Apologize for Hating Your Mother (Church July 29)

At Church July 29, Jesse talked with several guys and ladies, including a mother, son and daughter, about the need to forgive their mothers, and how to do it.

One man asked about sleep paralysis — he said he felt demons holding him down and covering his mouth to try to prevent him from speaking the name of Jesus to make them leave him. Others including Jesse have experienced this before, including one man who used to laugh at the demon stuff, and didn’t believe in it. The first man admitted he’s 48, living with his mother, and had severe anger toward his ex and his son. He used to hit his ex-girlfriend, but she got with a violent gang member boyfriend who was worse to her. Once she left him, she took their son too. So his son was alienated from him. Jesse urges him to get a job and move out right away, and work on his own life.

A woman who came to church before said she went and forgave her uncle (whom she admitted she judged at a previous Church service). It went so much better than she anticipated. She tried the same with her son, but he didn’t receive it like she wished. Jesse urged her to let her son alone now. Another guy at Church agreed — he did not want to reconcile with his mother during the time he hated her.

One young man, age 22, says he’d feel embarrassed to go apologize to his mother for hating her. Jesse points out that given his shyness, women and men may take advantage of him — that he should overcome it by forgiving his mother. His older half brother, who brought him to church, agrees with Jesse, saying he never saw his stepmother talk with her children.

Jesse talked with a couple of women who needed to forgive their mother.

Watch 24-minute excerpt: Angry Youth Come from Evil Adults at Home (Church EXCERPT, July 29)

A woman talked about her mother. Her son, age 15, said that he really resented his mother. His dad, really his stepfather, is a Jehovah’s Witness. He’s black, and dealing with his mother and with black bullies, he began to resent the black culture. Jesse told the mother no longer to call this young man “baby,” the way black women do (and white women started to pick it up as well).

This young man’s 13-year-old sister told about her grandmother who acts evil toward her, making her hate herself. Jesse told her to tell her grandmother that she’s evil. She doubts she’ll do it, but she’ll try. She said she didn’t feel better even after discussing the situation. Unfortunately, the grandmother’s son, the stepfather, won’t come near BOND or anything called Church.

A 37-year-old man who doesn’t agree with everything Jesse says came with his father who visited from Kansas. He loved when Jesse told the black mother not to call her son baby, as his mother does that to him as a grown man! Jesse urged him to threaten no longer to talk to his mother if she continues to disrespect him in that way. He shudders at the thought of not talking with his mother, saying she’s stubborn. But it’ll stop if he tries it!

Toward the end of Church (this may not have made it to video), Jesse tells of pro-life women who attacked a Christian school last year for disallowing a girl from walking because she became pregnant out-of-wedlock. The pro-life women rewarded her for having the baby out-of-wedlock, as they only care about not having abortion. But that’s not logical! We need men to lead and to lead with logic, not emotion, softness and weakness.

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