10/10/21 The Mind Is Wicked (Church)

The mind is wicked; it will deceive you and make you destroy yourself. Christ bought us back. Pray without ceasing, and endure.

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 10, 2021: The mind is wicked: Jesse recounts talking with black people on the Clubhouse app this week. People get brainwashed into judging what others’ vices are, and worrying about what people think of them. Christ bought us back, so that we can return to the Father, but we’re imprisoned in our minds where Satan lies to us. You don’t come up with thoughts. // 

Don’t fall for the idea of a “father figure.” You’re looking for the love of your spiritual Father. // Pray without ceasing; one lady prays for only five minutes before getting tired — yet she’ll talk nonstop the rest of the time! // When did the world convince everyone they needed to go to college? Now the trades are lost, and people hate one another, indoctrinated by false “leaders.” // Endure: James 1: 2-4 says: Consider it pure joy when you have trials… The testing of your faith produces perseverance. // Biblical Question: Do you walk in the spirit? // 


  • 0:00:00 Pre-church talk
  • 0:02:31 Opening questions
  • 0:09:50 JLP on Clubhouse
  • 0:27:00 JLP: Watch the mind
  • 1:08:21 No ‘father figure’
  • 1:16:11 Q’s: Pray more than 5 mins
  • 1:33:20 College
  • 1:38:15 Endure: James 1: 2-4
  • 1:45:18 BQ: Walk in the spirit
  • 1:48:24 Thanks / End

Church Notes

10:58 AM U.S. PDT (Los Angeles) We start streaming a couple of minutes before the hour as Chris makes opening announcements. 

Opening questions and greetings

11:02 A couple of guys ask questions about things going on in their lives with siblings and one man’s adult son’s mother. 

11:05 Jesse asks one man if his wife is obeying him. The wife, who used to talk with her messy friend, says she’s just happy to be here. 

11:07 A first-time visitor from Utah and his brother joined us for the Men’s Forum this past Thursday. He’s visiting California for the first time. 

The mind is wicked: Jesse on Clubhouse

11:08 Jesse recounts talking with a group of blacks on the Clubhouse App this past Friday. These blacks believe that slavery, which ended 150 years ago, affects blacks today! The mind deceives you. You have no idea how wicked the mind is. 

Each individual is born in sin, each has vices in their lives. Not one has no crap in their lives! 

People want to hurt themselves because of what other people think of them. 

11:14 (Mary’s watch goes off. She jokes she wants to jump off a bridge.) 

So many people are hurting today. It doesn’t make sense to think about someone else’s vices. No one is taking the vices out of their eyes, but judging others. 

11:16 One man’s wife threw Jesse’s books away twice now! He called the radio show this week. He says his wife is lost listening to Kenneth Copeland, and his father (or father-in-law) is a Catholic who prays to Mary. 

11:17 Start thinking for yourself. God said: Let no man teach you. Don’t have a leader over you. Slavery is over! Way over! One man on the Clubhouse app wants “Reparations.” Jesse told him he’s begging, but he thinks it’s “demanding.” 

11:20 It’s the mindset: They’ve been trained and brainwashed to the core. 

They even think LeBron James (the “tennis player”) is a good example. He’s teaching blacks to hate white people. 

11:22 Ermias compliments Jesse’s jacket (“Don’t be jealous, Samuel!”) — he believes that blacks don’t believe what they say, but just want free stuff from whites. 

Franky says he didn’t grow up black, but “Mexican” (he’s Dominican). He talks about brainwashing as well. 

11:24 Nick recounts a story from the radio show in which nuns thought they had an illness where they “meow” like cats. 

Christ bought us back

11:26 One young man talks about a man who was in his head at work. 

11:27 Jesse says we all are already “saved.” But go and forgive so that God can draw you in and solve your mindset. Everybody’s fighting against the vices, against one another. 

Christ bought us back from Satan, so that we could get back to the Father. The way back is so easy, but people are so into their thoughts that we’ve made it complicated. 

11:32 Doug talks about how the body can take a lot, but the mind holds you back. Jesse went hiking yesterday. His mind wanted to stay in bed rather than go hiking! But when you’re free, you have natural energy. That’s why people with anger have all kinds of cancer and disease. You don’t want that kind of life! The spirit will rejuvenate the flesh, the body. 

Everyone who has anger is living in their thoughts, in their head, and Satan controls them. Watch and pray. Only He can do it. 

Blacks in that Clubhouse discussion wanted leaders. We should edify and correct one another, but not teach one another. You already know! [In John 4: 4, Jesus said: You know the way to the place where I am going.] 

11:38 You should wait and see, not jump ahead when confronted with a vaccine mandate. 

Love is powerful. You can’t feel it. You must live by it. 

11:40 Jesse recounts black friends who once “loved” him turning on him when they disagreed about Obama! Be glad to see that! 

Mothers turn family members against you in the same way! Don’t put anyone over you! Fellowship, but don’t have a leader! 

You don’t come up with thoughts

11:41 One young lady realized she had preconceived opinions about things, and made up excuses. Jesse points out that you’re not making those excuses; your thoughts are not your own. Satan makes up those things for you. How did you come up with the thought not to go to the gym? 

11:44 Jesse jokes that women don’t sit by the dock of the bay, but break out men’s windows when they break up. 

The young lady talks more. God does not give you those feelings, fear, doubt, worry, insecurity. God does not make you feel that way, and you don’t make yourself feel that way. 

11:51 (Jesse interviewed Michael Malice, a Jew, on The Fallen State recently — a fun conversation. But people take this mess so seriously, jokes about Jews or about Hitler.) 

Jesse further encourages the young lady who may be pregnant. 

More questions

11:52 Jesse then asks a lady why she’s rubbing her husband — comforting him. He pleads the fifth. 

The vaccinated people, adults with degrees, are jumping the unvaccinated people! 

11:54 A man says when you’re not in your head you make money, whereas it costs money when you’re in your head. 

11:56 We have a weak society today! 

Doug responds to Linda, the young lady trying to figure out this stuff. We should be seeing, observing, and understanding. Jesse always says that the words should go in one ear and out the other. 

11:58 Marlene admits getting mad when people don’t respond the way she wants, just as Jesse says in one of his radio show commercials. She also talks about how other churches talk about “inviting the Holy Spirit into this space.” Jesse encourages her to watch it. Pray and watch. It’s so amazing! God made us. If you follow people, making them your leaders, you’ll be killing your babies in the womb. We’re down here having a battle over race, while the “leaders” are making money using you — because you’re not thinking for yourself. 

12:00 Ermias thought he’d fractured his ankle yesterday, and his mind told him he’d have to miss church. But it’s 90% better today! The mind lies. 

The real battle is on the inside. Then you can defeat evil on the outside. The people on the side of evil try to put fear in you to control you. They operate in darkness. Anyone who has love, which is of God, has no fear. 

The teachers have made Christianity so difficult that nobody has it anymore. If you’re dating and break-up, you’ll do it in a civilized way, and not try to destroy each other. 

12:06 (Jesse jokes about Hake not liking actual hiking, stressing his body, but only likes walking in the neighborhood.) 

A father figure?

12:07 One man expresses his appreciation for Jesse’s church, and talks about blocking a friend who fell out with him. 

Jesse urges people not to look for a father figure, such as single mothers for their children. 

The man says he resents God. He was the youngest of many children, was distant from his father, and did not like his mother. He talks about greeting people in the morning who do not return the greeting. 

Yet more questions: Prayer and the present moment

12:14 The young lady Linda says she prays five minutes at night because she gets tired. Jesse remarks on how much she talks, yet she gets tired of being quiet! 

12:17 Another lady forgave her mother; she’s trying to establish a connection, because they were distant before she returned to Los Angeles. Jesse used to look at the crazy people when he worked at the hospital. 

12:23 One young man thinks he’s in his head too much. TJ is a millennial who missed what he said. Jesse gives him advice. 

Jesse tells an Asian man that he doesn’t want to meditate, but to watch and pray. He does not have to have a clean or sacred or quiet place to pray. Just pray where you live. 

12:28 Adrian asks about what part of the present moment she should be aware of. Don’t make it so difficult! 

12:30 Jesse talks with a man briefly, and then another man talking about living in the present. 


12:31 When did the world convince people that they need to go to college? Now people have dropped the trades, and they’re all dumb! Now people are caught up in slavery, hatred between men and women, and mess! 

One man makes the point that people can’t be indoctrinated in trade schools, but they can in college! 


12:36 Jesse calls Chris to the stage to read about how to endure. He reads from James 1: 2-4, which reads: 2 My brothers, consider it a great joy when trials of many kinds come upon you, 3 for you well know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance, and 4 perseverance must complete its work so that you will become fully developed, complete, not deficient in any way. 

Endure the thoughts, and what others think about you. Have no opinion of yourself. Know the gossiper and the hearer of gossip are your enemies. You don’t have to do anything about the gossip. All thoughts are all lies all the time. The wrong things that are challenging to endure, that make you want to drink or smoke — endure and they make you stronger! 

After Ermias talks, Jesse says: God does not see us as our vices. He sees us as lost children who have turned away from the Father. 

No such thing as a good thought. Let them all pass. 

Biblical Question: Walking in the spirit

12:43 Jesse asks several people the Biblical Question: Do you walk in the spirit? Jesse says: When you’re not in your head, you’re with the Father, you’re aware. Pray without ceasing. And pray more than 5 minutes! 


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