08/01/21 No Love, No God with Fear (Church)

Samuel shares history. Newcomers discuss forgiveness and relationships. There is no love in fear. How do you believe the truth?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 1, 2021: WHM is over! Samuel shares some U.S. history and quotes from American Founders about Christianity. An atheist woman covered Jesse’s experts’ segment on educated women. Anyone who has fear is not of God and has no love. 

One young woman forgave her mother, grew up without her father, and recently left her live-in boyfriend. A young black man finds himself angry at the evil in the world. The lady from our Silent Prayer radio commercial flew in from Texas for Church! 

A couple of men ask about how to know and believe the truth — one man doubts himself when trying to prove points to others. In order to have faith, doubt all thoughts, which are all lies. Never try to convince anyone; don’t play ego. Another man, by contrast, enjoys getting a rise out of people who disagree. (His girlfriend may join The Jesse Lee Peterson Show to discuss disagreements about race and right and wrong.) 

One man was in a fatal car accident in which his friend died! Afterward, his own fiancée (who was living with him) assaulted him! Leave her in jail, and go through the ego pain. Other nice ladies and their sons speak before we wrap up. (We’ll answer the Biblical Question on the radio show tomorrow.) 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our monthly Men’s Forum is 7 PM PT, first Thursday, Aug 5, 2021, at BOND in L.A. — and then our annual Men’s Conference on Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, in Orlando, FL. https://rebuildingtheman.com/events 


  • 0:00 Pre-church talk
  • 3:13 Real History!
  • 16:52 Educated women
  • 26:28 Anyone with fear
  • 34:33 Being an individual
  • 36:18 She forgave mother
  • 41:10 Go and forgive
  • 44:05 He’s mad at evil
  • 54:35 Egyptian head covering
  • 56:41 Her father, her ex-bf
  • 1:10:11 All thoughts are lies
  • 1:12:34 She flew in from TX
  • 1:17:59 How to know and tell
  • 1:24:42 Never try to prove; faith
  • 1:31:02 Silent Prayer: No vow!
  • 1:31:59 Getting a rise: Ego
  • 1:36:17 She disagrees a little
  • 1:44:01 Accident, assault
  • 1:50:17 Guy from last week
  • 1:53:35 Proving truth
  • 1:54:54 Give earrings back
  • 1:55:55 Mexican mother
  • 2:00:38 Nick’s mama
  • 2:02:01 Closing

Church Notes

(We start streaming just after 11:00 AM US PDT.) 

White History and Christianity

We hope you had a happy White History Month last month, in July! 

Samuel (Mexican Carwash Boy) appeared on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show Friday recounting how he read the American Founders were Christians. (It’s hard to find a decent millennial who’s living right — they don’t even know about morality!) David Barton’s book about U.S. history. It’s good to hear these things, to remind you that we are a Judeo-Christian nation. 

11:08 Samuel reads what men wrote at the end of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams wrote an excited but cautionary letter to his wife. Adams also told Benjamin Rush that we can win if we believe in God and repent of our sins. Samuel also recounts a story of Gen. Washington, when Congress approved chaplains, reverends, men of good character who lead exemplary lives. In May 1778, after the tough Valley Forge winter, Washington commended his troops’ bravery, promoting Christianity. 

11:15 Jesse points out: If you don’t have God on your side, you’re going to lose this spiritual battle. Love God. 

Educated women versus real Christianity

Jesse recounts his experts’ segment saying women should not be educated. You have to be dumb to have a degree, Jesse says. An atheist liberal woman (Jaclyn Glenn) who previously appeared on The Fallen State with Jesse Lee Peterson talked about this segment on her YouTube channel. 

Jesse talks about women hitting men and thinking too highly of themselves. Be you. 

11:26 A man reads Romans 1: 25, saying people exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped created things rather than the Creator. 

If you have fear, you don’t know God and have no love

Anyone who has fear is not of God. Fear is the son of Satan. There is no love in fear. 

11:28 One man admits he has fear of the future, afraid things will be bad for his children if he has any one day. Jesse points out he fears losing his business because it means more to him than God. This man Jimmy says he doesn’t do the Silent Prayer, and has not forgiven his parents. He’s afraid of forgiving his father because he’s weak, and gets torn up emotionally very easily. (Jesse makes fun of the Capitol Police officers who cried on TV in Congress this week.) 

God does not care about your feelings. As sons of God, we should not care about feelings. His father was beta with his crazy, mean mother, but didn’t do anything bad to him. So he’s just like his mama; Jesse points out he’s like both of them. 

Jimmy found Jesse on Get a Job channel (Jesse Lee Peterson SAVAGE Moments series on YouTube). At first he thought Jesse was funny and crazy, but now he realizes there’s truth to what Jesse says. 

11:35 There’s nothing like being an individual. 

A young woman forgave her mother

A first-time visitor Stina (sp) has been listening to Jesse’s talks for a month. She says a man named David who runs Faces of the Vaccinated Instagram page (“Narrow Gate Church”) shared Jesse’s content a month or so ago. She forgave her mother who’s very liberal and remarried, with all kinds of problems; her mother responded surprisingly well, she says. 

11:43 Stop judging yourself about what you’re into. The preachers think that’s the sin. (Jesse gets back with her later, after talking with a couple of guys. 

Another first-timer, a black man

A young man saw Jesse after he talked with Tommy Sotomayor. He also met the Black Lives Matter guy who stayed on The Fallen State after his female friend walked off a few years ago. This man traveled to go see his father and forgive him — even before watching Jesse. 

He finds himself angry at the evil the government is doing with shutdowns. But Jesse exhorts him: Don’t be angry; they want you to be mad. He does affirmations as well as sometimes the Silent Prayer. He has trouble sleeping. 

God will give you rest; you won’t have the spirit of anger. 

11:53 You want to have wisdom when you talk with people who believe crazy things — stay in the present with God. Out of a thousand, one is looking for the truth. 

A young man who was living back with his mother lost his job because he refused to wear a mask. He’s wearing a head rag from Egypt. We’ll talk with him at the Men’s Forum this Thursday, first Thursday of the month, 7 PM here at BOND in Los Angeles. 

Back to the young woman

11:56 Jesse gets back with the young lady after talking with a couple of guys, asking about her father who left when she was five. She seemingly randomly saw him doing a glass work job where she was staying. They talked and caught up back then. But since that time he’s died. Jesse comments that the worst thing that can happen to children, boys or girls, is for mothers to turn them away from their fathers. He had problems from his childhood as well. 

Now 31, she was an angry liberal atheist in her younger days. After 7 years, she left her boyfriend who did not want marriage or children; she tears up while thinking about it. Raised by a feminist single mother, she was lost herself. Having left him just a month ago, she wanted to convince herself he was a good man, but he was just nice and took care of her. Allow yourself to go through the pain of being wrong, Jesse tells her: Let yourself go through the loneliness. On the other side you will see total peace, that God is with you. 

Stay with the prayer. Don’t worry about the age thing. Women who worry about being too old to have children are in a fallen state. 

12:10 All thoughts are all lies, all the time, about all things. (She has no opinion of herself; Jesse too has no opinion of himself.) You’re forgetting about Satan’s voice. 

A woman from Texas joins us

One woman Brandy (sp) from Dallas, Texas, flew in this morning, having listened to Jesse for about two years. She started with the Get a Job stuff, too. She was once liberal feminist, but Jesse woke her up, and his philosophy changed her life, she says. The more she listens, the more she’s opened up to agree. 

12:15 It’s amazing God is bringing His children together now, Jesse says. People never knew to go and forgive their parents! Her dad would pay his children to go to the front in order to look good! She’s the lady whose voice we hear in one of Jesse’s radio commercials touting the Silent Prayer. 

How to believe (and speak) the truth

12:18 One young man says he doubts himself when talking with people who disagree. Sometimes he doubts whether he knows to be true what he believes, partly because he can’t prove it to others. 

12:20 Ermias too asks how you believe. The young man says he sometimes just knows, even without being able to explain how. 

12:24 Hassan (who was previously interviewed on The Fallen State) shares some wisdom about these questions. Do not try to convince anyone of anything, Jesse tells the young man. Don’t try to prove anything; do not play ego; you’re just a living being allowing God to work through you. 

12:26 The only way you doubt God is when you believe the lies of Satan — the thoughts. The only thing left is faith when you doubt every thought. That’s how you believe: By doubting every thought. Adam had faith until he believed the woman who believed the serpent. The woman had faith in her husband who had faith in God, until she listened to the serpent. Don’t try to prove anything to anyone. 

Just be, and the Father will work through you. The young man also stopped himself from saying fully what he really believed, because he didn’t want to look bad. 

The young man admits he’s not doing the Silent Prayer. Don’t make a vow — just know you need to do it! 

A young couple speaks

12:34 Another young man, 29, used to push people away intentionally — all ego! His “wife” (really his girlfriend of two months), on the other hand, worries what people think. She was never religious, and coming to church here a few times is new to her. Before hearing Jesse, she went and forgave her parents, she says. 

She was weirded out when Jesse told another young lady to marry a white man and make white babies. It’s crazy to her to say people of color can’t build anything great. It’s about the spirit, not about color. Jesse invites her on the radio show to discuss her disagreement. 

A man in a car accident was assaulted by his fiancée

12:44 A man was in a traumatic car accident in which a friend passed away. He returned to a woman who didn’t believe him, but assaulted him. She’s in jail now — his fiancée with whom he was living! He’d been with her for 10 years! He asks how to make sense of the situation. When you live wrong, you get wrong back, Jesse tells him. Don’t grieve too long for your friend. Stay with the Silent Prayer, every morning and every night. Don’t blame the fiancée for anything. 

The man recounts forgiving his mother. She doesn’t need to accept it nor apologize. You forgive her. And with the fiancée in jail, endure the ego pain and let her go. 

A man and his mother from last week

12:51 Another man talks about his mindset. His mother also speaks. 

Nick’s grandmother also speaks

1:00 Nick’s visiting grandmother speaks in Spanish, commenting on the church format we have. 

Last comments and announcements

1:02 Jesse urges people to go and forgive. (We’ll cover the Biblical Question tomorrow on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show.) 

We have our monthly Men’s Forum this Thursday, August 5th, 2021, 7 PM at BOND in Los Angeles — first Thursday of the month. 


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