A young man asked, "What do I have to do to please God? And how do I stay on-track?" - Rebuilding the Man
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A young man asked, “What do I have to do to please God? And how do I stay on-track?”

(Watch 3-minute excerpt) A young man asked, “What do I have to do to please God? And how do I stay on-track?” Jesse said to always have faith, never doubt. “Without faith, it’s impossible to please God.”

When you have faith, you don’t overreact to a situation. You overcome all things. Then you’ll keep his commandments, love even your enemies, and overcome your bad habits. Anger is not of God, but of your father the devil.

When you accept that you are nothing, you can become one with the Father.

Another young man who’s been to church previously was married to an older woman, and he realized he was being a “baby” with her. He felt embarrassed, looking back.

Jesse told a story of a man whose wife wanted him to cater to her emotions, but he wouldn’t. He provides for her, but she may leave him. A man should help his wife overcome her emotions, not cater to them.

One man realized that pain is good. Very few can endure “emotional ego pain,” without reaching out to “people, places or things” to save them from it. God is not your savior if you look to any of these. Many guys go through hell when they break up with a woman, and go back to the woman to feel better. You should be still and know God, so that he will become your God.

A man should never have sex out of wedlock, because he’ll become addicted to the woman. A Hispanic man told Jesse he abstained with one woman, and when they broke up, no one was damaged from it.

This is why Christ came, so that we can be free, to help us overcome the world, to be in it but not of it. But most Christians cannot endure pain of losing something of the world, enduring disrespect like Christ.

Adam was the son of God, and had a voiceless voice relationship with his Father. God gave Adam the woman. The serpent, the Deceive, said to Eve not to listen to him. She listened and took on the mindset of her father the Devil. Satan got the woman to turn the man away from God.

God told his son, Jesus, to put everything back in order, bring light into the world, conquer death, and make a way to return to the Father. Christ is our brother. When we are born again of God, we recognize his voice. Stay in prayer. Overcome evil.

Respect your earthly father, and you can respect God. Forgive your parents. Look at yourself, endure, and don’t reach out to the world for comfort, association, etc.

Some church people ask if “you have a relationship with Jesus,” but they don’t go into detail about what it looks like. Salvation begins when you realize you’re wrong for having anger. Jesus is your brother; he’s with you.

Kids become like their parents, good or bad. When we turn back to Christ, we become like him as our brother.

You only have pain because you’re wrong. You must endure. Don’t go back to the drugs, the wine, the relationship, the worry, the money, the false friendship. Stop listening to that voice telling you to do that. Let God take care of you.

A man said that it’s a good day when he can see what’s going on in his emotions. But Jesse said it’s also a good day when you can’t see it. Don’t have an opinion about anything, judging right or wrong. You become addicted to what you judge. We don’t know anything. We are idiots.

A father of some of the young men who attend church visited. He’s happy seeing the change for the good in his sons.

If you’re unwilling to give up the world, as you seek the father, you won’t know real life, perfect peace, freedom. You can’t serve two masters. Once you let the world go, you’ll have a life that’s amazing. Your mind cannot conceive what God has in store for you. Endure, endure, endure. When you have pain, something is out of order with you.

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