05/23/21 Why Forgive Sweet Mothers? Alcoholic Fathers? (Church)

Jesse’s 72! We answer several questions on why you need to forgive your mothers, and talk about “alcoholic” and “abusive” fathers.

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 23, 2021: We welcome first-time visitors and answer why you need to forgive your mother. Jesse tells his story, having turned 72 years-old this weekend. He read about Nehemiah: The same things happening then go on today: Evil people, and a world without love. 

A 28-year-old man talks at-length, confused whether he needs to forgive his mother. He judges his father who was “alcoholic.” To this day he still lives with them while going to school! Another man said he suppressed his male energy, because his mother told him his late father was “abusive.” 

Once you’re born again, God cleans the mess from you. Biblical Questions: Can you earn love and respect? Also: How do you know you have faith in God?


  • 0:00 Pre-church talk
  • 4:27 Welcome, first-timers
  • 23:20 Why forgive mothers?
  • 37:27 Jesse’s story, age 72 – CLIP: Living as a Son of God in an Evil World (14 mins) 
  • 48:38 Nehemiah: Times like these
  • 54:14 Q: What if mother’s good?
  • 57:54 Q: Father was alcoholic
  • 1:15:35 Q: 28, still with parents!
  • 1:22:26 Another man, evil mother
  • 1:27:45 Follow-up comments, Qs
  • 1:34:29 Fall back after born again?
  • 1:41:34 Biblical Q: Earn love, respect?
  • 1:45:22 New BQ: How know faith?
  • 1:48:19 Closing comments
  • 1:51:10 Thanks again!

Church Notes

(We start streaming just about 11:00 AM US PDT, as Chris lets the people know our rules. Joel Friday takes the stage briefly to give an update on his business.) 

First-time visitors on forgiveness and more

11:05 Jesse welcomes first time visitors. A man asks about communion. Jesse talks about staying present with God while you’re eating. Eat to remember and not to forget. The last two things men have to overcome are food and sex. 

11:09 Another man James from Van Nuys, CA, talks about finding Jesse and forgiving his mother. He asks, in light of the UFOs, if it’s possible the Virgin Mary was impregnated by an alien. He does smoke pot from time to time. He’d like to stop; he goes 6 months without it, and then goes back to it on his days off work. 

11:15 Jesse goes back to the first newcomer to discuss forgiving his mother. His mother said his father was an alpha — he made all boys. This man had a daughter. It sounds like this man is visiting from Arizona, and made sure to come to church. 

11:17 The second man did the Silent Prayer for a time, and then stopped. He’s not sure he’s a Christian — he says no. He was raised Catholic. 

11:18 Nore (sp) from Simi Valley, CA, joins us with his friends. He’s never heard Jesse before. He’s open minded; he lives with his mother, saying he likes his mom — blaming it on his financial issues, and his father dying. His mother had cancer, so he had to take his little brother to school, who’s now 17. He’s going into the Air Force. Jesse warns him about drag queens in the military. 

11:22 Another father and 16-year-old son join us; he doesn’t know about forgiving his mother, nor does the father. He just started following Jesse on YouTube a month ago. The father and mother split up when the young man was a little boy. Both are named Arrio (sp). 

Why you must forgive your mother

11:23 One man who joined our Men’s Forum a couple months back asks a question on behalf of his barber. He asks why people should forgive their parents. His barber’s wife doesn’t get along with her parents. This man talks about forgiving his parents. Braulio (sp) is the barber’s name. 

Jesse explains everyone who’s born of the woman is dying, and subject to the woman. You must be born of the Father by forgiving your mother. You must forgive her for turning you away from the father, imposing her will on you. That’s what it means that we must be born again, so that men can guide the women and children in the right way to go. In order to overcome the fear of your mother, you must forgive her. Otherwise she’s your god. 

This man is an hour north of Chicago. 

11:29 Another couple of newcomers include James, originally from Florida, who moved to downtown L.A., taken by his mother when he was a child. She took him away from his father. He moved out at 17. His wife Jeanette (sp) wishes Jesse a happy belated birthday (her birthday was Joel Friday’s last day). She is not talking with her mother, but is “taking baby steps.” Her husband introduced Jesse’s show to her. She doesn’t know how to find her father. She’s Mexican. 

She met her husband in college, but now agrees with Jesse about the college scam. Now she’s in debt with a degree that says she’s an anthropologist. She references Jesse’s amazing interviews on War Room with Owen Shroyer and on Slightly Offensive. 

Dealing with the woman

11:35 A man brings up marriage. He says he feels honored to work with his father in his business, although at times it’s difficult. His father said it takes a real man to put up with a woman’s “B.S.” or hell all his life. His parents met in the church choir. 

Jesse tells his story, at age 72

Church Clip, May 23, 2021: Days of Nehemiah

CLIP: Living as a Son of God in an Evil World (14 mins)

11:38 Jesse’s birthday was yesterday — he’s 72 now. He says he doesn’t know how he got here; it was meant to be. He finished high school by accident, and grew up on a plantation. Jesse tells his story, what he thought he wanted, and his wild days. Yet he always has been seeking the Father, despite the crazy things he did. 

There is no comparison between God’s love and human love. There is no feeling, doubt, worry, or plan. BOND is 31 years-old, and Jesse has no plan, and does not know what to do next. “Experts” think you have to have a five-year plan. 

We talk about sin and judgment. God wants to change the heart. Salvation is changing the heart from hate to love. Once you wake up with the Father, you realize you can’t help yourself with those things. 

Jesse recounts counseling with a bank robber, a man who robs banks. If not a bank, he’ll rob a liquor store or someone. Jesse tells him he needs to stop judging himself for it. Try to stay away from it. Be aware, and go and forgive. The awareness has stopped him suddenly! 

Be present with God, and all things will be added. Stay in the present. You forget about the thoughts. When people turn against you, it’s not a big deal. You don’t overreact. It’s better than magic. Return to the Father, and your life will change. 

Some Christians try to control you, saying you’re going to hell. 

Jesse thanks everyone for the birthday gifts and wishes. 

Nehemiah: Times back then were just like what’s happening today 

11:49 Jesse talks about reading about Nehemiah over the weekend. He was born in slavery with the Israelites. The things going on back then were just like today. The economy was bad, and intellectuals were out of control. Nehemiah’s days were before Christ came. Christ came and brought in a new world. 

This earth is of Satan; he still rules. But for the children of God, God will rule us from within. There is no love in this world. Satan and his little demons are roaming the earth to see whom they can devour. 

Some people are getting into bitcoin and other crypto-currency, while others are into other investments and the economy. But don’t put your faith in anything but God. 

Live a simple life, a peaceful life. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Stay with it. Many of you do the Silent Prayer for a while, and then stop. God said pray without ceasing. God is right here in the present. 

What if you have a good relationship with your mother?

11:54 A man Jared (sp) asks what if he has a good relationship with his mother. He doesn’t feel like she hasn’t done anything wrong with him. His mother wasn’t perfect, but he knows people who’ve had much worse experiences. He doesn’t feel like he holds much resentment for her. 

He says he forgave her for yelling at him when he wasn’t doing something he wasn’t supposed to, but needed to find out for himself. That was evil for her to try to control him like that. He says he didn’t like his father changing when he was an alcoholic. 

He might become alcoholic because his father was one. 

(Nowadays you hear about men being alcoholics. Kids don’t care if the man is an alcoholic, unless the mother has a problem with it.) 

He thinks he became emotional because of his dad yelling at him irrationally while drunk when he was a kid. Because he’s his father’s son, he feels he has an addictive personality and the potential to be an alcoholic. When he drinks he keeps drinking. His father’s father was also an alcoholic; but they didn’t have good relationships between fathers and children. 

He feels he has the risk of becoming an alcoholic if he doesn’t watch himself. He’s 28. 

12:05 Joel reacts briefly to what he’s saying. 

12:09 Nick talks about people getting crazy ideas in their head, and believing in them. 

12:11 Franky says it’s the most dangerous thinking that you can have, believing thoughts. Life and death in the power of the tongue. 

12:12 Jesse says the only way you could be alcoholic is if you resent or judge your parent(s) for being that way. The man repeats that his mother never said negative things about his father being alcoholic. His father was alcoholic because he couldn’t deal with life. He still judges his father when he’s not sober. 

Intervention: He’s still living with his parents at 28!

Jesse thinks he has a problem with his mother because he’s acting like a woman with his father. He’s still living with his parents, busy at school, but justifies it as a project. 

The first thing is to be independent. His father doesn’t have it in him to put him out, while his mother doesn’t want to let go of her “little baby.” Is he white? We all have the same problems! Go and move out! 

Another man needs to move; he suppressed his male energy

12:22 Another man Nore (sp) from Simi Valley says his father was called quote-unquote “abusive.” He was really an alpha, he says. So he suppresses his male energy, himself. He’s feared becoming an angry monster. He says he forgave his mother’s manipulation; he said he’s aware of her manipulation, and not going to fall for it anymore. She told him the worst thing he could do is break his mother’s heart. He lives with his aunt and his mother. Face them and get out of there. 

He says he had a job, but covid hit, and his mother is at high risk. So he uses it as an excuse to stay home. Go get a job and get out of there! His father died when he was 17. 

Another man who’s friends with both of the previous guys says the first guy Jared (sp) is so much like his mother. 

Satan’s mind is far away from God’s mind

12:29 This man says his life changed similar to how Jesse described, in a direction he never thought it would. The life He has for us we could never plan. Satan’s mind is far away from God’s mind. 

12:31 The first man Jared (sp) admits he was just giving himself an excuse by waiting until he graduated. He appreciates Jesse’s message. He does not do the Silent Prayer every day. 

12:33 Jesse explains to the man Nore (sp) what you say when you go and forgive your mother. You apologize for hating once you see you’re wrong for resenting her. He says he follows his light, saying he contrasts his father’s light with his mother’s darkness. 

Once you’re born again, God cleans your house

12:35 A man asks if you can fall away after you’re born again. Jesse clarifies again what sin is. Once you’re born again, God cleans up the things. When you’re in a fallen state, you can’t help but break the 10 Commandments. Satan makes you judge yourself. 

12:38 A man says he got kicked out of home graduation night, at 18. He’s 56 now. 

12:39 Jesse asks questions of a young black lady from New Orleans in church, how life is going. Her mother came with her one time, and her sister was on her mother’s side. Her fiancé with her says they also called the show. 

Biblical Q: Can you earn love and respect? 

12:42 Jesse then asks his Biblical Question: Can you earn love and respect? The young couple respond, along with the 56-year-old man. 

No, you cannot. You want to be of love. 

New Biblical Q: How do you know if you have faith in God?

Jesse and Nick then ask the new Biblical Question: How do you know if you have faith in God? Nate answers it, saying he’d let go of his vices. He admits to smoking pot — perhaps against his will! Samuel the Mexican Carwash Boy answers as well. 

12:48 Jesse closes by saying: Stay with the Silent Prayer. Stay present with God, and your life will change. Don’t judge yourself when you go back to whatever you go back into. 

We had a great Women’s Forum this past Thursday. 

Read the Bible but don’t remember it. The Holy Spirit will interpret. Don’t take life so seriously that you get angry. Thank you!


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