05/09/21 How Did God Create Jesus Through Mary? Why? (Church)

Happy Mother’s Day! We talk with young families and two radicals. Biblical Question: How did God create Jesus through Mary, and why?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 9, 2021: Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers! A young family talks. (Never tell a woman your problems!) A boy worries his parents may divorce. (Jesse urges his uncle to talk with his parents.) 

Jesse talks with two “radicals,” a young couple who’ve been video-recorded protesting aggressively — he recommends the man protect his girlfriend, and not allow her to be so confrontational. But Christians should stand up and speak now while we can, with no anger. But bring back love, and do not gossip! Christians need to be an example. Have a wait-and-see attitude; don’t plan how you will react to people. You are not better than even the worst criminal. 

Lastly, we answer the Biblical Question: How did God create Jesus through Mary, and why? We also mention Jesus being called the Son of Man. One man reads briefly from Daniel 7: 13-14 about the Son of Man. Jesus was the Son of God like Adam was before Adam fell away from the Father by listening to the woman. 


  • 0:00 Pre-church talk
  • 3:36 Happy Mother’s Day
  • 5:06 Young family
  • 19:11 Mexican man
  • 25:24 11yo boy
  • 31:02 Utah couple
  • 38:42 Two radicals…
  • 47:39 Protect your woman
  • 55:18 Speak up; don’t gossip – CLIP: Deal with the Evil World (17 mins) 
  • 1:01:39 Wait and see
  • 1:06:09 You’re no better
  • 1:12:16 Biblical Q responses
  • 1:14:37 Young lady on churches
  • 1:19:28 More responses
  • 1:25:38 The Son of Man? BQ – Why God Made Jesus Through Mary (10 mins)  
  • 1:33:30 Franky, Nate, Jesse answer
  • 1:42:23 Feedback
  • 1:50:01 Closing statements
  • 1:52:05 Announcements; End

Church Notes

(We start streaming right around 11:00 AM US PDT.) 

A young family speaks on Mother’s Day. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers! We welcome a first-time visiting mother who used to be a feminist and Democrats with her husband who was not the head of her. She says her mother was evil, and so she has not spoken to her in a long time. She says she doesn’t like her; Jesse recommends FaceTiming her to forgive her, so that God can forgive her, and take her identity away from her. Then her fear will leave. She fears the thought of going to her house and knocking at her door. 

Nobody wants to be like their mama. If she does not forgive, she’ll pass the evil spirit down to her son. The young woman’s father lives in El Salvador — she says he was defensive, and did not accept it. Because he was in jail, he said he couldn’t be there — but it was an excuse in her mind. She’d texted him, so Jesse recommends she call him. Her 10-year-old son Manuel also speaks. 

The husband/father then talks about how he found Jesse; his first impression was that Jesse was speaking a lot of truth, from a different perspective. His mother passed away, but it didn’t hurt because she was never in his life. He tried to forgive his father, an “extreme beta,” but they start fighting anytime they speak — the father gets violent. Because his father didn’t teach him how to be a man, he feels a lot of resentment, and he gets belligerent back. Even though it sounds like he’s a weak man, he’s still a son of God, and you must love him. 

Never tell your wife or girlfriend your problems. 

11:15 Before hearing Jesse, his wife turned him into a complaining man who told his wife his problems (his feelings). He was never happy being this way. The wife has not been doing the Silent Prayer, because of laziness perhaps; try to sit up when you first start. 

Another Mexican first-timer

11:19 Another first-timer Daniel says he found Jesse on YouTube a couple years ago, looking up Black Lives Matter-related videos. Jesse’s message resonates because he has to overcome mama and grand-mama — both in the home when he was growing up! His mother wouldn’t acknowledge her past wrongdoings, her anger at him and his father. When he went to his father, he was silent. He works with his father in landscaping; he rents a house on their property, and his mother has gone in there when he was away. He was raised Catholic. 

Daniel asks if a person doesn’t believe in Christ, are they in a fallen state? Yes. Will they go to hell? I don’t know — that’s for God to determine. There are Jews who believe in Jesus. 

A boy (joining us with his uncle) is afraid his parents may divorce. 

11:25 A young man “JP,” age 11 or so, admits he’s afraid to defend Jesus to school peers who dismiss Christianity. Let them suffer and die! You can’t force it on them. He’s scared when his parents fight, and doesn’t want them to divorce. He gets angry at his father, and sometimes at his mother; his father says they need to fight to overcome stuff. The boy asks, Will my parents still be together if they fight sometimes? You don’t know. He’s afraid he may live with one parent, and never see the other, and that one may remarry. 

The boy’s uncle, his father’s brother, says the father is not really open. The boy’s very scared about one of them possibly going to jail, and getting a divorce. 

A white young couple talk about seeing blacks go wild

11:30 Another young couple talks to Jesse. The young woman talks about her mother agreeing with her, although she was afraid. Her father walked away halfway through her FaceTime conversation with her parents, so she wonders whether he was angry or not. Don’t worry about that! 

They came to L.A. from Utah, and they were shocked by the homelessness. Salt Lake City is cleaner, with less homelessness. Is she afraid of black people? No, some of her best friends are blacks. Can she be honest with them, and disagree? She says she can. But whites are afraid of dealing with black people. She was saddened by the hate people have for Trump. 

Her husband Chris then talks. He gave Jesse a shirt that says: Don’t be a beta! It was amazing to see a black guy who talked like Jesse does. They don’t see many blacks where they live; it’s a mess what’s going on in the media and on the streets. 

Jesse talks with two “radicals” who made a scene. 

Jesse saw a young Asian woman and her boyfriend making a scene at a CostCo. The lady stood on a stack of food and shouted the N-word, doing a maskless protest. She says it was “heat of the moment” when she shouted that. One neighborhood put a “wanted” flyer with pictures of them looking crazy. They’ve received death threats. 

Black Victoria sees part of where they’re coming from, but doesn’t think it’s from the right place. 

Samuel thinks it’s a mess, and he brings up a different thing they do on YouTube videos while drinking. 

A third young lady speaks as someone from Texas where masks are not required. Many people fear the social shame of not wearing a mask. So she suggests gently, kindly leading by example. 

Protect your woman; she should not be at a radical protest. 

Lastly, Jesse asks the young man who does this with his girlfriend. Is he afraid she may get hurt? God didn’t have Mary out preaching. So he says he can only do so much to control a woman. So you have a woman you can’t control? Jesse advises her: I wouldn’t let my woman do that; it’s too risky. He says he was the one that pulled his girlfriend down off the palette, after letting her be up there for 30 seconds. 

Jesse loves protests, but would not let his woman do it. If you’re not man enough to control a woman, how can you control society? He’s letting her life be put at risk, and that’s not good. He says he’d have to drag her out, and that’d look bad. Leave her at home! They’ve been doing this for months! She says she’d stay home if he told her to, that it’s too risky. The world is so evil. 

Do what you want, but I would rethink it! They were wearing T-shirts that said “F— China,” and she repeated this, with the N-word, to a white person. But the video remains out on the Internet, and she could be attacked by evil people. 

Stand up and speak up now while you can. Don’t gossip. 

Church Clip: Christianity Under Attack (May 9, 2021)

CLIP: Deal with the Evil World (17 mins)

11:55 Jesse talks about a Canadian pastor who’s now in jail; all he did was stand up for Christianity without caving. He’s from another country where he knows what evil is. But we need to start speaking up for Christianity, and don’t be afraid. A girl wore a mask that said something like “I love Jesus,” and they made her take it off. Stand up now while you can. As long as you are not angry, you’ll be fine. 

And do not gossip. Many are still gossiping. We are all in the same family, brothers and sisters under the Father. If you have a problem, go to them, forgive, and go your way. And some of the men are worse than the women! You can never trust a person who gossips. Don’t be a coward; go and forgive. 

The spiritual war will get worse before it gets better. Only the strong will survive. What’s happening in Canada is already happening here, but not yet as drastic. Satan is setting it up. 

Be aware. Stay present with God. Speak up, but don’t resent. 

If you love God, you cannot have fear. Perfect love casts out fear. Love your enemies. If you don’t love your fellowman here in the church, how can you love your enemies. 

Jesse brings up what the young kid JP was talking about. We’ve all gone through hell. We need love. (Note: The theme this year is bringing love back.) 

Christians need to be an example. Have a wait-and-see attitude. 

12:01 A young man talks about a protest he saw, in which people let emotions get the best of them. Jesse says they’re doing it because they don’t love their fathers; they have hatred in their hearts. Do not be shocked by this. Christians have to be a perfect example to those who are lost. You hardly hear about Christianity except when Christians are attacked now. The evil people are looking for a father’s love. When you are present with God, you see when to speak, and when not to. Live in His presence, and not in your ego. 

Don’t have an “if” — wait and see. 

You are not better than a criminal. Stay with the Silent Prayer. 

Jesse points out that anyone with anger is no different from a child molester. People hate a child molester or murderer, but they’re as bad or worse, and don’t see themselves. Have a wait-and-see attitude on how to deal with anyone. Children of Satan always plan and do it the wrong way. 

Stay with the Silent Prayer. It’s the same problem with everyone around the world. 

A murderer, a liar, a thief cannot help himself. Because you had failing parents, you had no other choice than the fallen state as a child. 

A man says some people enjoy being bad. But then it gets tiresome. Don’t hate them. They can’t help it. It’s a spiritual thing. 

You must forgive. Jesse says he can tell when people haven’t forgiven. How many are doing the Silent Prayer every day? Stay with it. God loves us; it’s amazing what He does to protect us. 

Parents don’t protect their children! Do not send them to public school. They’re teaching one race to hate another race. 

Biblical Question: How did God create Jesus through Mary, and why?

12:11 Jesse asks his Biblical Question: How did God create Jesus through Mary, and why? Mark, Jesse’s bodyguard, says he couldn’t think beyond that it was a miracle — that his Father is God, and he’s an example to us. 

A young woman also answers before Jesse asks how she’s doing. She talks about her mother talking down about the church; she feels churches now promote sin so you can get forgiveness and “an emotional fix.” She would think of something sad to make herself cry with everyone else. 

Various other people give their answers to the Biblical Question. The street preacher couple talk, then Doug, and then Nick the Anchor Baby. 

12:25 Jesse asks a man: Was Jesus ever called the Son of Man? What does that mean? The man says in response to the “why” Jesus was made through Mary: Jesus spoke up to his mother and showed an example for us. 

Esteban, a young lady, and another man each respond. The man talks about how the men might have reacted to Mary being pregnant as a virgin. He makes the point that every baby should be treated as an amazing option. Jesse jokes with him a little bit. 

One young woman says God did it so we can build faith by believing such a thing. Yet another man agrees that it’s not the relevant question. 

Franky talks about the fall of man with Adam. God did it because of Adam and Eve’s sin, to make a way. 

Jesse answers… 

Church Clip: Jesus the Son of Man (May 9, 2021)

CLIP: Why God Made Jesus Through Mary (10 mins)

12:34 Jesse asks another man what “the Son of Man” means, and references a passage in the Old Testament book of Daniel. 

Jesse then answers the question. Adam no longer belonged to God after he listened to the woman who listened to the serpent. Satan became your daddy because your heart is hateful. So God made sure that Jesus became His Son. Otherwise we wouldn’t have a way to return to the Father. He put part of His nature in Mary so that when Jesus was born, he was the Son of God, not the son of Mary or Adam. We couldn’t believe Adam because of what he’d done. 

He needed to make the Son. Adam became the son of a woman. Jesus was not born of Mary, even though he came through Mary. He was born of God. 

That’s why Jesse says you have to love your earthly father, or you won’t return to God your Father. Jesus is God’s Son as Adam used to be before he fell away from the Father. 

Love, don’t hate, your father. 

In reality, the children belong to the father, not the mother. Women cannot raise children. It’s the man who raises the children, and the woman helps. Sorry, ladies! 

A young lady clarifies: That’s why it’s important that Mary was a virgin. 

A couple of other people talk. We’re born of our mothers, and because of that we’re dying. Jesus had a flesh and blood body, but the real man was of his Father. 

12:44 One man joins us from North Carolina. Forgiving his grandmother did not go well. 

12:47 A woman says she heard blood samples showed Jesus did not have the chromosome of the woman, but only the male one. 

A man says Muslims have children go to the fathers, but Christians have become so weak. 

Closing statements

Think on these things; don’t waste your time gossipping; be an example; love is needed. Of ourselves we can do nothing, and of ourselves we know nothing. You’re no better than anyone else. 

12:50 Jesse mentions a TV show that talks about crimes and murders. No matter how bad it was, they did not want to do it; they could not help themselves. If you get to know yourself, you’ll see you can’t help but do what you do. 

Stay with the Silent Prayer. Speak up; don’t resent. Doubt every thought about everything, all the time! Jesse counsels with people around the world. The cause and effect is the same — the same spirit everywhere. 

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Stay with the Silent Prayer. Bring Christianity back. Bring back love. Nothing on earth is serious enough that you should get mad. 

Thanks to Nick for guest hosting Jesse’s show this past Thursday and Friday. We’re thinking of giving Nick his show next. So we’ll be hiring a new producer. 

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