Are You a Success? (Church 9/18/22)

Why don’t you focus on the right place? There’s no such thing as success or failure. Satan always counterattacks, but God’s way is simple. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 18, 2022: A man speculates about his new manager who suddenly quit. Focus on the right place: Yourself. He won’t let his 19-year-old son “drown” because he’s a “good dad.” // Biblical Question: Are you a success? A 29-year-old lives with his mother! An older mother prays evenings, but can’t “shut off her thoughts” mornings. // Have you noticed the counterattack? Satan doesn’t want you to leave it blank. There is no success or failure. // Christ did not fight with the Devil. We’re all possessed; it’s not you. Don’t let sleep be too important. // 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Sep 18, 2022
  • 0:01:23 Father worried about ex-boss, adult son
  • 0:14:34 Advice to father: Catch yourself
  • 0:18:09 Man doesn’t want to be around people
  • 0:21:08 Bib. Q: Are you a success? Living with Mama
  • 0:33:15 BQ: Going through it
  • 0:46:31 BQ: Wife and others answer
  • 0:56:57 BQ: Have you noticed the counter attack?
  • 1:01:21 BQ: “That’s not me”
  • 1:05:37 JLP: The counterattack; Leave it blank; No success or failure
  • 1:13:23 Christ’s example
  • 1:16:38 We’re all possessed
  • 1:22:25 No reason for guilt
  • 1:27:35 Sleep? Don’t make anything to important
  • 1:34:04 Closing: Be all-in, or not

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT We start streaming around the top of the hour. 

Father Worried About Other People

11:01 A man speculates about why his new 60-year-old manager suddenly quit by email on same-day notice. Jesse asks why he doesn’t put his focus on the right place, on himself. But he’s trying to figure others out. Mysteries unfold from within, not outside, Jesse says. 

Don’t worry about anybody else, Jesse tells him. He then starts to talk about his 19-year-old son quitting his busboy job. By not letting his son “drown” he says he’s being a “good dad.” God would let you drown — look at the homeless in the streets. Let your son work out his life, Jesse advises him. 

11:13 A young lady advises the man to “catch” himself. Let your children figure it out, rather than baby them, or they’ll be useless adults. If you love your son, you’d let him go. If you hate your son, you’d intrude on him. Let go. And stop trying to figure out why your boss left. It’s not your business, and will do nothing but for your ego to “know.” 

11:17 One man says he has a lot of anger inside, but he feels he doesn’t want to be around people now. He doesn’t do the Silent Prayer. 

Biblical Q: Are You a Success? Living with Mama

11:20 Biblical Question: Are you a success? The first man says he’d help others if he were a success. “Give to the homeless? … Advice?” They want free stuff! He lives with his parents at age 29. He’s not good with money, and needs a second job, he thinks. If he loved his mother, he thinks he’d make his mother breakfast — he works for them at their company! 

He held onto the thought to “be still,” and figured he didn’t have to work, but just be used to having things handed to him. 

11:28 Another man thinks he’s a success because he got baptized, giving his life to Christ. He says he forgave them, having them forgive him too. His siblings both died of medical issues. 

BQ: ‘Going through it’

11:32 One young lady says no, she is not a success. She’s praying (at night, not in the mornings), and “going through it.” She calls it a long process, and calls it tough. Repeatedly, she says she turns her thoughts off, but can’t in the morning. But she handles challenges differently now. No longer does she call herself “too old.” 

11:38 Jesse mentions the Women’s Forum in talking with this lady. 

11:39 One man says, “I don’t know” to whether he’s a success. 

11:41 Yet another man says he is a success, based on what God wants. 

11:43 Raymond says no. 

11:44 A man says he knows himself. 

11:45 A wife says she is a success, and not a hard or crazy wife to deal with. 

11:47 Hassan says he identifies only with God now, and changing his answer, that he loves God and his neighbor. 

11:48 Another man says he’s a success because he woke up with a smile and went about his day. 

11:49 Franky fell into a trap of seeking success and failing, but now is a success by not seeking it. But no, he is not a success, because he doesn’t chase it. 

11:51 One man says he goes where he wants, including the hood. 

11:52 Doug says success is an illusion. He’s right where he’s supposed to be, but doesn’t think success is real, because it’s based in the future. 

11:53 Nick says no, he’s a failure. He hasn’t overcome his ego, he says. His thoughts trick him. 

BQ: Have you noticed the counterattack? “That’s not me.”

11:55 Jesse asks Doug: Have you noticed the counterattack? Franky and a couple of ladies answer. 

12:00 In talking with another young lady, Jesse reminds the lady to say, “That’s not me.” 

12:01 The baptized Christian man says a coworker always complains to bring him to his emotional level. 

12:02 A man talks about arguing with his girlfriend and his lack of discipline to let it pass. Stop arguing. Don’t argue with the Devil. 

JLP: The counterattack; Leave it blank; No success or failure

12:04 Jesse says our battle is spiritual. Satan is at home in the ego, in our mind and emotions. He doesn’t want you to have a moment without him. Jesse told the ladies Thursday night to say, “It’s not me.” There’s always a counterattack with the Devil, who wants to fill in the blank. If you leave it open, the truth will come in to fight the darkness. 

Jesse talks to the man who argues with his girlfriend, and talks about the Bible Thumpers. The Devil won’t let you be without an answer. It’s okay to leave it blank. Life should be simple. God’s ways are easy. His burdens are light. Pay attention to self, not anyone else. 

There’s no such thing as success or failure. Overcome all thoughts, ideas, and everything you’ve been taught about God. It’s a setup. 

Christ’s example

12:12 Franky talks about the crucifixion ordeal, as an effort by Satan to make Jesus react. It will destroy the ego not to go with the counterattack. Have no image or idea of self. Whatever the Father’s will is, let it be done. 

Franky at first thought of the counterattack as a physical thing. Perfect love casts out fear. 

We’re all possessed

12:15 Every human being is possessed. That’s why we all must be born again. A person attacking you is attacking the not-you, and they’re not hurting you at all! You’ve never done wrong, nor been guilty of anything. 

12:16 A woman wasted years being sucked in by a lot of stuff, including with her husbands. Human beings are dumb. 

12:19 Rochelle talks about the Silent Prayer. 

No reason for guilt

12:21 Doug mentions the lady pushing her thoughts out of her mind. Rather, watch the thought, and do not get rid of it. You can’t control anything. 

Jesse explains: Emotions are not good. When you’re logical, you can’t go wrong. There’s no reason to feel guilty about what you’ve done. It wasn’t you. Live your life. God is not judging you. The hardest thing is to forgive Mama. 

12:25 A man talks about seeing God in a dream, and in real life. 

Don’t make anything too important

12:26 A man asks about having a bad night’s sleep. Don’t make anything too important. 

The Devil has something to say about everything you want to do. 

12:30 Franky talks about Jesus again. 

12:31 The Christian man met Jesse in Florida at AFPAC III. He asks about Jesus making a whip and turning over tables in the temple. That was not anger, which is hatred, which is the Devil’s nature. It was discernment, God’s nature. 

Closing: Be all-in, or not

12:32 Jesse advises: Be all-in, or not. Be willing to see it all the way through. Have no ideas (from the Devil) about what the end is. Be willing to endure to the end. Stay on the straight and narrow path. All ideas will be taken away from you. 

Jesse sings the song line, “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.” 

Stay with the prayer. Be an individual. 

We have counseling. (Hake had surgery, and is recovering.) 


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