“Anger” Toward Fathers Is Really from Mothers (Church, Jun 24)

At Church we dealt with a number of people both in-person and online asking about forgiving their mothers, dealing with fathers, and practicing the Silent Prayer. A few new people showed up, some expressing appreciation for Jesse’s message, and his telling the truth, helping them in their lives.

One man said that he’s an Italian American, but that the negative culture of Italians — the mafia and other things — do not represent him. He said that he needed to forgive his father who hurt his mother and had people calling the house. In reality, though, these were his mother’s complaints, not his own. Women are very insecure due to the falling away from God with Eve. So they make the world revolve around them — when they’re angry at the father, they get the kids angry as well, so that the kids believe they’re angry at the father as well. But in reality, the anger is from the mother, and what she did — not the father.

(Watch 11-minute excerpt: “This Guy’s a Chump!..Wow—This Guy Gets It!” On Children, Parents, Sex

Another man thought Jesse was a “chump” for trying to rebuild the family — he grew up nearby BOND’s office in Los Angeles. But he came across Jesse on YouTube, and realized he’s telling the truth, saying things he’d known within himself about forgiving his mother. He’s living with his father currently. He has a girlfriend and admitted he’s having sex with her. Jesse urged him to stop. He agreed, that it’s a sin he’s committing in having sex before marriage, and that he wished he could go back and not do it. But Jesse told him not to wish that. He could not help himself, and when he realized he was wrong, God forgave him, and it’s done. The past does not exist. Just don’t do it anymore.

A third young man is 26, just graduated with a degree in chemistry, but is living with his parents. Jesse urged him to move out as soon as he could. We have an independent nature within us that should be developed by the parents as they prepare the children to move out at 18 and be adult men and women.

An Armenian mother joined us along with her son who attends church regularly. She spoke about the weakness of men, and the “strength” of women — she said that it’s about being a strong person. She did not think her parents did anything wrong requiring forgiveness. But she divorced and so her son expressed anger toward her for some time. She disagreed that men and women should move out as adults, as the Armenian culture allows them to stay home until marriage. But many Armenian men are weak. Overcome the world, including culture, and go with God’s way.

Do the Silent Prayer — SilentPrayer.video — also findable via BOND Church page: rebuildingtheman.com/church

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