07/04/21 No ‘Equality’: Return to the Order of God (Church)

Happy Independence Day! Men and women are not “equal.” That’s Satan’s word! Do you believe history repeats itself?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, July 4, 2021: Happy Independence Day! A young couple from South Carolina joins us, the girlfriend believing that men and women are “equal.” Some teenage girls also talk. We discuss trauma from parents, the evil of emotions, women’s ego, and the need to forgive one’s parents. Biblical Question: Do you believe history repeats itself? Although there is nothing new, Jesse does not see it repeating itself. It gets worse, but for the children of God, it gets better. Don’t be afraid to celebrate the Fourth of July! 


  • 0:00 Pre-church announcements
  • 3:37 Welcome to Church
  • 7:36 Young men speak
  • 12:37 South Carolina man
  • 19:48 His girlfriend: Trauma
  • 26:32 Women aren’t equal?
  • 34:15 What is equality?
  • 38:06 “No man over me”
  • 44:24 Why God uses men
  • 46:27 St. Louis radio interview
  • 51:11 Biblical Q: History repeat?
  • 54:30 Another woman on equality
  • 1:06:00 Why women are emotional
  • 1:06:59 Q: Does history repeat?
  • 1:15:53 Jesse’s answer
  • 1:20:29 Wife forgave mother
  • 1:23:42 Her children speak
  • 1:31:41 Another young lady
  • 1:33:58 Bring back Christianity
  • 1:35:14 Being saved?
  • 1:37:51 God’s order in churches?
  • 1:39:50 Closing 
  • 1:43:00 Announcements / End

Church Notes

(We start streaming at 11 AM U.S. PDT, and get started after a couple minutes.) 

Happy Independence Day! We open by welcoming first-time visitors including some teenagers. 

11:08 A 23-year-old man moved out of his parents’ home not long ago. Do not regret the challenges you face; appreciate them. You’ll find yourself overcoming and becoming a man. The man’s friend also joined us. 

Kicked out by Jehovah’s Witness parents

11:12 A black guy named Chris saw Jesse on Tommy Sotomayor and Tariq Nasheed. He brought his girlfriend out here from North Carolina. Prompted for questions, he asks how he forgives his parents; they kicked him out at 17, and he’s 33 now! — he looks young! His parents brought him up Jehovah’s Witness. A long time ago, he married and has three children. Now he has not spoken to his father or mother in over 10 years. 

So he asks: How do I let go? Jesse explains: Get to know yourself; you’ll see you’re not in control of yourself. Likewise they do not have control. Forgive them, and God will forgive you; your whole world will change. 

He does not want his children to go around his parents. 

Your trauma growing up made you emotional

11:19 Chris’s girlfriend does not watch Jesse’s show, but overhears it, and feels that she has opposing views. She asks: What is the Silent Prayer? So Jesse explains that to overcome your emotions, you must be still. She has noticed that emotions are no good. How did she become emotional? She thinks she was born that way; but no, she was born innocent. She does not want Jesse to assume her past trauma. But that trauma made her emotional. 

Being emotional, her daddy is Satan, because she resents her mother and father, Jesse tells her. Although she says she does not, they did do wrong; she chalks it up to generational differences, and says she hates the situation, not them. 

Jesse warns her that she would do the same to her children what was done to her. She does want kids, but also doesn’t, because she’s not ready. She says she did forgive her parents, and loves her family. But if they can make you angry, it only means you have resentment. 

WATCH INTERVIEW: Special Guests: Chris & Sol; Young Couple Gets REAL With Jesse! (38 mins) (The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, Monday, July 5, 2021)

Are men and women not equal?

She’s a Christian, but believes men and women are equal. She also says she respects Bruce Jenner’s desire to be called a woman. 

Her boyfriend admits he smokes pot to cool his nerves, but wants to “get that monkey off [his] back.” 

Regarding equality, the young lady asks about when the man of the house is weak. All are born in sin; God works through the man, and less often through the woman. All power comes from God; He loves us all, but changes people from Satan’s nature to His nature. But men and women of God are still not equal. 

11:35 “Equal” is a Satan word. It’s a made-up word by the children of Satan. What does equality mean to you? The young lady says there’s no hierarchy. She asks: Isn’t the purpose of equality to unite? No, it’s to divide. 

Another young lady, who also joined us last week, realized equality is a lie too. Her mother was the “man of the house,” and raised three soldier girls who’d say no man would ever be over them. 

It’s too stressful living wrong, trying to be “equal,” working, leaving kids at home. It’s a mess! 

Jesse was on a St. Louis radio show

Early this morning, Jesse appeared on a liberal black St. Louis radio show with people who did not want the truth to get out. 

Biblical Question: Do you believe history repeats itself? 

11:51 Jesse then has people answer whether they think history repeats itself. 

More about women’s equality and women’s ego and emotions

11:55 One lady says history is always progressing, and does not literally repeat. She too had a reaction against the hierarchy of men over women; she thought they were equal. Asked by Jesse, she talks about social things like “equal pay.” Her mother tried to be equal to her father. Jesse asks: Why would it be hard to give up your ego to stay home and raise children. She thinks that doesn’t sound fun. 

12:01 Yet another young lady who joined us last week said that once she has children, she may see it. But some women have children, and they go right back to work. 

Another woman talked with her sister about “equality,” and she calls it selfish. Everything has its position in the world. If some parts of a machine tries to fulfil a role other than its intended purpose, it can’t function right. She reiterates that women are more emotional. 

12:05 Jesse explains that women are emotional because Satan is her daddy. God is the man’s God, and Satan is the woman’s god, an ego-driven spirit. When you forgive, you’ll overcome Satan. 

Back to the Biblical Question

12:06 Mary says you don’t get over mistakes until you get it. So she says history repeats itself until people get it. Several other ladies answer, some saying that history does not repeat itself. 

12:11 Nick and a few others also answer too, saying it does repeat itself. One man says that without God it does repeat itself. 

12:13 Victoria’s lil business is growing. She says, based on her life, no: She’s never repeated the same lesson twice. 

Jesse’s answer

12:15 Jesse then answers: He used to think so, and is still not sure. But there’s nothing new under the sun. Each generation gets worse, meaner, and nastier. Evil has done the same thing: Nothing but destroying. So he does not see where it repeats itself. Evil was not so apparent at one point in America, because Christians would shut it down. So it’s out-of-control now, because Christians are weak. It seems to be getting worse, rather than repeating. Similarly, when you’re born again, you improve and God takes the sin and unrighteousness away. 

12:19 A man who joined us last week reacts to the question. 

“See you never.” A woman forgave her mother this past week

12:20 A lady who joined us with her husband talked about forgiving her mother. Her mother took it as thought she did a bad job with her — which Jesse points out she did. After dropping her off at the end of their conversation in the car, her mother responded, “See you never.” This young lady says she’s always believed in God, and has asked her children to forgive her before, but was too busy. 

Their daughters resent them

Their daughters talk about their resentment for their father, saying it will take time for them to forgive him. Resenting them turns you away from God; it’s not a process. 

Another young lady says she has not gone to them to tell them, but that she has forgiven them. But it’d be weird living with them. 

Bring back Christianity

12:33 Jesse repeats: I don’t see history repeating itself. But nothing is new. 

We have to bring back Christianity. Now is the time to bring the children to the fathers, and the fathers to the children. 

Jesse explains to a lady about the baptism of the spirit, forgiving and being born again. Hatred is evil. Going to the front of the church is not going to do it. 

Most churches don’t seem to know about the order of God. 

12:40 Samuel Mexican Carwash Boy has some Fourth of July mugs. 

Happy Fourth of July

12:40 Celebrate the Fourth of July. We who believe in God have the power to overcome evil. It’s a spiritual battle. 

In closing, be still and know God. Passion comes from Satan. Go and forgive, so God can forgive you, and you can be free. 


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