10/17/21 Why Women Try to Control Men (Church)

All thoughts are all lies, all the time! Why do women try to control men? Do most blacks love God and their neighbors?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 17, 2021: We welcome visitors from San Mateo, TX, and Ohio. // Don’t run from California! // Satan’s voice: All thoughts are all lies, all the time. Endure and overcome. // Why do women try to control men? // Worldly brainwashing: “misogyny” and “racism”: Randy Moss cried about Jon Gruber’s emails from 10 years ago! // What is success to you? Real success: Loving God // Biblical Question: Do most black people love God and their neighbor as themselves? // 

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  • 0:00:00 Sun, Oct 17, 2021
  • 0:02:37 Welcome to Church
  • 0:03:24 First-timers: San Mateo
  • 0:07:19 Black guy from Ohio
  • 0:08:35 Alienated from father
  • 0:18:53 Running from CA?
  • 0:23:15 Satan’s voice: All thoughts are lies
  • 0:34:30 Endure the pain with joy
  • 0:44:13 “Success” (brief intro)
  • 0:46:23 Q’s: Why women control
  • 1:00:12 JLP: The woman’s nature
  • 1:08:56 How to know you’ve overcome
  • 1:12:40 Women need men to be right
  • 1:16:16 Brainwashing: Misogyny, Racism
  • 1:19:20 Randy Moss cried
  • 1:21:53 Men shouldn’t lay around
  • 1:24:06 Discrimination, injustice
  • 1:31:42 What is success?
  • 1:37:56 BQ: Most black people
  • 1:43:49 JLP answers: No
  • 1:49:45 Announcements / End

Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT We start church just before 11 AM as Chris gives initial announcements, and Jesse makes fun of his walk. 

First-timers from San Mateo, TX, and Ohio

11:02 Jesse welcomes first-timers, including a father and sons from San Mateo, TX. (One son, 29, has joined us before.) 

11:05 A young black man Dustin from Ohio joins us for the first time, hearing of us on YouTube. He talks about forgiving his mother. 

A young black man alienated from his father

11:07 Another young black man, 22, speaks up about forgiving his mother for the first time. His mother acted appreciative. He has not forgiven his father yet — they were not together when he grew up. His father and he had a “bad relationship” — he wanted to hit him once; they didn’t converse, but yelled; he had various women and marriages. But he wants to get closer with his father. Jesse advises him on the need to forgive and return to his father (who’s in Virginia). Text him? No, FaceTime him! 

11:13 This young man was dating a super liberal woman, half-Chinese, half Filipino, who attended UCLA. Jesse points out he’d do the same with his ex-girlfriend if he were to marry her — the same that his father did with him and his mother. 

11:16 He’s not doing the Silent Prayer consistently on weekends — but only during the week. 

Running from CA vs staying and fighting

11:17 A man Steve brings up how Jesse says that people who leave California are “running” from the liberals, rather than staying and fighting. We should not just give up California. 

11:19 Jesse mentions that we’re supposed to buy a building. But we’re waiting and seeing where and when to buy. 

11:21 Jesse compliments a young man who gave him a painting of a character based on his aborted brother. 

Satan’s voice: All thoughts are all lies, all the time

11:21 Ermias asks how Satan is able to operate in so many people. Satan operates in all people. Jesse talks about how we are supposed to recognize God’s voice and not listen to Satan’s voice. The real battle is not outside you, not in other people, but with you. 

11:24 Jesse asks if everyone is convinced that all thoughts are all lies all the time? Jesse talks with different people about this, to get their feedback. 

11:30 Jesse asks a young lady Amber: How do you deal with the pain of thoughts? She’d take a nap, and wake up in a way better mood — she thought she was enduring, but in reality it was an escape, she says. She starts feeling horrible as she believes one thought, then another. All the time, she thinks to blame someone else for her thoughts. She realizes to keep her eyes on herself, and does the Silent Prayer. 

11:31 Another young man talks about dealing with thoughts. 

Endure the pain with joy

11:33 Jesse adds to what the young man said, saying believing thoughts is believing lies. 

11:36 Jesse elaborates on suffering and realizing that all thoughts are all lies, all the time. When you don’t blame, you have a wait-and-see attitude. 

11:37 Franky talks about having trouble sleeping. 

11:38 Jesse says: You’ve got to endure the pain. It’s the nature of Satan that’s dying. The whole world deals with that. People make money off of you — psychologists, experts, counselors don’t realize you’re dealing with spiritual pain. Instead of telling you to go and forgive, they’ll give you antidepressant pills. Endure the pain with joy. Be tough in tough times. You’ll grow wiser, closer to the father, and see the world is upside-down; people have been taught wrong. 

11:40 Jesse advises that you stop drinking, doing pot, etc, to go through the pain. In the fake world out there, you don’t have real friends and family members. 

“Success” (brief intro)

11:42 Jesse says he has two questions. Did people hear Jesse talk about success on his show this week? How many successful people do we have here? (One person?!) 

11:42 Jesse asks people: What does success mean to you? 

Q’s: Why women control

11:45 Jesse responds to a separate question from a young lady (Holly)… If Eve had not listened to Satan, would be in this mess? 

A young man from Kansas, 30, has listened to a woman before, and suffered for it. He forgave his mother yesterday. (He heard of Jesse from Get a Job YouTube channel.) His mother hates his father to this day. He used to as well. His mother does not hold herself accountable for anything; she’s a victim. 

11:49 This young man listened to Jesse for three years, but only recently started the Silent Prayer. 

11:50 Holly agrees that it’s hard for women to admit they’re wrong. She doesn’t know why it’s hard for women to admit they’re wrong. 

Another young lady also doesn’t know why — it seems like a natural need or want to control things. 

11:52 Jesse said last week that women break out your windows after a breakup, but men sit by the dock of the bay, crying. 

11:54 Another young lady Amber does not know why she tries to control. 

11:54 A man points out the social movements like Black Lives Matter, illegal alien activists, and feminism movements. He says they act like nothing they do is ever wrong. 

Holly suggests that it’s because women are weaker. 

11:56 The man whom Jesse’s lovingly referred to as his “Bible thumper” friend points to Eve. 

Mary comments as well. 

11:58 A young man has not dated yet. 

JLP: The woman’s nature

11:58 Jesse explains: Satan is the woman’s god. Satan is her daddy. She has Satan’s nature. Satan is using her to destroy the soul of the man. It’s not the woman’s fault. It’s the nature in her, passed down to the girls and the boys. It’s not the woman herself. 

12:01 Christ bought us back from Satan, but you must forgive. Women should forgive their mothers for turning them away from fathers. And forgive the fathers for not protecting them. You can overcome it. It’s not you. Ladies, you must admit that this is in you, so that God can take it from you. The spirit of evil is fighting against the Spirit of good, of God. Put your feet on solid ground, overcome the mother, so that you can deal with the woman with perfect love. In 50 years, she may come around. 

Men, you can’t be afraid of it, you can’t need it, you can’t hate it: Be of love. When we’re dealing with women, we’re dealing with evil. That’s why it’s so hard. 

12:04 A lady doesn’t think women hate the men, but the weakness in the man, because the women themselves are weak. 

12:05 Jesse points out that the more educated the women are, the worse! Look at these female Congressmen! Many women know they’re trying to control, but they literally cannot help it. 

JLP: How to know if you’ve overcome

12:07 A young lady asks: How do you know if you’ve overcome? Jesse points out you grow away from the darkness. You have no anger. 

She asks if enduring is overreacting. 

12:10 The thoughts are not your own, Jesse tells her. Don’t take credit for Satan’s thoughts; he’s trying to get you to believe a lie. 

Women need men to be right

12:11 A man talks about women being sweet, which is a deception. 

12:12 Jesse says: Women need men to be right. Imagine if Christ were a beta male! They hate you when you’re strong too; but they prefer you to be strong, rather than weak. Women live in their head and emotions; they don’t realize that it’s Satan working through them. 

Brainwashing: “Misogyny… racism”

12:15 A man talks about how fake the world is brainwashing people into thinking bad is good. They use the word “misogyny,” etc. Women need men to be the light. Women can’t raise children alone, because they don’t have love. Men guide the women on how to raise the children. The black community is messed up because the men are weak and pathetic. 

12:16 The young man brings up the Jon Gruden situation, an NFL guy whose “racist” emails leaked. A male family member got into the black Israelite mess. 

JLP: Randy Moss cried

12:17 Jesse talks with the young man about Randy Moss crying because somebody called somebody else a name. The young man says Randy Moss was a bad kid who was given many chances early in his career. A white woman in this video loved it, and cried with him. 

JLP: Men shouldn’t lay around

12:20 Men, wake up! The world needs you. Jesse tells a story from childhood, and about a friend he knows, a man who lounges around. A man has no business laying around. He should be doing something. Jesse used to ride his horse on Sunday to see his girlfriend. 

Q: Discrimination today vs Jim Crow drama

12:22 A young man talks about POC and diverse individuals in a list getting special asterisks and treatment. He doesn’t think it’s “racist,” but just wrong. So asks Jesse about the discussion about segregation in the South during Jim Crow. Jesse says that they laughed, and made comments, but it was no big deal. Would they say that it was wrong? 

12:26 Jesse says: It’s a weakness to be affected by this stuff personally or emotionally. Don’t get in your head or upset about the evil in the world. Satan causes confusion to try to manipulate people. 

12:29 There are two realities. If you have anger, you’re in your head, and of the world. Once you enter the Kingdom, you cannot worry about worldly things. Sons of God cannot worry. The world is supposed to be crazy. The world is using women to destroy the man, and then everything else. Women are being used for that purpose. 

What is success to you?

12:30 What is success to you? A couple of men respond. 

12:34 Success is loving God with all your heart, soul, and might, along with nothing else. 

(Jesse makes a brief interlude about hiking being called “white.”) 

Again, the evil spirit in the woman is not her. 

12:36 Jesse asks guys if they smoke pot. 

Biblical Question: Most black people

12:36 Jesse asks the Biblical Question: Do most black people love God and their neighbor as themselves? 

12:38 One of the young men from San Mateo, TX, is an atheist. He says he has love, and answers where he gets his values (from the world: trying to do the right thing, mostly). 

12:39 Jesse asks one of the black guys the Biblical Question. He says no — just look at the music and decline of the heartless “culture.” 

12:40 The father from San Mateo, TX, nearly age 58, hopes blacks love God and neighbors, but does not know. He says he knows a lot who do, based on talking with them. 

12:41 A man points to black-on-black crime being through the roof. Raymond 

JLP answers: No

12:42 Jesse explains how blacks used to be when he was growing up in the South. The fact they’re blaming others for the lack of character in their lives shows they don’t know God. Otherwise, they’d know it’s a spiritual battle, and that no one can stop you. Jesse wants blacks to know it’s not about material things or “racism.” It’s a spiritual battle of right versus wrong. 

All people should examine themselves so they can overcome this spiritual battle between good and evil. All people who have not returned to their fathers also don’t have a relationship with God. 

12:45 God said we could have life on earth as a son of God. So now, Jesse wants to know the fullness of life. We don’t have to be worried, afraid, and suffering unnecessarily. Stop blaming, take responsibility, and seek the Kingdom of God. Whatever your vice is, you can overcome it, but first return to the Father. 

Men are logical. 


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