06/05/22 Do You Have True Courage? (Church)

The world is full of evil, confusion, and unhappiness. Question yourself in your anger. Biblical Question: Do you have true courage? Stay in the now, not the imagination. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 5, 2022: Jesse opens by commenting on evil and insanity in the world, with shootings, attacks on the Second Amendment, and “LGBTQ” propaganda to children. Nobody’s happy: Kim Kardashian reportedly said she’d eat poop if it helped her stay young-looking. Many people lie to themselves about having forgiven, but don’t question themselves when they trip out and get angry over small things. Jesse briefly retells of forgiving his mother, and the spirit of anger being taken from him.

We discuss at-length the Biblical Question: Do you have true courage? Most people are not “all-in.” Some are afraid to call themselves Christian! One man feels he should directly confront a “Christian” friend who’s having sex before marriage, or not associate with him. Jesse urges people to stay on the narrow path, not give names to evil, such as alcoholism or addiction, and claim them as their own. All thoughts are all lies. Each is responsible for one’s own overreaction. Trust God; in God, there is no fear, doubt, worry, or feelings. Stay in the now, not the imagination.


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jun 5, 2022
  • 0:03:00 JLP + Q’s: Evil and insanity against children
  • 0:14:52 JLP + Q’s: Nobody and nothing can make you happy
  • 0:18:43 JLP + Q’s: Question yourself in your anger
  • 0:23:14 Comments + BQ: Do you have true courage?
  • 0:31:21 More on BQ: Most people are not “all-in”
  • 0:36:53 More on BQ: People afraid to be Christians!
  • 0:42:24 More on BQ: Confronting a wayward Christian
  • 0:49:06 More on BQ: Do you have true courage?
  • 1:03:52 JLP on BQ: True courage
  • 1:09:07 JLP on BQ: Darkness, Satan, fear
  • 1:14:46 JLP on BQ: The Devil’s language
  • 1:21:01 Feedback: People overreacting: Whose fault?
  • 1:24:04 Q’s + JLP: Trusting God
  • 1:28:20 Q’s + JLP: Stand, stand, stand.
  • 1:34:51 Closing: Stay in the now

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming around the top of the hour, and Chris makes brief announcements.

JLP: Evil and insanity in the world

11:03 Jesse makes points about the evil and insanity in the world pushed even on children, and takes questions and comments.

11:08 One man questions how this works.

11:12 A man cites biblical principles.

JLP: Nobody, and nothing can make you happy

11:14 Raymond speaks, and Jesse follows-up. Jesse points out nobody’s happy, even with money and relationships. Famous rich woman Kim Kardashian reportedly said that if eating poop would keep her young-looking, she’d do it. None in her family are happy.

11:16 One man references the Men’s Forum this past Thursday, talking about feelings and selfishness. He doesn’t blame women for not trusting weak men.

JLP: Question yourself in your anger

11:18 Jesse responds to the man, saying people often lie about having forgiven. When faced with little things, they get mad or trip out! So Jesse recounts that after he forgave his mother, having felt bad after he realized he hated her, he never gets angry. But people don’t believe that anger is a spirit that can be removed. Question yourself.

11:22 A first-time visitor man Cory (sp) asks: Is it either taken completely, or it hasn’t been taken away at all? He worries that maybe he’s convinced himself.

Q + BQ: Do you have true courage?

11:24 Jesse interrupts another man, saying he didn’t know human beings could sink so low!

11:25 The other man talks. Jesse talks about how dumb we are. The intellect is evil.

11:27 Jesse asks the man the Biblical Question: Do you have true courage? The man talks about interacting with his sister who’s doing wrong. He thinks about the gossip in his family from disobeying the woman. At first the man said, “Yes and no,” but now he doesn’t know what true courage is.

More BQ feedback: Most people are not all-in

11:30 Jesse asks Hassan the BQ and what true courage is. He says: “All in,” and “the courage to die,” willingness to die, which gives courage to live.

11:31 Jesse points out 99.999% (or more) of people are not all-in.

11:31 Franky says he does not have true courage. He talks about fighting to the death, admiration for his father, and people with doubt and confusion.

More BQ feedback: People afraid to be Christian!

11:36 People don’t want to admit they’re a Christian today! How do you deny being a Christian in a Christian nation?

11:37 Another man talks about courage.

11:38 A young woman talks about Satan having been her daddy.

11:39 A first-timer Guillermo (sp) is Panamanian (Central America), and answers the Biblical Question.

11:40 Another young woman says no, she does not have true courage. She believes courage is doing what’s right in spite of doubt and fear.

More BQ feedback: Confronting a wayward Christian friend

11:41 One man says he “sometimes” has true courage. He says he’s been gentle but not directly confrontational with a longtime friend who has sex out-of-wedlock. Citing the Bible, he says he shouldn’t associate with drunkards and fornicators who consider themselves Christian. So this is his lack of courage.

In contrast, he talks about dealing with the school.

11:47 Jesse asks Raymond the Biblical Question, and he gives his take on what courage is.

More on BQ: Do you have true courage?

11:48 A young man similarly to others says “yes and no.” 11:49 Jesse comments to the young man: Nobody gets married in the right way. The young man continues, giving the example of having never drunk alcohol until he was 26.

11:50 Yet another man says “yes and no.” He says he’s been doxxed for his political affiliations. He’s concerned for his family. When he sees his name online, he gets angry and nervous, as he does not want his neighbors turning on him.

11:52 A young mother says having true courage is being “all-in,” and not “double thinking” anything.

11:54 Hassan and other young men talk. One man says no, because he doesn’t know exactly what it is. Another young man says. Nick the Anchor Baby says he doesn’t know what Jesse means by true courage. He says he no longer backs down, and operates from love.

11:57 A young woman thought she had courage, but that she has courage to look at herself now. She feels it’s courage not to be gentle with people.

11:58 One man doesn’t think true courage is real. Chris talks about being all-in and having faith. Hake answers that he doesn’t think so because he sometimes plans and figures future things out in his head rather than having faith and staying present.

12:02 Another young lady answers.

JLP on BQ: True courage

12:03 Jesse urges people to stay on the narrow path. He talks about the phoniness of emotional people pushing to take the guns. The world gives you names to evil, such as alcoholic or drug addict. You claim that as your own, and falsely identify as it. In reality, that’s not who you are, but a dark state of being. You can’t help what you do, in the fallen state. You identify with it as you, but the real you is free.

12:08 Jesse tells about a woman who was in her head over a situation. The darkness makes you believe a lie, and act out in the wrong way, in fear. All thoughts are all lies. Don’t let Satan give you an impression of who you are.

Real courage takes allowing that to be destroyed. Let the situation happen, and watch the not-you go through the fear.

God is not making you feel good or bad. He’s loving you, the way we should love one another.

Don’t say “I” anymore. You’re fellowshiping with the Devil. The Devil will depart when you no longer identify with that, when you stop worshiping him. Stay there.

12:14 Jesse goes on to talk about when he forgave his mother to make a point.

God said: Bring all thoughts into captivity. The Devil talks to his children in their language. Jesse highly recommends: Have that down time. And sit still in it, so that God can reveal that the ego is not you. The Devil doesn’t want to be in the light.

God used Paul, because he understood his issues were not him. People judge your vices; God judges the heart.

Feedback: Overreacting to others

12:20 One young woman talks about everyone reacting to one another. Nobody is the cause of your overreaction, but your own listening to the Devil. It’s not others’ fault that you’re that weak. It’s best to be able to be alone. If you can’t be alone, you’re a coward.

It’s your fault if you mess up your children, but even that’s because of the fallen state. Once they’re adults, it’s their fault if they don’t get over it.

JLP: Trusting God

12:23 After another young man talks, Jesse comments on trusting God, getting back to the young man who was doxxed. In God there is no fear, doubt, worry, or feelings.

The light is stronger than the darkness; as a matter of fact, the Devil has no power at all. The darkness has been defeated. You’re afraid of a coward!

Thinking about public speaking makes you afraid. Get up and do it. Let the ego die.

JLP: Stand, stand, stand.

11:27 After Hassan makes a point, mentioning the “yellow-brick road,” Jesse says: All who endure to the end get the prize.

12:32 A woman talks about people saying one is funny, and it makes one feel the need to be funny. Don’t try to prove anything.

Closing: Stay in the now, not in the imagination

12:34 Jesse closes. All thoughts are all lies, all the time, about everything. Jesse couldn’t judge people; he knows the Devil has people doing wrong. Have down time.

12:36 Stay with the Silent Prayer. God is not judging us. Jesse says the Men’s Forum was powerful.


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