08/08/21 Are You an Individual? (Church)

Individuals are rare among the younger generations; their talent is stifled, but in stillness it emerges. Biblical Question: What is a man?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 8, 2021: Individuals are missing in society today — particularly among young people. Exceptions include Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, and Clint Eastwood, actor and film director. Are you an individual? Are you fitting in with the crowd, the group? One man got himself fired by refusing to wear a mask. We answer the Biblical Question: What is a man? (Happy Men’s History Month!) 


  • 0:00 Pre-church announcements
  • 3:12 Welcome to Church
  • 14:03 Individuals are missing
  • 26:39 Feedback: Individuals?
  • 55:05 Wild hair
  • 1:02:22 Jesse on individuality
  • 1:12:08 Mask or Mama?
  • 1:18:18 Move outta mama’s
  • 1:30:38 BQ: What is a man?
  • 1:36:27 Jesse’s answer
  • 1:48:10 Mask rebel again
  • 1:52:56 Closing story
  • 1:55:43 New BQ / End

Church Notes

(We start streaming just before 11:00 AM US PDT, and begin a couple of minutes afterward.) 

11:03 Jesse welcomes first-timers at church, including a man named Isaac and his family, including fraternal twin daughters. His wife tolerates him “about everything,” including his hobbies. She does not obey him all the time, although in her marriage vow, she says they both promised to obey each other. So they compromise. Today’s their 9th wedding anniversary, visiting Los Angeles. 

A man named Lei from the Bay Area found Jesse via YouTube, watching Jesse Lee Peterson SAVAGE Moments, by the channel Get a Job. He was in the area for a wedding. (He watches Hake too!) He talks about dealing with his parents. He’s 39 now, having been watching since March or April. 

Individuals are missing

11:13 Jesse wants to ask people: Are you an individual? Rarely are young people individuals now — millennials and especially Gen Z. Jesse tells the typical story of new young employees who become just like all the other employees. What happens? How do such people lose their identity? 

Jesse also tells of watching the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, interviewed by Tucker Carlson of Fox News. He’s about family and closed borders. Tucker asked Orban why he and his country are unique. They stand out from the rest of the European Union, because they don’t let any old immigrants into their country. Asked why they do so well, Orban notes that they’re Christians, and that it doesn’t work to let other people mix. 

Jesse also talks about another true individual: actor Clint Eastwood, who’s made many movies. He’s been a perfect example of standing alone. 

11:21 Weak people fit in with the crowd. When you stand alone, your talent comes out. Jesse says he can’t see not being himself (“not being me”). Another preacher criticized how Jesse says the truth. One of the things wrong with the world is there are no individuals. 

People are mad at others for not wanting to take a vaccine for the virus talked about. 

Preachers and Bible thumpers are about theology, and not about God or salvation or becoming sons of God. They’re all the same. What happened? Where are the individuals? How do we get them back? 

Are you an individual?

11:26 A man who’s joined us regularly talks about being an individual, and godly, referencing the BIble. Another man Nate says he’s “sometimes” an individual. 

11:29 Individuals made this country great, not the group-thinking people. (Jesse gives a young man on his cell phone in church a hard time.) 

Nate then talks about not being himself, having anxiety and stress, and living for others’ positive feedback. You feel weak. 

When Jesse was into sin, he knew his activity was wrong, but didn’t know how to help it. 

Jesse tells a story of a viral video in which a store owner told a man in a dress that he’s not a woman. This man is “from the old school.” 

Nate also points out that the people he pleased turned against him anyway, after all the work to get their approval. His wife even used to make him cry. 

Jesse talks about men who wear earrings and tattoos. 

A young woman talks about the pressure her family put on her to live how they wanted her to live. She resented herself for caving to their way; she felt guilt for being part of the world. 

11:43 A man believes he’s sometimes an individual, and other times not. Jesse asks him: You don’t know what it is to be an individual? 

11:48 Other men respond to the question. One man seeks approval from the world. 

A young lady feels she’s getting better, but cares about what others think. Why care at all? She doesn’t want to hurt others’ feelings. Do you not love others enough to be completely straight up? 

Following the crowd or doing your own thing?

A Gen Z man thinks he’s an individual, but his hair is wild like everybody has today. Isn’t it a sign that the crowd is doing it that it’s the way to destruction? The ones who were raised right aren’t doing that. 

Hassan says he’s too much of an individual. He used to keep his bad habits because women liked it. 

Jesse speaks on individuality

12:02 Jesse says: Individuals encourage others to be right too. Group people can’t stand for one person to stand alone; they have to attack you. But you have a right to disagree. After Hassan mentions it, Jesse recounts a confrontation with the crowd at a family reunion. A couple snuck up to him afterward to say they agreed with him secretly. 

When you’re truly an individual, you’ll have to stand alone. But it doesn’t bother you. 

They also attacked Christ, calling him all sorts of names. 

Florida and Texas are under major attack because they’re not following the crowd with the vaccine and mask mandate thing. 

12:05 One man says he always stood out, but used to conform to the group — he wasted a lot of energy. Jesse says: With individuals, God really uses your talent to the fullest. He also points out that the mother will get the crowd of family against the individual child — because the parents don’t have patience. The man says he’s coming back to himself now. 

12:09 One man asks a question about a perceived inconsistency in Jesse’s message. He used to wear long hair in a bun, and brings up Samson in the Bible. (We’ll answer this later!) 

Mask or mama?

12:12 One man who wore a head rag last week, but a beanie (“hat”) today. Everybody hated him when he was in the fallen state, but he liked being hated — it was an ego trip, which is not being an individual. Being an individual, you do care about being wrong. 

Zahar (sp) brought a friend Enrique, age 22, to join us for the first time. Is it better to wear the mask to keep the job, and quietly look for another job? Or is it better to get yourself fired (essentially quit), and move back with mama? Enrique understands his friend’s not wanting to wear the mask, but he’d have advised he wear the mask to keep the job. 

Move out of mama’s!

12:18 Enrique asks a question about doing stuff that he knows is wrong, but not being able to help himself. Similarly, his mother cannot help herself, Jesse says. Jesse tells him about God changing his heart from love to hate. 

12:23 Jesse strongly advises this young man to move out of his mother’s house sooner than later, rather than wait to buy a house. The young man thinks he’d be broke all the time if he moves out now rather than stay with his mother and invest. Get your own place, save 10-percent, and have self-control, Jesse advises him. Jesse points out that he’s his mother’s boyfriend or husband to her. 

12:27 Jesse tells him about the Silent Prayer. 

12:28 Once again, Jesse reiterates his advice about people’s work forcing them to wear a mask. Overcome the anger. It’s abnormal for males to have anger. Any male who has anger is a female. 

BQ: What is a man?

12:29 Happy Men’s History Month! We have our Biblical Question from this past week: What is a man? Some of the ladies answer. 

Jesse’s answer: Become an individual in stillness

12:36 Jesse answers: A man loves God with all his heart, soul, and might. Become an individual. Learn to sit still. In stillness, all things are made to be. God is not in the Bible, schools, or over there. He’s within us. Bring every thought into captivity. In stillness, God is taking us away from the intellectual knowledge crap. The Bible thumpers are into theology, passion, and emotions. Emotions are evil; they don’t work. God will bring you back to individuality in stillness. You can’t make yourself become perfect. 

In perfect love, you will be yourself. Every thought is a lie. The Holy Spirit will bring all things to your remembrance. The last thing the Enemy wants is for you to be still; Satan will seek to keep you from being still. 

Doug comments on stillness being the key. Do the Silent Prayer, Jesse says. He reiterates about employees who cave to the bully and lose their talent and individuality. 

Don’t fight the Devil over your child in a divorce. Don’t cut the baby in half. 

12:45 Satan has convinced the Bible thumpers that you can be of God and still sin! God said be perfect as I am perfect; be holy. 

The light is inside of you. Your soul is the light of God. Everything you are, need, want — sit still. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, inside of us. 

Back to the mask rebel

12:48 Jesse urges the man who got himself fired for refusing to wear a mask — do the Silent Prayer, so you get logic. But he thinks he is losing it all like a real Christian. His friend Enrique agrees with Jesse. You don’t have a right to have an attitude like that. Have appreciation for the job. 

Wrapping up: Closing story

12:52 Jesse wraps up and tells a story of a young black business owner who took Jesse’s advice and now pays his employees $90,000 per year! 

New Biblical Question: A passage in Romans says the wages of sin is death. What does this mean? 

Thanks, all! We’ll see you next week for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson from Orlando, Florida — starting earlier than normal, at 10 AM Eastern Time (7 AM Pacific Time). 


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