04/17/22 If a Fool Would Persist in His Folly, He Would Become Wise

Easter Sunday: “If a fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise.” What does this mean? Die from the ego, and see how foolish you were. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022: Happy Easter, everyone! Jesse witnessed shoplifting at CVS! Jesus is portrayed as weak now, but we must overcome feelings. Biblical Question: “If a fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise.” What does this mean? Satan can trick you with the “truth,” and make you think you’re seeing! Let the intellect go. The Brooklyn subway shooter fell to lies and an insane victim mindset as we all do. It’s not the government’s fault; we are responsible. 

Jesse talks about letting go of fighting life completely, and being “all in” with whatever happens. As you die from the ego, you realize how foolish you were in what you thought you cared about, what you thought was you. Then wisdom comes. God forgives, but human beings don’t: God forgave King David after he committed adultery and murder. Let the ego be offended. Christ held the Last Supper with disciples whom he knew would deny and betray him. We can do the same. Do not take others’ pain, such as those portrayed in Ukraine. 

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  • 0:00:00 Sun, Apr 17, 2022
  • 0:02:51 Happy Easter! Ladies react.
  • 0:05:30 Witnessing a CVS robbery
  • 0:09:10 Jesus on TV: Overcome feelings
  • 0:14:24 Biblical Q: Fool persist in his folly
  • 0:25:57 Are you persisting in your folly?
  • 0:27:13 Satan fools you with the ‘truth’
  • 0:36:17 Let the intellect go
  • 0:46:09 Brooklyn shooter, Victims
  • 0:52:20 Government’s fault? Responsibility
  • 1:01:49 JLP on BQ
  • 1:12:03 Feedback: King David and God’s forgiveness
  • 1:20:22 Q’s: Let the ego be offended
  • 1:28:30 Jesus with those who betrayed him
  • 1:35:12 Feedback: Taking someone else’s pain
  • 1:44:20 Closing / Announcements

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming just about the top of the hour as Chris gives announcements. 

11:03 Jesse wishes everyone a Happy Easter. What does that mean to you? A couple of ladies respond. 

11:05 Jesse says he had his first experience seeing a robbery at CVS. Two black guys walked out of the pharmacy and market with their backpacks full of stuff. The white manager timidly asked if they were going to pay for it, and they said no. Older white employees are gone now. The workers are helpless and used to it. 

11:07 Jesse welcomes first-timer Taryn (sp) visiting family from Arizona. 

Overcome feelings

11:09 Jesse talks about catching some of the movies about Jesus on TV amid Easter Week. The newer the movies, the weaker they portray Jesus, as a “caring Jesus.” Similarly, they’ve changed the Bible based on the culture, replacing harsh words with soft words. 

It’s sad that as human beings, we’re so identified with the “not-us.” People identify with feelings, getting joy from feeling good, being complimented, for example. 

Jesus was a whole person, not about the feelings thing. He dealt with evil without identifying with it, or giving it play and attention. Even when we’re feeling good, we don’t know that that’s evil, and that we’re worshiping the Devil. Some love feeling bad, and also worship the Devil that way. We must die from this thing, if we want to be free. Get over the feelings. Pay attention to the feelings, as you do with the mind. 

Biblical Question

11:14 Jesse repeats the Biblical Question: If a fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise. What does this mean? A few people answer with how they understand the statement. One young woman brings up Jesus’s parable of the Prodigal Son. A man brings up vices as folly. 

Hassan says homeless and drug addicts can say “wise” things, yet never learn —  a false wisdom, knowing better, but not doing or being better. 

11:26 Jesse asks Hassan: So are you persisting in your folly? Do you know what it means to persist in folly? 

Satan fools you with the ‘truth’

11:27 Jesse says that he can tell people to be still and know, and know that all thoughts are lies. Satan will agree with that and use it against people doing the Silent Prayer, just as he does with Bible Thumpers and “worldly people.” 

Another man answers the Biblical Question: You have to be a “fool” to be an expert. Your own school of life is the best school that exists, he says. He’d never heard this saying before. 

Doug says that there’s another saying in the Bible: A fool and his money are soon parted. (Note: That’s an old saying from a poet, I believe — not from the Bible.) 

Nick says the Bible says if you don’t correct the fool, he will go on thinking he’s wise. 

A young lady says she’s persisting in her follies. But she’s not accepting them. 

Let the intellect go… 

11:36 This young lady had stopped doing the Silent Prayer. What made you stop? We have to let the intellect go. 

11:40 Raymond answers, saying he doesn’t know if it’s true or not. But he brings up “the freedom to fail.” 

The first-timer lady says we have to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Jesse asks her: You don’t think we could learn by being totally of God? She was frustrated when she heard that all thoughts are lies. 

11:43 Jesse tells the young woman: in reality, all the stuff we’re fighting is not even real. Christ overcame the Devil. But the Devil has us thinking all our struggles are real, but it’s like trying to beat up the wind. Everyone who has anger has fear, inner fear (not the fear that helps you protect yourself physically). You can’t help people who aren’t ready to be helped; they have to want to see it. 

Chris says it sounds like the phrase means learning from your mistakes. 

Brookly subway shooter: victims and lies

11:46 A man brings up the Brooklyn subway shooter. Everybody, unless they’ve been born again of God, have an insane mind like that. But people think, Oh, I would never do that! This suspect Frank James blamed his father, and thought whites and blacks shouldn’t be on the same hemisphere. Will Smith too! 

11:48 A couple of other people talk about the shooter, and people’s reaction including experts. One man brings up victimhood and lack of responsibility. Satan makes you blame someone else. 

Jesse’s counseled with so many who feel suicidal. It doesn’t even make sense to take your life over that, unless you become a victim and believe lies after lies. 

Govt’s fault? 

Another man says it’s the government’s fault, because they subsidize single motherhood in urban areas. But if they didn’t take it, the gov’t couldn’t make you take it. If you’re responsible for yourself, you don’t accept it! But it’s the people’s fault, because the government is the people. 

Jesse talks about the people in America feeling sorry for the people in Ukraine. The government is wrong, but the people are wrong for taking it. After Doug talks, Jesse also brings up the people wearing masks even after the government opens things back up. 

A man says evil doesn’t force you, but tricks you. 

Another man says Obama perpetuated the victim mentality, whereas when Trump got in office promoting work and opportunity, people went insane. 


12:01 Jesse brings up the last time he was sick, when there was nothing he could do but let it be. I’m all in with this, Jesse said — and said he’d be “all-in” with everything: Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. 

Jesse’s been talking about ego death frequently lately. This is because when you die from the ego, you realize how foolish and dumb you are! You’ve never been the doubt, fear, etc. The real you has never put another human being above you. 

Thank God that he protects us. The deeper you go into that hell, the light is protecting you through that hell. The folly is the fool who thinks it is him or her. The light erases all imagination. It was never you judging. Jesse used to think Christ was something you could never attain, or become like. To imagine you could be like Christ seemed like it was a sin. 

Christ went to hell to conquer death, so that we could go to hell and conquer death. But if you drop your body in the ego, you’ll stay there. But to die from the ego is to conquer death. 

In darkness you think someone assaulted you or hurt your feelings; you take it personally. But it’s all lies. 

You will become wise at how dumb you were, thinking you can fight this spiritual battle. We can be of the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. 

The fool will be made wise if you let yourself die. You’ve got to go through it alone. 

Feedback: King David and God’s forgiveness

12:12 A man was born Southern Baptist back home, and talks about the idea of repeatedly repenting, but never changing. 

Christ never felt sorry for himself. He gave the Devil no attention. 

12:14 Jesse tells the story of David and Bathsheba. He got her pregnant and had her husband killed in war. A prophet told David he did wrong, and God was punishing him. The first baby died. But later God told him he loved him and did not hold it against him. God forgives; human beings don’t. We have the New Testament. God knows why we do wrong. 

When we overcome the ego, we’ll clearly see we’re not in control of anything. Whatever words the Devil feeds you in judgment of yourself, let it go; it’s not true. God will destroy the darkness; the darkness hates the light. 

In the death of the ego, you can’t even hold onto wisdom. Wisdom comes from God, and it’s constantly different. 

Q’s: Let the ego be offended

12:20 Nick asks Jesse to describe going down into hell. When your ego is offended. If someone insults or tries to shame you, or you make a fool of yourself. When you allow that to happen without defending the pain of it, you’re dying. Allow the ego to be made a fool of. The ego comes alive, becomes happy, scared, or whatever. You owe the world nothing but to die from it. It feels like you are being embarrassed or offended. It’s not you. You just identified with it. 

12:22 Another young man talks with Jesse. The thoughts and ego and feelings are the same. The ego nature is the nature of Satan. We must be born of God’s nature, which is love, and in that there is no ego. Don’t get revenge. Just let it happen. The young man grew up with the wrong idea too. There are times you can barely move. But let it happen. 

12:25 Franky asks if the statement for this week’s Biblical Question is true or false. He asks about persisting. When you’re dying, you’re being made aware of how foolish you are. And in that awareness you become wise. Let the ego die, and see if Jesse’s wrong! 

Jesus and those who betrayed him

Another young lady asks why Jesus had the last supper with people who would betray him. You can be with people but not psychologically with them. Let the people laugh at you; and watch how the ego reacts. The Devil doesn’t like hearing it’s the Devil. The real you though is not moved by that. 

12:32 Jesse asks: Do you know when your ego’s acting out? Let that happen. Don’t let anyone make you feel good or “save” the ego. You want it to die. 

12:33 A young man says Jesus understood those who would betray him knew they couldn’t help it. They could not see. 

Final feedback: Taking on someone else’s pain

12:36 A woman talks about her relationship with her mother now that she’s forgiven her. Now she understands. 

Jesse talks more about Ukraine and the insanity of feeling sorry for babies dying and women crying. What can you do about it? It’s all ego to try to take someone else’s pain. 

12:38 Jesus at the Last Supper with those who would betray him is an example of being in the world but not of it. 

12:39 One young lady talks about the idea of roasting one another to kill the ego; but it shouldn’t be planned. It should be a shock to the ego. 

Another woman asks about the man who came up with the quote for the Biblical Question. The other young lady said William Blake was a Romantic poet who came after the Enlightenment. 

12:41 A last young lady talks about the body and the ego, and dying from it. Stop protecting the ego. 

Closing comments

12:44 Jesse says this was the best Easter Service. Nobody really knows what it is to believe in God. Even when you say you have faith in God, you don’t really have it. When you say you believe God will help you, you don’t really believe that. When you know God, you know he will help you. 

You don’t want to drop the body with the ego. Pray. Watch the thoughts. Do what’s in front of you. Don’t complain about anything or anyone; they can’t help themselves. 

I’m all in, Jesse says. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum this week!


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