11/22/20 Secret to Business; Men Moving into Women’s Places (Church)

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 22, 2020: At BOND, we held our monthly Women’s Forum this past Thursday. A single father talks about his mother living with him and his daughters. Jesse tells the secret to running a business, as well as about life and forgiveness. Biblical Question: When and why did men start moving into the woman’s place? New Biblical Question: Who is the Christians’ number one enemy?


  • 0:00 Stream start
  • 2:07 Amazing Women’s Forum
  • 5:43 Demons?
  • 8:56 Another shutdown?
  • 12:06 Question about women
  • 14:43 Single father speaks
  • 33:08 Business and life
  • 36:27 Victoria on business
  • 40:33 When you are you
  • 42:50 Samuel on business
  • 46:50 A man asks questions
  • 50:58 Jesse’s dad and sisters
  • 53:45 Follow-up on parents
  • 55:01 Forgive a dead mother? – Clip: Forgiving…Fear of Speaking Up (Homeless Story) (7 mins) 
  • 57:34 Afraid to speak up?
  • 58:07 Jesse ran off a homeless
  • 1:02:04 Men moving in w/ women
  • 1:05:26 Samuel did it twice!
  • 1:08:50 Adriana did at 14!
  • 1:15:13 Silent Prayer every day?
  • 1:17:55 A note on business
  • 1:19:17 Back to Adriana
  • 1:21:05 A man on demoralization
  • 1:22:16 Jesse dated a FINE girl
  • 1:24:35 Another man’s story
  • 1:25:48 The world needs men
  • 1:26:40 A lady speaks on parents
  • 1:28:49 Another lady speaks
  • 1:30:44 Jesse loves black people
  • 1:32:06 Jesse’s advice
  • 1:33:25 God did come to divide
  • 1:33:59 Christians’ worst enemy?
  • 1:35:29 Dakota speaks
  • 1:37:44 Support BOND

Church Notes

(We started 2-3 minutes late this morning, just after 11 AM PT.) 

We had our monthly Women’s Forum this past Thursday (third Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND). Jesse noticed that women have a difficult time being honest about what’s really wrong with them. 

A young man asks if demons are real. Anger is an evil spirit as well, a demon. It’s able to make you do what you don’t want to do. Everything is spiritual. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. 

How do you feel about another shutdown in the country? 

Don’t look for a woman. 

A single father and his live-in mother!

A young single father asks how he should raise his daughter right — he has full custody. He saw Jesse on YouTube for the first time last night. He just moved his mother in with him very recently too! She’s a yoga instructor, who lived with her dad for 16 years until he died. He acknowledges that his mother is not too different from Satan. He said that he’s working on his “fourth step,” dealing with childhood resentments and overcoming addictions. He’s sober now. And now his mother is inappropriate around his daughter, with TV and everything. 

Jesse recommends that he apologize to his mother for hating her. He has her spirit inside him, making him do all the things he’s done. He works 13, 14 hours per day as an electrician. He felt sorry for her, which is her spirit in him, because men don’t normally judge people like they’re better than them. He came home from the military crippled by fear and emotions. But she couldn’t help it. Move out, or move her out! 

He says that his father is sober but schizophrenic after drug abuse, and “gone” — walked into the woods and never came out. He thinks he hears from God. Jesse warns him that he’ll become like that if he does not stand up to his mother. 

Other advice: The secret to running a business

(11:35) Jesse talks about young entrepreneurs at BOND, such as Samuel and Victoria. The secret to running a business is meeting the need in the moment. 

Victoria asks some questions. Jesse talks about being himself. Once you get to know yourself, you don’t care what others think about you. 

Samuel talks about running his business, and doing his best. 

Life and forgiveness

Another man asks what it’s like being born again; God said that we should be like kids, in that we are free. 

Jesse is the oldest among what was six brothers and seven sisters. One of the sisters died, and he still has six left. The person you’re forgiving may try to control you. 

Church Clip: Speak Up. Don't Hate (11/22/20)

Clip: Forgiving…Fear of Speaking Up (Homeless Story) (7 mins)

James asks a Super Chat question about getting to know yourself and forgiving a mother who has expired. 

After talking with Cheryl (sp), Jesse tells about making a homeless lady leave from the sidewalk in front of BOND. James and Joel had tried to make her leave, but she was bold and shouting and video-recording on her cell phone. She chained herself to a poll, but Jesse told her that she’s going to leave. He said that he’ll go “Black Lives Matter” on her. 

Biblical Question

This week’s Biblical Question: When and why did guys start moving into the woman’s place? Samuel recounds doing this twice because of sex. He knew it was wrong because of the pain, but didn’t know any better, so he did it again. 

Another young lady Adriana said that she lived with her boyfriend at age 14 in her mother’s house! And then another boyfriend after that! Then later her mother allowed her son’s father and her to move into a place she owned. 

She also talks about seeing an issue (which she describes metaphorically as a “pimple”) that revealed itself at the Women’s Forum. She does not do the Silent Prayer every day. 

Jesse makes another point about the business thing, and talking with Samuel. You will learn about yourself and will become yourself. He will renew your mind. Keep your eyes on yourself. 

Jesse tells another story from younger days about women being his. He used to show off to coworkers a “fine” woman whom he dated — it was all ego, and he did not believe in the real God. We talk more about parents, young people, morality, and sex out-of-wedlock. 

Black women really believe that they are queens, but they are not happy that way. The men are so weak, and the world has pumped the women up, so they believe the lie. But Jesse loves black people. He loves all people. 


Jesse gives closing advice about speaking up, not resenting, and dealing with your mother. 

Christ did come to divide — that was the Biblical Question from last Sunday, which we did not get to last week. 

New Biblical Question: Who is the Christians’ number one enemy? One guy said “the Jews.” Another said “themselves.” Dakota, age 10, who said she’s not really Christian, said, “Satan?” Jesse gives her advice not to be angry, although it’s hard because she already has anger. Forgive your father and mother for their weakness. She’s angry at her sister who poured glitter into her reptile’s cage. 

Do the Silent Prayer. Speak up. Go and forgive. Don’t take anything personally; it’s not a big deal. We have counseling. Don’t worry. Seek first the Kingdom of God. 

We’ll read your Super Chats and DLive messages on the radio show tomorrow. Thank you! 


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