04/24/22 Are You a Failure in Life? (Church)

Are you a failure in life? If you tell your vices, you’re a failure. If you gossip, you’re a criminal. Galatians 5: 13 and on: Love and pray for your enemy. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 24, 2022: Jesse tells of alleged murderers: this is the whole world. Biblical Question: Are you a failure in life? If you tell your vices, you are a failure. People have no love and cannot help you. You owe them nothing. You need the Light of God. You are not your body, the ego. Don’t stop ego death. The real you never had vices. Christ finished it. People are in darkness, including fake Christians judging. Stay present. Gossipers and listeners are murderers and criminals. Galatians 5: 13 and on says: Love one another. 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Apr 24, 2022
  • 0:02:02 Welcome to Church: Evil in news
  • 0:04:14 BQ: Are you a failure in life?
  • 0:24:07 More answers, incl. Nick, Chris
  • 0:36:53 Trick question? Cafe owner, Super Chats
  • 0:42:54 Have you ever told anyone your vice? 
  • 0:47:33 If you tell it, you’re a failure
  • 0:56:20 You don’t owe anyone an explanation
  • 1:02:58 You don’t need others; you need the Light
  • 1:05:30 The body/ego is not you; don’t stop ego death
  • 1:10:23 The real you never had vices
  • 1:18:08 People in darkness, including fake Christians
  • 1:21:20 Stay present
  • 1:34:17 Gossiped or listened? You’re a murderer.
  • 1:37:06 Galatians 5: 13 and on: Love one another
  • 1:42:51 Closing

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT We start streaming just before the top of the hour. After we get started, Jesse tells a brief story about an alleged execution-style murder in the news. Everyone is that way — if not killing the body, killing the soul with anger. We had an excellent Women’s Forum this past Thursday. 

Biblical Question: Are you a failure in life?

11:03 Jesse asks people the Biblical Question: Are you a failure in life? Some say no, while others say yes, but with qualifications. One early answerer calls it a “setup question.” 

11:26 Nick answers that he can’t do anything right, even though he seems to improve in some ways in life. Chris says he does not know. One man says he knows he will overcome (through God), but is not sure how. 

11:35 Franky calls it a “trick question.” He says you get tricked to judging yourself, whether you’re good or bad, successful or not successful. 

11:37 Jesse recounts asking a cafe owner this question. The man said: Not as long as the customers keep coming in, and I make them happy. So if you don’t make a customer happy, are you then a failure? 

James reads some Super Chats and mentions that Paul and David in the Bible talked about themselves, seemingly as though they were failures. 

Nick says he never tires of failing. A man Alex says yes, as he’s seeking God. 

Have you told anyone your vice? 

11:41 Jesse asks: Has anyone ever told anyone your vice? Different people talk about this. 

If you tell it, you’re a failure. 

11:46 Jesse warns people: Anyone who tells anyone their vices, you’re a failure in life. There’s nothing they can do about it. People will take it and try to destroy you. A man asks: Can it make you stronger? No. 

What makes you think they can help you? Men don’t tell their vices — especially in the good old days. Only God can do something about it. But millennials and younger don’t know this. A man told his wife his vice, and she’s using it to destroy him. 

11:50 Jesse asks where this came from. Did it come from Oprah? The Bible says: Confess your sins to one another. But that means apologize for hating — not telling vices. 

Stop doing that! There’s nothing anyone can do about it. 

11:51 In families, when you go and forgive your mother, she may take it personally and build an army against you. It’s an army of other people of vices. Your friends, family, and enemies will do this. 

The theme this year is: Become your own man, or become your own woman. You can’t do anything about it, nor can they! 

One young lady says a lot of women like “venting.” A venting person is a failure in life. You’re not supposed to vent, but to overcome. 

People don’t like each other. It’s all fake. 

You don’t owe anyone an explanation. 

11:55 A man asks: What if someone told another person about you, and you’re forced to admit it? Because you’re weak to people, you’ll answer their questions. 

You don’t owe anyone any explanation about anything concerning your life. 

So many people are suffering, because they’re not trusting God; they’re trusting the Devil inside themselves and outside themselves. You’re worshiping the Devil. 

God said: Bring everything unto Him. God saw the heart of the men in the Bible who had vices; but God used them. The world judged them though. 

People are wicked. 

Hassan talks a little bit. People will guess at what Paul was dealing with, listening to their imaginations. God is not into the vices like you are. 

You don’t need a reference. You need the Light.

12:01 Hassan says it’s important to have a reference, such as Jesse, as an example of overcoming slutmaking. But you separate the message from the messenger. You just need the Light of God. People idolized Jesus. The man is just the mailman, a messenger. Hassan says by reference he means a “living example.” But people didn’t see Christ as a living example. 

The body / ego is not you, but you stop its death. 

12:04 Jesse says: You are not your body. You are a spirit created in the image of God. But when you fall away, you take on the image of darkness, the Devil. When you’re born again, the light deals with the darkness. You don’t trust God, so you stop the death of the ego, which is not you, but you identified with it. Don’t identify with the body. All human beings identify with their bodies as though it’s them. 

You have never done anything wrong. One of the first men to speak reiterates his answer, about the failure not being him. 

The real you never had vices. 

12:09 God never had to help you overcome vices, because they were never you. You were suffering for no reason. Christ said it’s done. He conquered the Devil. 

12:11 One young lady says: When you love someone you don’t want to know their vice. 

Another young woman asks about AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and others. You identify with loneliness or whatever issue you think you have. But when you try to solve it with marriage, it’s for ego purposes, and doesn’t work. It’s two Devils fighting. 

This young woman was traumatized as a little girl going to those meetings. You join one group to identify with, and some go from group to group. 

People are in darkness, including fake Christians judging. Stay present.

Become an individual. Nobody really knows what it’s like to trust God truly, let Him completely take over. 

12:17 In response to Raymond, Jesse says: Woe unto the man who takes responsibility for what the ego does. 

Explaining the Light to a dark, angry person is like explaining land to a fish. Don’t ever try to explain it to the children of the Devil. They have to want to see it. 

12:20 A man Alex asks how to differentiate this from how people are into fat acceptance, and other wrong things. Jesse reiterates the story of the execution-style murderers he told about at the beginning of Church today. After Alex tells a story of dealing with a situation and giving in to reacting as his mind goes crazy, Jesse tells him: Stay present. The Devil’s children expect you to judge and go off; that’s what fake Christians do. 

There are people who’ve sold their soul to the darkness, such as our government. You treat them the same: Be honest but don’t hate. A few will wake up. But if you’re judging, you’re only giving out darkness. 

12:30 A man asks about judges in courtes. 

12:31 Hassan talks more about us being living examples, being the light. The light draws unto them those who are seeking, but they’re not trying to recruit anybody. 

Have you gossiped or listened to gossip? You’re a murderer, a criminal. 

12:33 Jesse asks: How many have gossiped? How many have listened to gossip? Why did you listen to it? One young woman talks about celebrity gossip and being in high school. 

Anyone who tells their vices, gossips, or listens to gossip, is a murderer, a criminal. If you were of love, you’d never do it. 

Galatians 5: 13 and on… Love one another

12:36 Jesse has Chris read Galatians 5: 13 and on… Live by the Spirit. 

Jesse says: We’re supposed to love one another. Have you prayed for your enemy? What you do to others is done to you. You are possessed with demons; that’s why you have fear, doubt, and all evil things. 

You don’t owe the world a response, Jesse reiterates. In all things, be still. 


12:41 Jesse concludes. Stay with the Silent Prayer, and watch. Pray and watch. 

Stop joining the club!


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