06/03/12 Racism Does Not Exist Based on Color (Archive)

(BOND YouTube Premiere, 4 PM PT, Wednesday, June 16, 2021 – see more services via links below) 

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BOND Sunday Service, June 3, 2012: We discuss questions and issues people are facing in life, such as about forgiving one’s mother, dealing with inner conflict, and desire for money. Jesse watched and recommends a movie “The Beaver” with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, about a father who could not handle his emotional turmoil. We touch on abortion law, and people’s hate-filled reaction to truth, especially when it comes from men. Finally, after half-way through the service, we discuss whether people believe that “racism” exists. Jesse says that it does not exist, and toward the end explains why.

PREVIOUSLY-RELEASED CLIP: We’ll Never End “Racism” Because It’s a Problem that Doesn’t Exist. (13 mins)

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  • 0:00 Welcome to Church
  • 0:43 White shirt, black man
  • 1:42 You people
  • 3:15 Caller Q: Forgive?
  • 6:26 Q: Desire for money
  • 8:55 No pain in 25 years
  • 11:56 Education from within
  • 15:41 Movie: The Beaver
  • 21:57 Sex-selective abortions
  • 26:56 Haters, demons, Satan
  • 31:52 When a man says it
  • 36:27 Q: Racism does not exist
  • 43:29 Think for yourselves
  • 45:09 Blacks racist to whites?
  • 50:03 Racism in the Bible?
  • 51:40 No such thing as racism
  • 58:26 Support BOND


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