07/25/21 Evil Mothers, Weak Fathers, Angry Sons and Daughters

We deal with several weak fathers, evil mothers, and angry sons and daughters. Do you try to be your personal best? Have shame!

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, July 25, 2021: (Happy White History Month!) Jesse talks at-length with some first-time visitors: A black man from Sacramento and his father — the mother refused to come to church! … A Hispanic man and his mother who won’t let him go… A woman who still lives with her abusive mother… Her cousin is a young man controlled by women… And a young man who forgave feels like he’s descending back into anger. 

(Jesse also answers brief questions about singing and communion at church.) 

Jesse then asks: Are you trying to be your personal best? There’s no such thing! Bring back shame: Don’t judge yourself, but be ashamed, and not proud of your fallen state stuff! 

Biblical Questions: Genesis 3: 16 reads: To the woman God said: “Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.” What does this mean? Jesse will answer tomorrow (Monday 07/26/21) on his radio show

Also: What does racism and white supremacy look like? It doesn’t exist! 

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  • 0:00 Pre-church talk
  • 3:29 Happy WHM!
  • 6:36 Black man on anger
  • 17:43 His father on weakness
  • 20:13 26yo living with mother
  • 24:55 26yo with bad back
  • 32:27 His Mexican mother
  • 50:55 Living with abusive mother
  • 1:00:55 He’s controlled by women
  • 1:08:30 Forgive to overcome
  • 1:10:13 Falling back to anger?
  • 1:17:40 Singing? Communion?
  • 1:20:06 Be your personal best?
  • 1:26:09 Be ashamed!
  • 1:37:29 “He shall rule over you”
  • 1:43:39 Live from within
  • 1:47:06 A solid foundation
  • 1:48:04 Shame vs false guilt
  • 1:50:14 Racism, white supremacy
  • 1:51:10 Men’s Conference: Don’t wait
  • 1:52:07 Know thyself; forgive; doubt thoughts
  • 1:55:11 Support BOND

Church Notes

(We start streaming just after 11:00 AM US PDT and get started a few minutes afterward.) 

Happy White History Month!

11:04 Jesse wishes everyone: Happy White History Month! He recounts talking with a lady who looked white, but called herself “Native American,” who balked at the notion. Raymond shares about singing “If I Had a Hammer” in front of some people recently. 

A black man and his father

11:08 A young black man joins us with his father. He’s listened five years to Jesse, but has not forgiven his mother who also listens to Jesse (despite disliking Jesse’s delivery). He says he’s not afraid of her. Their family is visiting from Sacramento, but his mother did not want to join us for church today! He and his father have physically hit each other in the past. He smokes pot! God will clean that stuff up for you. Deal with Jamie (sp — his mother) today! 

11:18 Jesse then talks with the man’s father, Dexter. He forgave his mother; his father’s deceased. He does not consistently do the Silent Prayer — and gives no excuse. Jesse encourages him to do it; it makes your days easier; you’ll be surprised what you get done in a day. He’s been married 40 years, puts his foot down, and tells her how the cow ate the cabbage “in a respectful way.” 

More first-timers

11:21 Another first-timer Edwin joins us, after hearing of Jesse from his brother. At 26, he lives with his mother and father, and she gives him affection — he shouts “beta!” at himself. He’s looking for a job. Jesse recommends he move out soon. 

26-year-old man lives with his mother

11:25 Another man Majin (sp) catches Jesse on YouTube; his mother also joins us, and he says on-the-spot: “Mom, I forgive you.” He says he’s dying to work and get out of her house — he’s standing up in the meeting, because of a back injury. Right out of high school, he joined the Navy as a rescue swimmer. Jesse corrects him after saying he loves his mother so much. Describing his childhood, he says he was never hungry, but she did not support his interests — so he ran off to the military. 

His father left when he was very young, now living in Kansas; he’s only met him a couple of times. At 26 he’s never sought him. His mother told him his father left because he had “a lot of baby mamas.” He’s never been religious until a few years ago, and does not pray — but Jesse encourages him to do so. 

His Mexican mother

11:33 His mother then talks. She says she cries a lot because of him, her only child. Jesse asks her why she has not let her son go. She was afraid things would happen to him, but Jesse points out that he won’t grow up living with her! 

Breaking down, she says she had problems with her parents, and did not choose a good man in his father. She wants to be a grandmother, and so wants her son to be married. Jesse jokes with her about finding a man for her once he leaves. But she says she doesn’t want another man to tell her what to do; she’s independent. 

Her father’s 91, and mother 87 — living in Mexico. Jesse encourages her to forgive them, specifically her mother, so God can forgive her. She was not her mother’s favorite; her mother’s mean to her on the phone. Her son always tells her to stop talking to her; it’s been months. Don’t bring her gifts; Jesse jokes: “Give her the finger.” 

11:48 This lady agrees her father never protected her from her mother. Forgive him too. 

She once tried to talk with her mother, hoping for some good response from her, but nothing came. Jesse advises her to tell her she’s sorry for hating her; realize that she’s evil and cannot help it. 

Woman still lives with her abusive mother

11:51 Another young lady Gaby joins us with a mask on for “the Delta virus.” Joining us with her cousin, she asks what fellowship is; this is the first she’s ever heard of Jesse. She’s doing therapy right now. Jesse asks: Did God tell you to go to therapy or to go and forgive the person? So Jesse highly recommends she go and forgive her mother, and her father for not protecting her. She’s 36! 

Go to them, and you’ll never need another counselor. The moment you see you have the anger, you should go and forgive. God will take her identity away from her, and she’ll be herself again. The young woman breaks down a little bit, describing her mother’s physical abuse. She still lives with her! Talking about the prospect of moving out, she fears that if she leaves, she won’t come back. But that’s a good thing — staying with her as she is, she doesn’t love her, nor does her mother love her. 

12:00 Jesse also tells her to forgive her father, because he’s weak. So forgive, and do the Silent Prayer — she has not heard of the prayer either. 

Her male cousin is controlled by women

Her male cousin who brought her had never told her to forgive; he knew she was a mess. At 28, he lives with his mother whom he says he forgave. He never learned basic adult skills. Women control him because they’re his god. He says he has a “savior complex,” like a “white knight.” Jesse explains that he’s weak and doing it to get something from them; stop it. 

Asking a question, he says he has ideas, but never does them. Start with getting a second job. He spends his money on women! Talking about doing the Silent Prayer, he says he stopped smoking pot, and went back to it, but saw the messy direction he was headed. Don’t tell your mother you’re moving! She’ll try to control you, Jesse tells him. Save your money, and move out. Jesse encourages him to send a one-pager to us, if he wishes to join our Entrepreneur Academy. 

12:09 Jesse says: If you want to overcome this hell, drop the anger, and you shall go free. 

Joel comments about the Hispanic mother who said she was raised as “independent.” Jesse responds: Once she overcomes the anger, God will allow her to see. (They joke about dancing.) 

A young man tripping, descending back into anger? 

12:11 A young man says he’s regressing a lot, although he thought he got rid of his anger. He’d had a lot of money at one point, but blew it, and moved back in with his mother. Although he owns property in Russia, he cannot get his money out of there. He was diagnosed with psychosis at age 14, and he’s starting to be bad like that again. It’s not good to be around evil with his mother. 

He does the Silent Prayer only at night, but not in the morning, because he rushes out of his mother’s house. Do it every morning. He starts to judge his friends for thoughts that he knows are not their own. Don’t argue with them, nor try to prove anything, Jesse advises. 

Singing and communion in Church?

12:18 A young lady asks: if Jesse has singing in church, quoting the Bible about singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Jesse sang a Cher song at the gym with buddies the other day. She also asks about communion. Jesse explains: You should do that whenever you eat or drink, because God doesn’t want the food to seduce you. When eating, instead of getting high on the food, remember Him. 

Are you trying to be your personal best? 

12:20 Jesse asks everyone: How many are trying to be your personal best? A handful of people raise their hands. One man who is not trying to be his personal best gave up after 45 years. He based his self-judgment on others’ feedback, and it was a mess. One man who says he is trying to be his personal best describes the way he tries to do so. 

How do you know when you get there? The man compares himself today to how he was in the past — he says he was “underneath the fallen state.” 

A friend of Jesse’s told him he was trying to be his personal best. But Jesse says there “ain’t no such thing as being your personal best.” But that’s what the world is teaching; many people follow these crazy ideas. 

Yes, do your best at everything, but don’t compete with anyone, nor try to be like anyone. Keep life simple, and stay on the path. People end up with anxiety, or on drugs, trying to be their personal best. God’s way is easy. 

Be ashamed! 

12:26 There’s no shame anymore, even among the Christians. Oprah and others fought to get rid of shame — they even came up with a “Slut Walk.” You’re not supposed to be proud of being wrong. Don’t judge yourself, but you should know it’s wrong. 

For example, Jesse never would have brought a girl to his parents’ house to sleep with her! 

Be ashamed! 

A young man talks about the trashiness of Venice Beach now being accepted, normalized without shame. Homeless people use the bathroom right on the sidewalk all over Los Angeles. 

12:31 A man asks about Jesse’s haters who repeatedly call him a hypocrite for having had a son out-of-wedlock. He tells them: Suffer and die. Jesse took the pain when his son’s mother kept him from him. So he advises men not to do this. 

They’re turning little kids into being whores and whore-makers, even at schools. 

12:33 Jesse used to smoke pot, but during the week he took care of his responsibilities beforehand. One time his aunt and uncle visited unannounced, and although he tried to get rid of the smell, they detected it; he was so ashamed. Come back to shame! 

Talking with Nate, Jesse says mothers and fathers shouldn’t embarrass their children. Parents should be an example, but not out in the public. Jesse’s grandparents would just give him a look in public, and he and other kids would stop. 

One of the men brings up the shock of Little Nas X pushing evil. 

12:37 Another young lady asks about drinking and smoking. No one can help you overcome this stuff, but only God. 

Biblical Question

12:38 Nick reminds us of Jesse’s Biblical Question: Genesis 3:16 says: To the woman God said: “Your desire shall be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” 

One young lady says she’d let a man rule over her, but says her mother did not, despite her stated intentions. 

Mark talks about the curse of the fall, passed to the man, woman, and serpent by God. 

Francisco shares a story. A woman talks about feminism saying women own their sexuality, whereas she says it really belongs to her husband only. 

Jesse’s comments

12:45 Jesse makes his comments. There are two realities — the false one outside, and the real one within. How did we get to the point where the government and others are trying to force people to get the vaccine? Weasely, corrupt people think they can make people do what they want. This is because they’ve demoralized society; most millennials don’t know what morals are! 

Samuel talks about young people talking on videos on social media. 

Jesse points out that if your house is built on sand, it’ll be destroyed. Build your foundation on solid rock, the values of God. Loving God with all your heart along with nothing else, and loving your neighbor as yourself, you can’t be deceived. Don’t fall for the words; overcome words. 

12:48 A young man disagrees with Jesse’s idea of shame; people are being shamed for not getting the vaccine or wearing a mask. But that’s false guilt. They want to control you. But the stuff you go through in the fallen state — you are not supposed to have “gay pride,” for example. 

Jesse will answer this past week’s biblical question tomorrow on the radio show. 

New Biblical Question: Jesse asks: What does racism and white supremacy look like? No such thing! (So that’s answered!) 

Announcements / Ending

Men, buy your Men’s Conference tickets in advance so that we can plan things; don’t wait to buy at the door. 

In closing, Jesse advises: Go and forgive. Doubt every thought about everything. Thoughts cloud your consciousness! God will take away your anger. Christ came that we might have peace. Anyone with anger does not have peace. 

Buy some land! Stay present, and God will open up opportunities. Don’t listen to Satan about not having money. Stay with the Silent Prayer. 

We’ll read your Super Chats tomorrow! 


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