09/23/12 What Happened to Our Resistance to Evil? (Archive)

Evil has no resistance in the outside world or in our own lives. Seek first the Kingdom of God; examine yourself. 

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BOND Archive Sunday Service, September 23, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson references a story from Thomas in which Jesus answers a question about “the End” with a reference to “the Beginning.” 

Jesse also talks about the Women’s Forum, where women are honest about themselves. 

Did Chick-fil-A cave to the radicals? Prop B: Adult film stars want their paraphernalia subsidized. Evil has no resistance — neither in the public square nor in our personal lives. 

Some women relate in judging their husbands’ handling of their children. Men and women are different. 

Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and others came out in support of “same-sex marriage” in Maryland! 

In the last several minutes, Jesse gives a monologue at-length about the ego, with some follow-up at the end. 


  • 0:00 Sun, Sep 23, 2012
  • 1:26 Thomas: end vs beginning
  • 6:00 No end, no beginning
  • 12:02 Seek first the Kingdom
  • 13:23 Women’s Forum: Honesty
  • 16:19 Q: Evil per professor
  • 19:42 Mary caught herself
  • 21:23 Chick-fil-A caves, or no?
  • 25:15 Prop B: Adult film stars
  • 26:56 Evil has no resistance
  • 28:17 Same with our own lives
  • 30:02 Learning about Jesus
  • 32:18 A wife and mother
  • 40:41 Another relates
  • 42:10 Men not like women
  • 44:39 Pro-gay Sharpton, Jackson
  • 51:03 JLP on the ego
  • 58:24 Follow-up
  • 1:00:16 Support BOND


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