10/24/21 Have You Done Anything Good or Bad, and It was Your Fault?

Biblical Question: Have you ever done right or wrong that was your fault? You are totally influenced, and wrong to judge yourself. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 24, 2021: Jesse spoke at the 21 Summit this weekend. Men should not give up on life. // Biblical Question: Have you ever done anything in your life, right or wrong, and it was your fault? // People talk about relationships, personal vices, and forgiving mothers. Most take some responsibility for what they’ve done. // Jesse explains that people are totally influenced by evil, and are fooled into playing god by judging themselves for their vices. // A number of people ask follow-up questions about responsibility. // New BQ: How do you maintain your hope in God? //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Oct 24, 2021
  • 0:02:31 Welcome to Church
  • 0:05:33 First timers
  • 0:08:14 Don’t give up
  • 0:11:10 Mexican mother
  • 0:15:38 Biblical Question: Fault?
  • 0:24:00 Past relationships
  • 0:36:18 More answers
  • 0:58:00 Many more answers
  • 1:18:25 Jesse’s answer / follow-up
  • 1:50:29 Forgiven mother?
  • 1:57:00 New BQ: Maintain hope?
  • 1:59:41 Support BOND

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT We start streaming just before the hour. Chris gives some brief announcements. Jesse realizes one of his friends is a Jew. Thanks to James for filling-in for JLP on Friday; James says it stunk, it was rough, even though he’s a grown man! 

21 Summit / Don’t give up on life

After welcoming first-timers, Jesse talks about the 21 Summit where he spoke in Orlando, FL, on Friday and Saturday. Some of the speakers have shows online, teaching men to “conquer” women, because some guys are afraid of women. But we’re supposed to help women overcome, not try to chase or seduce them. There are MGTOW and incels today, as well as homeless people; but we’re not supposed to give up on life. Tough times are supposed to make you better. 

There are whites who are blaming Jews for the attack on whites. 

The world is a mess because it’s catering to everybody’s ego, instead of solving the real issues. 

Biblical Question / Mexican mother

11:15 Jesse asks his Biblical question: Have you ever done anything in your life, right or wrong, and it was your fault? 

A young man tells about working with his father. His mother’s jealous that he’s always with his dad. His grandmother was the same way with his grandfather. 

11:20 A young lady here for the first time says she’s done a lot of things wrong that were her fault. Asked for an example, she says she’s started fights with her boyfriend who brought her. She felt justified in cutting some people out of her life. 

11:23 Amber says she’s done right and wrong, and it was her fault; she can’t think of anything right though, at age 23. 

Man’s ex aborted his child / Relationships

11:24 A young man, 31, joining us for the first time, says he’s done right and wrong. As an example of what’s right, he repented for the wrong he’s done. As an example of a wrong, he lived with a woman unmarried; it felt good to live that way, with a companion, and sex. He wanted to marry and raise the child, but she had an abortion instead — a couple years ago. 

Asked if he disagrees about anything, he says he doesn’t agree with Jesse that interracial marriage is a result of the fallen state. He went and forgave his mother. He’s going to see his father for the first time in several years. 

11:31 Jesse asks Linda the Biblical Question. After several attempts at answering, she says she lived with a guy out-of-wedlock to financially support each other. Jesse asks her if she’s in love with her husband now: Yes, she says. 

11:35 Another young lady answers the Biblical Question. She’s a divorced mother of two; she makes sure to talk positively about their father. 

More answers

11:37 One man says he’s made stupid business decisions with family members. 

11:39 Another man says that he’s a kind person. 

11:40 Jesse interrupts a young lady to say the pope was kissing some black people’s feet — in the Morris (or Moorish?) family. The young lady says she’s made mistakes, and done right, but does not take credit for them. Jesse tells the story of making a homeless lady move from in front of the building. 

11:44 Yet another man says he was influenced by others. But is it his fault he allowed himself to be influenced; or was it the influencer’s fault? He does not have an answer. 

11:48 One man who forgot the question says he ended a relationship based on his gut feeling. 

11:51 Another man Jacob says he’s done wrong, but it wasn’t his fault. He always tried to get the last word in an argument; Satan was his daddy, he says. When he forgave his parents, it was not his fault (or credit), but his being able to see was from God. 

11:53 One young man resisted drugs and alcohol, which was right. But he argued with his mother, which was wrong — and he considers it his fault. 

11:54 Marlene says being honest with people was right, and her fault (or her credit). She’s allowed alcohol and weed to control her, rather than endure the pain — and that was her fault, her choice, she says. Women aren’t supposed to get drunk and high, Jesse says. Perhaps Satan is still her daddy, she says. 

Many more answers

11:58 One man realized it’s never too late to start being right. He did wrong, knowing what was right. 

11:59 One guy with a hat feels that it’s a trick question. He says right and wrong are subjective; the universe tells you if you do right. He says he’s 1,000, and then “48-years-young.” 

12:02 Jesse asks his Jewish friend the Biblical Question. He says his emotions made him do wrong; it was his fault getting caught up in them. He tells about a job dilemma he faced. 

12:05 A man says he’s done right and wrong, but neither were his fault. He felt he was right that he stepped away from optometry school because of the [vaccine] mandate. In his emotional state, he did wrong before he forgave his mother. 

12:07 Nick asks how you can be controlled by drugs and alcohol, and yet it be your fault. 

12:08 Ermias thought Jesse was going to skip him. He did wrong that he thought was his fault, but he knows better now. 

12:09 One man took care of his mother who’d fallen out with other family members; his sister wanted to take her. His mother died, and his sister deceived him and took all the money! 

12:12 Mary does not know the answer. She thinks, “It wasn’t me!” 

12:13 A man should have forgiven his father for many years, because he was extremely abusive. Holding a 24-year grudge he feels it’s a shameful thing to admit. His father died before he could forgive him, and he cried for a solid month. At his workplace, he gives gifts to his single-mother coworker, when he’s swimming in cash. He cusses by accident. 

12:17 Chris says no. 

Jesse’s answer

12:18 Jesse’s counseled people over the years from around the world. People fall into vices to feel better. Jesse would judge himself for doing wrong, not realizing he was making a judgmental decision that would make him do it more! As a kid, he was told he was a sinner; but as he got older, he doesn’t remember deciding to be a sinner. The good things that happened, he can’t take credit for either. 

Most people are suffering unnecessarily, because they’re playing god. It’s not our fault; we’re totally influenced by evil in that fallen state. Because you’re not aware of yourself being influenced, you give into it. 

If you really think about it, there’s not one thing that you’ve done that’s your fault. 

You have not made one decision. 

Follow-up: Responsibility? Choice?

12:24 Ermias says it seems like a decision to put out the light and choose to go with temptation. James and Samuel answer, and then Jesse answers. The light of God takes away that influence. 

12:28 Linda talks more and says “damn.” Jesse asks her: Can you make yourself do right? She wonders whether she’ll be picked by God to enter the Kingdom. Yet she thinks she’s convinced that all thoughts are lies. 

12:34 Dathan asks: You’re still responsible, right? 

12:38 The guy who was cheated by his sister asks several follow-up questions. Jesse thought anger was fine, because he felt that emotional love from anger. Real love is not based on emotions. 

12:42 Jesse answers a Super Chat question from Malkuth X: “If we don’t have a choice, we don’t make decisions, and it’s not our fault, why did God punish Adam, Eve & Satan?” Jesse gives an answer. 

12:45 Dathan talks more about not taking things personally. 

12:46 Jesse tells Marlene Satan gives you thoughts — they’re not your thoughts. She mentions the Satanic church. Learning the Bible doesn’t make you a Christian, but builds your ego. 

12:48 Be aware of what you’re doing even when you give in to temptation. Hatred is coming through human beings, not love. But people of God bring love into the world. 

12:49 Jesse tells a young man if we lose the white babies, we’ll lose the world. 

A young lady on her mother

12:50 Jesse asks a young lady if she has anger. She says sometimes, yes. (Jesse tells her to open her mouth.) Although she makes excuses for her mother’s wrong, Jesse encourages her to forgive her. She doesn’t want her mother to feel guilty by rehashing the past. 

New Biblical Question

12:56 Jesse mentions Job going through hell in the Old Testament. Then Black Lives Matter came along, Jesse jokes. But Job never gave up hope, despite the Devil’s attacks. 

How many have faith in God? So the new Biblical Question: How do you maintain your hope in God? A couple of guys give answers. 

12:59 Jesse closes out the meeting. Do the Silent Prayer, doubt every thought, and speak up, but don’t resent. Thank you, all! 


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