09/19/21 How Did Mankind Come to Neglect the Interior…?

What is “abundant life”? Vaccine discrimination: Don’t overreact! BQ: How did mankind come to neglect the interior and focus on the exterior?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 19, 2021: Jesus said he came that we might have an abundant life. // There’s a battle between vaccinated and unvaccinated: But don’t let anything be too important that you grow angry. Don’t impose on private businesses. Stay still, and don’t overreact. // Last week we talked about “cult leaders.” Don’t put anyone on a pedestal. // 

Bible thumpers talk about dying, heaven, and hell. But the most important thing is living right today. // A lady asks the difference(s) between judging, discerning, and having no opinion. // Be born again: We’ve never had an opinion. We’re either led by God or Satan. // 

Biblical Question: How did mankind come to neglect the interior and focus on the exterior? Nowadays the world pushes teaching and education on children from a young age. This stifles the opportunity for discovery on your own. // New Biblical Question: Do you pray the prayer of the heart or of the head? // 

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a job opening for the front office. You need to know accounting. Email bond@bondinfo.org // 


  • 0:00:00 Pre-church talk
  • 0:01:23 Earwax
  • 0:04:10 Q: Abundant Life?
  • 0:07:15 Chinese Virus war
  • 0:16:30 JLP: Nothing too important
  • 0:22:34 JLP: Cult Leaders
  • 0:27:18 Heaven/Hell vs Life
  • 0:38:00 Judge vs Discern/No Opinion?
  • 0:50:12 JLP: Be born again
  • 0:58:25 Biblical Q: Exterior v Interior?
  • 1:01:00 Shake during prayer: Herbs?
  • 1:09:10 JLP: Too much teaching
  • 1:15:00 Feedback: Education, reading
  • 1:30:04 On-the-job, abundant life
  • 1:39:23 Stay still: Don’t freak out
  • 1:43:16 New BQ: Prayer of head or heart?
  • 1:46:05 Announcement / End

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming just about on-time today. 

11:02 Jesse tells a story of his ears being plugged with earwax this week. 

Abundant Life?

11:04 Jesse references John 10: 10, in which Jesus said that he came that we might have abundant life. It’s hard to find a person with an abundant life. 

Jesse asks Mary what an abundant life means. Another man recognizes it as John 10: 10. He feels it’s an abundance of peace and love. 

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

11:07 Jesse also talks about the battle between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. There was a conflict between a black family and a restaurant worker over a lack of vaccine passport. Other restaurant patrons agreed, and gave the family man the finger. Doug was pleased the man stood up for himself and his family, against the discrimination. 

Various people give their reaction to the video. Everybody at the restaurant wanted the man and his family kicked out of the restaurant. 

(One man says he and his son were kicked off a Spirit airlines flight over masks — and all the fellow passengers were yelling at him. The son Kieran talks about the experience.) 

Was the restaurant wrong for refusing service to the unvaccinated? 

Jesse’s reaction

11:16 Jesse tells his reaction. It reminded him of the evil Civil Rights movement, when young blacks tried to force private businesses to serve them. Older blacks disagreed with such an approach. 

11:18 Doug disagrees with people quitting over these mandates, which defeats the purpose of standing and fighting. 

11:19 Jesse gets back to his reaction: There should be nothing that is so important that it controls you like that. This is an amazing time that allows you to see whether you love what’s right or not. Overcome the “too important” stuff. Don’t get angry and just quit your job. If you have fear and anger, you’ll overreact to every situation and blame someone else for it. We should fight back — the government is supposed to work for us. 

Cult Leaders: No Pedestals

11:22 Last week, we had a discussion about “cult leaders.” People told Jesse this past week they put other people on pedestals. All are born in sin; you’ll find flaws in everybody. 

Know thyself; the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. You will be made perfect. Don’t let your focus be on your vices, but on your heart. God will take care of your vices, but He cares about the heart. 

11:26 If you put someone on a pedestal, it’s your fault. Some people wake up; most people don’t. 

Bible thumpers: Heaven and Hell vs. Abundant Life

11:27 A young black man agrees with Jesse about the wait and see attitude. But he has criticism. He wants Jesse to warn the people about eternity: Heaven and Hell. Everybody’s going to die, he says. 

Jesse asks: Why warn them about dying when the most important thing is to live? Most people don’t know how to live right now. They’re walking dead. Jesse never thinks about dying; he’s about getting living right. 

The man tries to jump in and tell people to repent. 

Christ came that we might have an abundant life. The Bible-thumping stuff causes people to live hell on earth. Christ came that you might have life and have it now. Do what you want. 

11:33 A man asks how to respond to someone who’s a Bible thumper who’s not living it, but at the club last week. Wish them well. Don’t judge them or yourself. 

Never argue with a Bible thumper. It’s like arguing with a fool. One man Nate says it’s fun to pose questions, and see them get angry. But never try to prove a point. 

Judgment, Discernment, and Not Having an Opinion

11:38 A woman asks: What’s the difference between judging, not having an opinion about things, and discernment? A couple of guys try to give feedback on the question. One man comments that it’s a lot of variables. 

11:41 Jesse asks: Are you able to tell when you’re judging? 

11:43 Francisco also gives feedback. 

11:44 The woman asks the question because she says she discerns the wrong direction America is going. 

11:46 Nick feels that this is the wrong focus on the part of the young lady. 

11:46 Doug gives his take. 

Jesse monologue: Be born again

11:50 Jesse says: God said we must be born again. All who are born of the mother are dying. They’re emotional and don’t have life, and crazy. All who are born of the Father are living. But when you’re in the fallen state, you don’t have any control. Your opinions are not your own, but influenced by your daddy Satan. People living in their heads are living in darkness and think they’re in control. When God wakes you up, you see with different eyes. You live your life without making decisions. 

We’ve never had an opinion. Of ourself we know nothing. We’re either influenced by Satan or by the Father. Have a wait and see. Don’t freak out — whether over the vaccine thing or anything else. 

11:54 Seek and you shall find. Most people don’t truly seek. Jesse also says: It’s impossible to believe in God, love your neighbors, and get mad as soon as something happens. When you believe in God, you will not be controlled by the outer world. Don’t try to figure it out. You can’t. 

11:57 Hassan loves it. Jesse reiterates: All He told you to do is seek Him. Be still and know the Father. Your whole life, everything within you will change. 

Biblical Question: Focus on Interior vs Exterior? 

11:58 Jesse then gets to his Biblical Question: How did mankind come to neglect the interior and focus on the exterior? How did that happen? 

A couple of men give their idea of how that happened. One man says it was stimulation of pleasure. 

First-timer: Shakes During Silent Prayer… Add Herbs?

12:01 One man Armen (sp) his brother found Jesse on YouTube — a first-time visitor. Requesting counseling with Jesse, he says he has a couple of sins. He says he forgave his father. 

Jesse asks him: Are you doing the Silent Prayer? Although he does the Silent Prayer, he also takes herbs that he says create stillness. The Silent Prayer was very effective for him until two months ago. He used to “shake” two months ago. Whatever’s happening, let it happen. Don’t let Satan scare you. Anger is wickedness. The light of God could be dealing with that. 

12:07 Back to the Biblical Question: More people respond. 

Jesse’s answer: Too much teaching! 

12:09 Jesse then shares his take on the Biblical Question. There was not a push to go to college in the old days. Now they start teaching, not letting you discover for yourself. You become a parrot doing what somebody taught you, rather than self-discovering. Now they want to put kids in school as soon as they pop out of the womb. Kids are traumatized by the teaching. 

People don’t trust just waiting and seeing, discovering your talent. You don’t recognize individuality anymore. The more degrees you get, the dumber you are. They give you medication to solve anxiety! It just makes you high! 

We all have a purpose, but everybody looks and sounds the same now. When you find the Father, your talent will find you. The school people, just like the Bible people, just repeat what they’ve learned. Be individuals. 

Feedback: Education and Reading

12:15 A man brings up the technology of cell phones. 

12:16 Raymond asks if we’re denying children the freedom to fail. But Jesse says they’re causing them to fail. They want kids in school at 3 years-old! Don’t send your kids to these killer camps! Jesse graduated last in his class of 18 — he tells a story of going to a game, and making an F on his test the next day. 

12:21 James chimes in and says the lack of individuality is from fear too. Jesse’s so glad he wasn’t educated — many people think they can’t make it if they’re not educated. 

12:22 A man says his son yesterday was afraid he wouldn’t make it in the world. But he can read. Jesse says it’s not a bad thing not being able to read. 

12:24 A young lady talks about researching motherhood, taking care of children. 

12:27 Nate says his grandfather couldn’t read, but was an amazing man. He talks about the preachers talking about heaven and hell. 

Jesse talks more: On-the-job training and abundant life

12:29 After Doug makes some points, Jesse talks about his on-the-job training — it’s much better than going to school. Christ came that we might have abundant life. God doesn’t worry; Jesus prayed. If someone says something about you, wish them well! 

12:33 A man named Dathan realized his work was better before he went to school than afterward. He senses that people are boxed in. Rappers all sound the same now, except for Hassan. It’s in you. Look within, and you shall find. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from the outside. 

12:35 Jesse talks about the abundant life, and what it means. 

12:36 A man named Keith joins us for the first time. He read a few of Jesse’s books and saw Jesse’s live streams. At 35, he’s a father of two. His father’s dead, but he forgave his mother. He started the Silent Prayer, but due to distractions, he has not stayed with it. 

Stay still: Don’t freak out

12:39 Jesse urges people to stay still instead of freaking out. You’ll see opportunities for you. There are jobs everywhere. If you’re overreacting, you’ll miss the opportunities. Start a business if you can! 

12:40 Jesse greets a man who joins us for the first time after seeing Jesse on Get a Job’s YouTube channel. He’s waiting to move out of his parents’ house. At 26, he just bought a house. He has not forgiven his mother yet. 

New Biblical Question: Prayer of the heart or of the head?

12:43 Jesse then asks his new Biblical Question: Do you pray the prayer of the heart or of the head? 

Announcements / End

12:46 Jesse announces a job opening for a front office person. You have to know accounting. 

Thanks, all! 


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