03/27/22 Do You Take on Others’ Pain? (Church)

Have you ever taken on someone else’s pain? What’s the purpose of crying? Biblical Question: Do you have a showcase personality?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 27, 2022: After inviting people to talk, Jesse asks: Have you ever taken on someone else’s pain? How do you know what they’re feeling? Have you ever cried, such as at a funeral? What’s the purpose of crying? Men and women discuss all of this. Jesse was interviewed by a number of Black Hebrew Israelites this morning — worse than normal Bible Thumpers! 

Biblical Question: Do you have a showcase personality? Men, wake up! You are needed. New Biblical Question: Do you consult your mind? 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Jesse will be out-of-town Tuesday and Wednesday this week; we may have guest hosts for the radio show. 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Mar 27, 2022
  • 0:02:09 Welcome to Church
  • 0:11:17 Ever taken on someone else’s pain?
  • 0:23:02 Emotional, crying 12-year-old boy
  • 0:28:49 What’s the purpose of crying? Mother died
  • 0:36:28 Crying over a sad movie; other cryers
  • 0:48:50 More men and women who cry
  • 1:00:46 JLP on crying, taking on others’ pain
  • 1:08:19 JLP on black Israelites; all ideas from the Devil
  • 1:10:59 Joel, Israelites, thoughts, feedback
  • 1:26:22 Biblical Q: Do you have a showcase personality?
  • 1:35:52 JLP: Men, wake up! Showcase personality
  • 1:43:06 JLP: New BQ; Announcements

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming just before the hour begins as Chris gives announcements. 

11:04 After welcoming a first-timer, a couple of people talk about the war in Ukraine, including an offer of donation to suffering “pets” there! 

A man talks about dealing with his mother before Jesse talks with the young lady with him who used to be his girlfriend. (He’s not technically her boyfriend now, she says.) 

Have you ever taken on someone else’s pain? 

11:10 Jesse asks this young woman: Did you used to feel sorry for people? What was it like taking on someone else’s pain? “Uncomfortable,” she says. Jesse asks: Were you really feeling their pain? She thought she was, in her imagination — and felt good about it, as though she were helping people. Now she’s stopped because she can’t help people; Christ can direct them to the truth, she says; it’s their decision; only they can help themselves. 

11:12 Jesse asks everyone if they’ve taken on others’ pain. A young man talks about doing this. After the man talks a little, Jesse asks him: Have you ever cried? Have you ever cried at a funeral? He has a chuckle crying at his grandmother’s funeral after seeing his family members doing it; but even then he felt it was fake! He imagined his dead grandmother laughing at them. 

When you take on other people’s pain, what made you think you’d actually taken on someone else’s pain? How do you know? 

11:17 Joel says he’s taken on others’ pain, to “relate” to them by being emotional. He thinks it’s a fallen state nature now. How do you know you’re feeling what they’re feeling, if they don’t say? Jesse also asks Joel: Have you ever cried? Why? He’s never cried at a funeral, and tried to make himself feel bad or guilty. 

An emotional crying boy

11:22 A boy asks: What does beta mean? He says he’s kinda beta. At age 12, he cries a lot, being emotional; it’s nice, he says. If you’re mad, crying is a better way to get rid of the anger, he says, rather than lashing out in a harmful way. His father tries to comfort him by squeezing him. 

Do you want to overcome it? “I don’t know,” he says. 

Jesse advises: Forgive your mother; you’re acting like your mother. She makes him mad a lot of the time. His father’s at his house; when he’s mad, his father says, “That’s on you.” So he talks to his mother, and it doesn’t help. 

Jesse also advises: Next time your mother makes you mad, tell her you see what she’s doing. Let the anger pass. And tell your father: I need your help dealing with her. Then you won’t be beta, but alpha. Forgive your mother; she can’t help it. 

What’s the purpose of crying? Is it normal to cry over someone? 

11:27 A 52-year-old man talks about the ranking of men with the “beta” and “alpha” talk; he references the movie “300.” He does cry at times, knowing he’ll miss someone in a tragedy. He says it cleanses you, so that you’re strong again, able to “charge on.” What purpose does crying serve for you? He says it’s better than drinking or doing drugs. Is it normal to cry over someone? 

Two-and-a-half weeks ago his mother died; he opened her dead eyes, cleaned the blood off her face, and told her he loves her. He cried because he felt bad that she died while he was at the grocery store; he was her 24-hour nurse for four months. 

His father was tough on him; his father lives in Hawaii now. Another man who joins us at Church knows him. 

Crying over a sad movie; other cryers

11:35 This man’s friend cries at a sad movie at home; his daughter catches him. Should a man cry? He’s finding out maybe not, because it’s not good for a man to have emotions like that. Because his mother got sick, he decided not yet to talk to his mother. 

11:38 Another man tears up at happy things, such as a really good episode of “Shark Tank” (when people “succeed” at something). Same thing, Jesse says! 

11:40 Jesse asks a young lady Cheyenne (sp) if she cries — during an emotional time, such as “that time of the month.” She too would take on someone else’s pain. Did you assume it was their pain, or would they describe it? Both. Did you feel good about it? Yep! 

11:42 Another man has not ever taken on others’ pain; he was called cold by family. He did cry at one woman’s funeral which was a shock — she took her own life. He seemed to blame himself for her suicide, thinking he could have called her the day before. Asked about breaking up with a woman, he says he either used to be a “simp,” or the opposite extreme. 

11:47 The crying man’s wife does not cry during the movies! 

Other men and women on crying

11:48 One man asks: Is there ever a reason to cry? No. 

11:49 Hassan says he’d cry over women being his god. Neither of these last two guys have been to a funeral. He’s never felt others’ pain; he talks about talking with his girlfriend about the audacity we have, thinking we can help someone. Who do you think you are, that you think you can help others, but not yourselves? He’ll fake-cry while arguing with liberals. 

11:51 Another man cried when his mother died, knowing it was about him, that he’d miss her. He felt bad for his brother in jail years ago. 

11:53 One of the earlier men who spoke talks about crying at different times in his life. He also talks about taking on others’ pain, or really thinking he was doing that. 

11:56 A young lady cried over the loss of a boyfriend. She thought they were one. Beforehand, she was suffering, then while with him, she felt she was not suffering; after they broke up, she felt alone again. 

11:58 Marlene was a cry-baby whose teacher separated her; she’d destroy parties. Her friend killed herself a couple years ago; she cried then, and that year before she died she “received Jesus.” She disappeared when she left Chicago, not telling anyone; so she felt guilty because she wasn’t “there” for her friend. How do you “receive Jesus”? 

JLP on crying, taking on others’ pain

11:59 Jesse spoke with a lady on the radio show this week. She felt for the Ukrainian people, the friends around her. It made her sick, with blood pressure; but doctors couldn’t find anything. She’s married to a good husband who provides for and corrects her. It’s all in her mind, and not real! She couldn’t believe it was not medical. 

You have completely identified with the devil, and don’t know it! All of that emotional stuff… you can’t take your own pain, much less someone else’s! 

Satan will tell you you should’ve been there for someone who committed suicide. That’s not God telling you that! God does not have us crying over all this mess! 

Jesse heard someone say that “death is precious,” something to carry on about! Not true! God sent his Son to destroy and conquer death! 

Don’t ever ever ever, but never ever let another human being get in the way of your ego dying, and you growing. Don’t let anyone feel sorry for you (let them do what they will, but don’t accept their “help” or “support”); what type of ego do you have that you think you can do that? God lets you end up on Skid Row! 

Jesse didn’t know that it was the Devil who is emotional. (A bunch of motorcycles go by, making a lot of noise.) 

Pay attention; that’s not you crying, nor thinking that! You are not in charge of anything at all. Satan is setting you up! 

JLP on black ‘Israelites’; all ideas are from the Devil

12:07 Jesse talks about talking with a bunch of “Black Hebrew Israelites” in an interview this morning, who think they’re the real Jews. They’re worse than the regular Bible Thumpers! They can’t see. 

All of your ideas, all of your thoughts, everything you think you know, are from the Devil! When you believe them, you’re worshiping the Devil. Don’t let someone else’s Devil ways get in the way of your growth. 

Feedback: Joel; more on Israelites; more on thoughts

12:10 Joel shares an experience of caring about how others feel. He feels an attachment to an idea, but caught himself, realizing he didn’t want to go with them somewhere. 

Jesse talks more about the Isrealites who did not love the white man! They talk about Esau who was “red,” but they think he was white. God wants you to come into the light. Let people suffer; the pain wakes people up, sometimes. 

12:15 Another man asks a question. Don’t let others take your pain. And don’t control it! If you have to cry, go ahead, let it happen. 

12:19 A woman asks about having thought about having missed Hake’s interview on The Crucible this week. Let that thought pass, and then go catch it later when it’s right. Be conscious. Satan will give you things to think about that don’t bring pain, and you’ll go unconscious, and then he’ll dump pain on you! Pay attention even when you don’t have pain. Pray without ceasing. 

12:22 A man asks: Why do people have the ability to cry? They don’t, but they take on Satan’s emotional nature. That’s why we must be born again of the nature of God. Human nature is evil, Jesse says. You’re emotional in the fallen state, until you overcome it. He’s doing the Silent Prayer. Stay with it. On that straight and narrow path, it’s easier when you know you’re not in charge. 

12:24 An 8-year-old boy asks: If the Devil has fear, who’s he scared of? Everybody and everything. He’s afraid of what you think of him, losing you, speaking up without anger; human beings have the same nature. He got angry a little bit this week, the boy did. 

BQ: Do you have a showcase personality? 

12:25 Jesse asks the Biblical Question: Do you have a showcase personality? 

Jesse says: You should have a good, happy personality. 

James, Chris, and Nick (who’s changed his show name from “Anchor Baby’s New Show” to “Nickstream”) — they each answer the Biblical Question. 

Another man says he definitely has a showcase personality. He played alternative rock in a band for years. 

A young lady thinks she’s had the opposite of a showcase personality, not wanting to put herself out there at all, in the past. Another woman answers on this topic, as well as a couple of men. 

JLP: Men, wake up! You are needed!

12:35 Jesse says men are sons of God, but the Devil’s working overtime to keep men from waking up. We are needed, men! Stay on the straight and narrow. 

12:35 Another man talks about a mean mother who acts nice in front of others as an example of a showcase personality. 

Jesse realized this after watching shows that tell about seeing more about Yuri Bezmenov, the ex-Russian KGB agent. They’d dress up a fancy experience for the media, like Los Angeles cleaning out the homeless around LAX when we had the Super Bowl. 

That is how every human being is. Stop being false with yourself; don’t tell others your vices. You are a spirit that lives in a body that has the mindset of the Devil. Stay with the prayer; watch. Allow yourself to go through. Be aware. 

New BQ; Announcements

12:42 New Biblical Question: Do you consult your mind? There’s so much you don’t realize about yourself. 

Jesse’s traveling Tuesday and Wednesday. He may have guest hosts sit in for him! 

Stay on the straight and narrow road. God is always in the now.


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