04/03/22 What Do You Think About Your Imagination? (Church)

Some look at Will Smith differently after the Oscars slap. Some see JLP differently because of their imagination. Smash the imagination! Live in reality. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 3, 2022: People briefly react to Will Smith’s slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. Question: What do you think about your imagination? If you go with it, it will crash. Practice being aware. Jesse answers questions on being born again and “good deeds.” People put Jesse on a pedestal in their imagination, hung up on the title “preacher,” “pastor,” or “church.” But this is a fellowship; smash the imagination! And don’t get into other people’s personal business, or rumors about their personal issues! What good does that do you? 

New Biblical Question: Do you believe God is with you? At the end, a newcomer questions Jesse’s saying Jesus is not God. 

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  • 0:00:00 Sun, Apr 3, 2022
  • 0:00:47 Welcome to Church
  • 0:01:32 Will Smith’s Oscars slap
  • 0:11:20 JLP on Will Smith
  • 0:12:56 What do you think about your imagination?
  • 0:22:50 Imagination will crash
  • 0:27:00 Practice being aware
  • 0:34:10 Questions: Love/hate, good deeds
  • 0:42:13 Imagination vs. awareness
  • 0:45:51 Imagination in business
  • 0:49:01 JLP: Seeing Jesse in imagination
  • 1:08:10 Are you perfect?
  • 1:13:04 Stay in the light
  • 1:15:31 Don’t be seduced by titles
  • 1:21:32 Smash the imagination
  • 1:22:22 New Biblical Q
  • 1:23:55 Jesus is not God?
  • 1:38:41 Closing / Announcement

Church Notes

11:11 AM U.S. PDT We start more than 10 minutes late, due to technical issues! 

People react to Will Smith’s Oscars slap

Jesse invites people to react to the slap at the Oscars last Sunday. (Actor Will Smith allegedly smacked comedian Chris Rock after Chris joked about Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Chris may not have known that Jada supposedly had a bald-headed disease called “alopecia.” Chris referenced G.I. Jane, a movie about a woman who shaved her head to be in the military.) 

11:21 One of the men, a 25-year-old black guy reacting to Will Smith’s slap joins us for the first time. Raymond also responds to the incident. 

11:22 Jesse too thought it was an act at first. But Will Smith is a miserable man with a lot of anger, no peace. 

What do you think about your imagination? 

11:24 Jesse asks: What do you think about your imagination? Franky talks about how he saw Will Smith acting in honorable roles — he had Will on a pedestal; now he’s not sure he likes him! That’s deep! He thought Will was king of the black people, like the old black actor Sidney Poitier. 

Another man talks about what he thinks about his imagination. “It’s not my own.” Jesse references the old black song, “Just My Imagination.” A young man, 17, used to think it was a “wonderland” where he could get lost as a child; now he uses it for creativity. 

11:30 A young woman now tries to stay out of her imagination, as it leads to thoughts, being lost, having conversations with herself. She has to remember to bring herself out of it. It’s a mess when she falls into it. Raymond calls it a dangerous place, because of temptation. 

A young man Alex calls imagination a trap; even the “good thoughts” are just as bad as the bad. 

Imagination will crash

11:34 Jesse says eventually the imagination will crash for you. Franky had an image of Will Smith, and now that the image is being crashed, he doesn’t even like Will Smith! It was not a real “like.” He never liked him! 

Alex continues to talk about a homeless guy screaming in the Melrose area. 

A couple more men talk about the imagination, as well as a young lady, 19. 

Practice being aware

11:39 Jesse talks about coming out of the thought and into the present. Practice being aware. 

A man says, in short, live in reality. It’s hard to live in reality. Jesse talks about being “in love.” We’re living in hell for no reason! 

Another young woman Marlene said she’d be emotional in her imagination. Now she realizes it’s crazy. 

A man thinks he lives in reality. What does reality look like? 

Questions: Love/hate, good deeds

11:45 A young man Daniel asks: Why do people go from love to hate so fast? Jesse says he’ll answer it later. 

James asks a couple of questions from the YouTube chat, about how to do good, and how fallen people can be born again. 

Another creative young man talk. 

A man asks about good deeds. If you’re helping someone and you’re in darkness, that’s not a good deed. 

Imagination vs. awareness, business

11:53 Jesse asks Ermias: What do you think about your imagination? We’re going to smash the imagination today, Jesse declares — “smash and grab”! Nick too answers the question: It’s dark; it’s not real. 

Jesse told some of the guys this morning to be aware of the present moment while you’re walking or speaking. You’ll go in and out a hundred thousand times. You’ll get frustrated. As time goes by, it becomes easier. It’s the light of God that’s going to set you free. 

11:57 One man believes it can be used in a good way, such as with a business. Jesse wouldn’t recommend getting into the imagination about a business. The man talks about having a good attitude. Stress, anger, worry, anxiety, thinking you know what you want — all that is evil. God told you not to worry about those things. You can’t help it because it comes from the imagination. 

JLP: People see Jesse in their imagination

12:00 Jesse realized that a lot of people are still seeing Jesse in their imagination. When God allowed Jesse to see, he saw clearly that, of himself, he knows nothing and can do nothing. God changed his heart. It prevents Jesse from overreacting; he cannot go back; he cannot help but do what he does. 

Jesse’s started to understand how people put others on a pedestal and worship them. When people idolize another person and hear something, true or false, about the person, it traumatizes the people. They go from hate to love like 90 goin’ north. The imagination crashes when it hears something about the hero, whether true or false. Most people don’t pause and see, “Wow, that was me in my illusion!” 

JLP: Don’t put titles on a pedestal: Church, Preacher, personal business

If you don’t have perfect love, you have nothing. People’s focus is on the wrong thing, not on the heart, but on vices and other things. Some have the gall to ask Jesse about his personal business, whether it’s true or false. Why do you want to know? What good will it do you? They cannot answer. God’s got us. You have to overcome the anger. Anyone with anger is a murderer, and cannot be trusted. 

When someone approaches you about rumors, you won’t freak out. You’ll grow from it. God said: Let no man teach you. 

Jesse talks about when you stop letting people teach you… He talks about Christ who did the same. 

Jesse talks about when the heart is changed from being a murderer to love. God knows us better than we know ourselves. He’s using Jesse to tell men the truth. 

People go from hate to love because they never had love. Wipe out the illusion that this is a Church. I’m not a preacher. I pray. We’re just fellowshipping. 

Stay out of other people’s business. It isn’t your business. Don’t blame other people because you were in your imagination, and you expected people to be a certain way. 

Did Christ have a church, or was he on the road and hill? 

Our body is the temple of God. Worship Him there. But people worship Him only in their imagination, in darkness. 

Feedback: Are you perfect?

12:19 Jesse takes reactions. A woman asks: Are you perfect? It’s the heart that’s made perfect, not the body. The heart, the love of God in you, will clean up the body by causing the ego to die. You can’t make the ego die. The ego is of the Devil. 

Christians try to hurt one another more than non-Christians! 

Feedback: Stay in the light, in awareness, in prayer

12:24 A young woman talks about being aware starting, for her, with the Silent Prayer. Being aware is like praying without ceasing, she says. Always have your light with you, Jesse tells her. Anxiety is your enemy — worry, pressure… Stay in the light to defeat your enemy, not in the imagination. 

12:26 When people have titles, if you believe in them, you trust doctors. But a degree means nothing. Don’t be afraid to question them, ask them what a medication does, rather than blindly trust the special person. A title don’t mean a thing! 

Jesse advises a man: Never consult the imagination. 

Biblical Q, Jesus not God?

12:31 Jesse says: Does this help about smash and grab the imagination? Does this help that this is not a church, and I’m not a preacher? I only have those titles because of the world. 

12:33 New Biblical Question: Do you believe God is with you? 

Jesse invites people to share their disagreements. 

A man asks why Jesse says Jesus is not God. If Jesuss didn’t claim to be God (by calling himself “I AM”), why did they try to kill him? If Jesus is not God, what gave him the power to forgive sins, and other things? 

A first-timer from the South answers: It’s just an extension from his Father. Jesse says: You cannot hate if you’ve been born of Love. Jesus had God’s nature. Of ourselves we have no love. 

Get to know yourself; pay attention to yourself. You’ll see you’re in your thoughts, have fear, and overreact — that’s the woman’s nature, mama’s nature from the Devil in you. His nature’s all ego, all the time. Your mother doesn’t want to be crazy; she just can’t help it. 

Did you go and forgive your mother? The man hesitatingly says yes, but Jesse can tell when a black person is lying! Right now the woman is your god. He says he forgave his father through his actions. But Jesse asserts the Bible says before you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must forgive. 

If you want to know what love really is, go forgive your mother and father. You’ll see you can’t help it, just as they can’t. 


12:49 Stay on the straight and narrow. Do the Silent Prayer. Doubt every thought. Pray and watch. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum this Thursday!


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