08/29/21 Are You Absolutely Convinced All Thoughts Are Lies? (Church)

Straight Pride! Women controlling their husbands… Biblical Question: Are you absolutely convinced that all thoughts are lies? 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 29, 2021: We participated in the third annual Straight Pride event in Modesto, CA. // Jesse asks one woman: Do you control your husband? // Biblical Question: Are you absolutely convinced that all thoughts are lies? // We discuss marriage and relationships, and earrings on a man. // A longtime supporter felt offended by Jesse’s “disparagement” of entrepreneurs who attend church with a hidden agenda. It wasn’t about her! // Jesse talks more about sin versus unrighteousness. // Live in the present. Jesse tells a story of an Iranian lady at the bank who refused to wear a mask. 


  • 0:00:00 Pre-church talk
  • 0:01:40 Straight Pride event
  • 0:15:18 Young “bum” talks
  • 0:19:52 Wife controls husband?
  • 0:32:12 Husband speaks
  • 0:42:33 Biblical Q, marriage
  • 1:14:37 Earrings, more Q’s
  • 1:28:39 Little girl, Mary offended
  • 1:41:10 BQ answered
  • 2:12:18 Last questions/comments
  • 2:14:31 Announcements / End

Church Notes

(We start streaming right around 11:00 AM US PDT, and get started within a few minutes.) 

We really don’t know the truth of what’s going on in Afghanistan. 

Straight Pride Event 

11:03 Yesterday we had our 3rd annual Straight Pride event in Modesto, CA. Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up to fight against the decent people. Proud Boys showed up to protect us. Police and SWAT showed up and shut down the event almost as soon as the fighting started. Samuel the Mexican Carwash Boy comments on the situation, and pertinent spiritual principles. Jesse and Samuel both had so much fun. Stay away from anger. 

11:09 Eric also showed up. Nick comments on the event too. After James talks, Jesse wonders who the head of Antifa is. 

Young man speaks

11:15 One young man asks Jesse if he’s for the violence. Jesse says no, he’s for peaceful protest. But if he has to fight, he’s going to win. The young man says he let go of his anger. He just moved out of his mother’s house, and now is a bum. At 26, he got a job and is doing the Silent Prayer. He asks about having an “I don’t care” attitude. Don’t think about the outcome; focus on what you’re doing, Jesse tells him. He says his worst mistake was moving in with his mother. He grew up around black people. 

Do you control your husband?

11:20 Jesse asks a lady his Biblical Question: Are you absolutely convinced that all thoughts are lies? She tells her Christian friends that all thoughts are lies. She quotes the scripture. 

She tells Jesse that she doesn’t control her husband, as Jesse asks her at least six times: Do you control your husband? Jesse is unclear because elaborates or adds a “but” in a way that makes the answer vague. How does she try to make him “good”? 

Jesse asks her: What is it like to have a husband who never corrects you? If he were to try unsuccessfully, she’d tell him, “You’ve got the wrong one.” 

She states that he needs to work on his envy, because she’s talking to her friends. He nods his head at the notion that she puts her friends first. 

Her husband speaks

11:32 Her husband says he tries to “correct her biblically,” and not go by his feelings. At his other church, one person has a hold over her, he says — about how bad it is for her. She’ll tell all her business to her church friend, when she’s supposed to be on-the-clock working. That person, he says, does not have a life. He tries to tell her indirectly, lest she accuse him of being angry like a woman. Why worry about how she’ll overreact, asks Jesse. 

Jesse encourages him to tell her not to call again, and use the B-word. 

The daughter says that her mother said she was going to drive, instead of her father. And her father complied! The father says he wanted to drink his coffee in the “woman’s” seat, the passenger seat. 

Biblical Question

11:42 Jesse asks Amber if she’s one hundred percent convinced that all thoughts are lies. She says it’s life-changing. 

Husband and wife

Another young lady speaks. This is her first-time joining, apparently with her husband and children. She questions Jesse saying that all women are evil. Asked whether she forgave her mother, she says yes, and her mother was shocked. Jesse encourages her to ask her father. (She’s from Japan, and her husband is black. They’re from Menifee, in Riverside County.) 

More Biblical Question discussion

11:49 Her husband answers the Biblical Question, who says that not all thoughts are lies. 

Another young man says it doesn’t make sense that all thoughts would be lies. Jesse talks about communication coming from the heart. He says from a technical perspective, you have to think in order to function. 

11:56 Yet another man talks about the question and the confusion. Jesse asks him about the black husband saying to himself: “Tomorrow I will talk to my boss.” 

Another marriage that started in the fallen state

11:59 Jesse asks this man: Does your wife obey you? How does it feel to have an obedient wife? He’s called-in to the show, and says it’s a struggle sometimes, because they married in the fallen state. (Jesse says he thinks he’s becoming a conspiracy theorist.) 

12:01 The wife does not necessarily think all thoughts are lies, although they can definitely be deceiving. But she thinks God can put good thoughts, such as that she loves him and wants to marry him. What’s good about that? Why do you think you love him? They talk more about the Biblical Question. Jesse asks: If you love him, why don’t you obey him at all times? 

Jesse tells the man it’ll take about 50 years. He does the Silent Prayer every morning, but not every night. Put God first. They moved down to Prescott, AZ; he mentions a Church of Christ (similar to what Bill Lockwood heads), and asks about baptism. 

12:09 Jesse invites Nicki (sp) the man’s wife to mention anything about which she disagrees. At first she was taken aback by Jesse talking about women, but later realized no one talks about the order. Jesse asks her how she feels when he says women are evil. Has she gone to forgive her mother, Jesse asks. She does not feel the need to forgive her mother. Was her mother perfect? 

12:13 After the man talks, she admits she gossips at times with her mother. She does not do the Silent Prayer. 

Earrings on a man

12:16 After Jesse talks with one more man, he comments on the black husband’s earrings. 

Newcomer withdraws

12:18 Another newcomer Gavin from DC says he was introduced to Jesse’s show by his girlfriend. He tends to withdraw from people to deal with his feelings, such as after a death. Jesse warns him not to hold onto anything. Gavin asks how to communicate with a woman without telling her his problems. She’ll remember them. 

12:24 The man says that “Courtney” is not actually his girlfriend, but he was speaking it into existence. Jesse urges him not to ask God for or try to make a woman his girlfriend, not “speak it into existence.” 

Yet another marriage 

12:25 One man asks if you can overcorrect (as opposed to under-correct), such as his children. His wife talks about not judging her husband. 

Back again to the Biblical Question

12:28 Jesse asks a young girl about all thoughts being lies. 

Mary was offended

12:30 Mary talks about her entrepreneurship over the years, and her apparent offense at Jesse “disparaging” it. Jesse says this is all about the thoughts. 

12:34 Jesse clarifies what happened last week: He warned people not to loan people money or do business with people just because they come to church. 

Biblical Question answered

12:41 Joel comments on Joe’s comments about thoughts from way earlier. Jesse answers about teaching and using the tool of the brain versus revelation. 

He talks about liberals training young people to be radical, but not conservatives. 

God does not care about the dumb stuff, but about the heart. 

More discussion on the Biblical Question

12:53 Joe talks about strategizing when you come into money and have opportunities. He thinks you should plan and prepare for a worst-case scenario — such as having enough food for the next two weeks. 

Jesse tells a story of a person who applied for a religious exemption at his work. After a short time, he grew anxious and asked the boss about it before hearing. 

Earlier this week, Joel called Jesse’s radio show about writing a speech. 

Sin versus vices

A man visiting Church for the first time says he struggles with Jesse’s comments on sin. For example, Jesse said smoking weed is not the sin, but the judgment is the sin. The other stuff will fall away. The man also asks how you know when you’ve fully overcome anger. 

Living in the present and not wearing a mask

Holly makes a last comment about living in the present, and not wearing a mask unless asked. 

1:13 Jesse tells a story of a woman from Iran at the bank who refused to wear a mask. 


1:14 Do the Silent Prayer. We have our Men’s Forum this Thursday, first Thursday of the month. Nick is going to start his show in January, so we need an intern to become producer in Nick’s place! 


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