08/22/21 Difference Between Secular and Christian Intellectual? (Church)

What is forgiveness? Do you still get angry at times? All thoughts are lies. What’s the difference between a secular intellectual and a Christian intellectual?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 22, 2021: Rest in peace, John Williams. PSA: Don’t blindly trust people who come to church. Jesse is not your emergency doctor! Amazing Men’s Conference last week — thank you! 

While taking questions and comments, Jesse talks about the depths of what forgiveness means: God takes the spirit of anger out of you, and replaces it with His spirit. 

Have you forgiven? Do you still get angry at times? Do you ever say, “Get behind me, Satan”? Are you convinced that all thoughts are lies? One newcomer asks about this. 

Finally, we talk about the Biblical Question: What’s the difference between a secular intellectual and a Christian intellectual? One studies science, while the other studies theology — but neither know God. 


  • 0:00 Pre-church talk
  • 1:48 Welcome to Church
  • 2:23 RIP John Williams
  • 6:27 Blind trust is unwise
  • 8:59 Not your emergency doc
  • 12:54 Man on forgiveness
  • 24:45 What is forgiveness?
  • 34:26 16yo on anger
  • 37:32 School masks
  • 42:15 Mary on thoughts
  • 45:06 What forgiveness is
  • 49:25 Get behind me, Satan?
  • 59:37 Seeing is enough
  • 1:01:01 Michael on thoughts, anger
  • 1:11:53 Biblical Q
  • 1:12:27 Hassan
  • 1:19:24 Secular vs Christian intellectual
  • 1:31:25 Jesse’s answer
  • 1:35:37 Closing

Church Notes

(We start streaming at 11:00 AM US PDT, back in Los Angeles, and get started a couple of minutes afterward.) 

11:04 Jesse wishes the late John Williams’s wife Michelle well, as well as his surviving young sons. John Williams was a longtime member of BOND. A few guys remember him. May his soul rest in peace. 

11:07 Jesse also talks about a lady who loaned money to a person at church, and did not get paid back. So she was disappointed with church. Have common sense, or ask Jesse, if you’re not sure about someone’s business from Church. 

11:09 This week, someone called the office for Jesse with an “emergency.” He’d tried to forgive his father, but his father started to argue. That was the “emergency”! 

11:12 Amazing Men’s Conference last week! Thank you to everyone who came and who helped make it happen! 

Man thought he was cool

11:13 One man noticed he got stuck in a work situation, and realized there was something he’s not forgiving. It goes into everything you do. Before this, he’d get impatient with people who did not forgive their parents. 

So Jesse talks at-length about forgiveness, resentment, and being born again. You naturally live a life of forgiveness. 

This man thought he was cool, but realizes that he must have anger; he’s not convinced that all thoughts are lies. He’s been coming to BOND for 20 years! Just as anger is a way of life, forgiveness is a way of life. Jesse encourages him to test the thoughts by not doing what they say. 

11:23 Jesse tells stories of men imagining what it’d be like if their mother or grandmother were to die. These men would cry just thinking about it! 

What is forgiveness? Have you forgiven? Do you get angry at times?

11:25 This man says forgiveness is often not doing something, but letting go. Jesse asks people if anyone has forgiven. What is forgiveness? What do you do when anger comes at times? What do you think about still getting angry at times? Jesse asks a young lady as well as Bigg Bump. 

11:29 People don’t believe you can live an anger-free life — even people who do the Silent Prayer. 

(Franky talks about the Men’s Conference trip in Orlando, Florida. He says it was life-changing for him. Some told Jesse they wanted more interaction with him, rather than a long, entertaining program.) 

11:33 Another man talks about belief and thoughts. 

More people on forgiveness

11:35 A young man still gets angry at times, arguing with his mother. He’s 16, but does not tell his father — at least not always. Let him know, and don’t argue with her. That’s how women live — they suck the life out of you. He just started the Silent Prayer. 

11:38 This young man also asks about being forced to wear the masks at school. Jesse gives him his best advice, but leaves it up to him and his parents. 

11:42 Jesse talks with Mary who was “lost in her thoughts” earlier today. 

11:45 Jesse then talks about forgiveness. Anger is a spirit inside the body. God will remove that spirit from you, and then it’s no longer an issue. It’s then impossible to be angry again. So the spirit is replaced with God’s spirit. 

11:47 Mary talks more about things that come up that she lets pass. 

The light of God allows you to see, and he’s taking care of it. That spirit is taken away from you. You’ll grow into it. Things that were once important to you are no longer important. 

‘Get behind me, Satan’

11:51 A young lady talks about dealing with thoughts, and Jesse has Chris respond. Chris talks about the feelings that he gets, which tells him that he’s in thoughts. 

Jesse asks several others about using that phrase: Get behind me, Satan. Franky was told this once. 

12:00 Jesse tells the young lady: You can say that. But Jesse recommends you live from within. The fact you can see those thoughts is all you need. 

All thoughts are lies

12:01 Michael, a first-timer, joins us with his brother. He asks about Jesse saying, “All thoughts are lies.” There are no true thoughts. We all have the Holy Spirit in us, we have God, and we have Christ. He will cause you to realize that all thoughts are lies: Satan talks to you, and God reveals to you. When you doubt every thought, God will reveal the truth. 

Michael has suggested the thought that life is worth living is true. But Jesse advises: Don’t hold onto it. Let all thoughts go about all things, because they will set you up. The only thing left is the truth. You will see that — it will be shown to you. 

Jesse asks Michael: Have you overcome anger? His brother mentioned this to him. He knows that the Bible says that anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires. His brother has not told him, at age 23, that any male who has anger is a woman. Anger is the nature of the woman, from your mother, Jesse explains. A man is logical, of sound mind and common sense. His father also has anger — ”all girls in the house,” Jesse says. 

12:10 Jesse encourages him to do the Silent Prayer. 

12:11 Another man comments on thoughts being lies, about living life and being still. 

Biblical Question

12:12 Jesse then asks his biblical question: What is the difference between a secular intellectual and a Christian intellectual? 

12:14 Jesse jokes with Hassan about the performance that had some hiccups at the Men’s Conference. 

Hassan compares intellectualism to the Tree of Knowledge, which is separate from God. 

A number of others also respond. Some say there’s no difference, whereas others say the Christian intellectuals are more honest. Some even say that the Christian intellectuals are worse than the secular ones, because they’re responsible for misusing the “word of God.” 

Kelly points out that they’re both the same, but both would hate to hear it. 

12:32 Jesse answers: He agrees with one man who said that a secular intellectual believes in science, while a Christian intellectual is into theology. They study about God, but don’t know Him. They have not been born of the Spirit of God. They have no peace, no love, but fear, doubt, and worry. 

Stay with the Silent Prayer, speak up but don’t resent, and live in the present. Bring every thought into captivity. 

12:36 Jesse thanks everyone again for the support, and gives closing comments. 


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