old nature?

12:31 Jesse agrees: There’s nothing good in human nature. He asks: How does a human overcome the human nature? You must be born again, of the Father, of God. The old nature is of the Devil. We don’t know the Spirit because we’ve forgotten it. The evil nature in the body has to die. If you don’t experience that death, it’s not dead. 

Once you wake up, you have the power of love to destroy the spirit of darkness, one day at a time. Let it happen; watch it. It will happen. The Light will kill the darkness. Don’t have ideas about it; Satan has ideas, and is not of God. Let all your ideas go, even about what Jesse said. 

The ego must die; stop protecting the ego. Don’t hold onto the Bible; the ideas about the Bible will prevent the ego from being destroyed. It’s not your nature, but the nature you took on when you fell into resentment. 

Stay with the Silent Prayer. Have that quiet time; it’s hard to sit still, because the ego cannot stand sitting still. And don’t complain about it; the real you is not dying. 

New Biblical Question / closing

12:38 New Biblical Question: Do you have a showcase personality?


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