Anger Is a Weakness (Church, Aug 13)

(Watch 10-minute excerpt: Women Discuss Their Anger Toward Their Fathers) Jesse told his story of being harassed, bullied, discriminated against, and thrown out of his Equinox gym in Los Angeles for being a Trump supporter. He’s done phone interviews in quiet rooms for years at this gym where he’s been a member, even when it was Sports Club L.A. Two employees including a manager Scott got in his face as he was on the Bill Cunningham show out of Cincinnati. Jesse was trying to be still so he could keep a good signal. The manager got so aggressive that Jesse said, “Get the f— out of my face!” Later he apologized, but they refused to forgive, and forced him to leave. Before leaving, Jesse told other members who were on his side. Everybody likes him there, including liberals. But some have warned that he should not speak up there, because it’s a liberal gym. People are angry at anyone who supports Trump. One of the employees told Jesse, “You say ‘racism’ doesn’t exist, and you support Trump.” Jesse said, “Oh, so that’s what this is about!”

You should get rid of all anger. Some people admit that they do have anger at times, even if only a little. But if you have it at all you have it period. It’s Satan’s nature. Satan tricks you into thinking that it’s okay to have some anger.

One person watching online asked Jesse, “If you have no anger, why did you say, ‘Get the f— out of my face?’” Jesse called that his “manly” or “authority” word. But anger does not mean you won’t use certain words. If you are not angry, that doesn’t mean you are weak. Instead you are strong. With anger, you are controlled in relationships. Anger manifests itself in all sorts of ways — one man points out that it’s not “outbursts.” Pray so that you can know yourself so that you can overcome it. You cannot bury or hide it, or it will destroy you. Bring it to the light, so that the light can destroy it. Just live, let it be. See what’s there so you can overcome it. For example, Trump didn’t make people angry; they were already angry. Same with in marriages.

We are not in control of our thoughts. Live by revelation, not by thoughts. Every thought is a lie. Jesse said that you should bring every thought into captivity. You think, then you feel, then you act.

A number of people talk about anger toward their parents. One woman grew emotional about her fear and judgment — she has never married because of how she was raised and the anger she held onto. Another young lady resented her father. Jesse urges her to talk with him and forgive him, and he offers her counseling. Jesse points out that every man with anger is a woman.

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